The Forerunner (8)

The Forerunner (8)

He found the house at about the same time the response team arrived, and once again he was confronted by the boy of his nightmares, but this time he didn’t look like a boy, he looked much older and bigger, even scarier. He was standing at the doorstep of the apartment and banging furiously at the door like a person gone mad; he was in a crazy frenzy. This was completely unlike him, this was not the way he did things; he was known to enter into homes completely undetected and without any sign of forced entry. He was a spiritual serial murderer with spine-tingling abilities, but right now all that stood between him and his victim was a mere door yet he could not get pass, rather, he banged madly at it, making nerve-shattering loud shrieks. It could only mean one thing; he was breaking down, he was somehow, for some reasons unknown losing some of his diabolical abilities.

On sensing the presence of the officers he turned to face them. Kunle watched as men with guns literally trembled on seeing the naked terror on the boy’s face. He appeared extremely angered by the interruption, the veins in his head stood twice the size Kunle had seen it before, and his eyes stayed pure white, almost flashing. A liquid-like substance dripped down the sides of his mouth like a dog salivating badly. He left the doorstep and proceeded towards them, the heaving of his chest-a sign of his labored breathing-was very obvious for all to see. As he drew closer two of the officers turned tail, dropped their guns and ran for dear life.

“Stand your ground!” Kunle shouted, “Stand your ground, no one should run!” he pointed his gun at the coming monster; he was scared witless but was still determined to fight to the last.

“Do not come any closer or we will be forced to shoot” He shouted at the menacing being. It was a way of talking out the fear within him rather than following the standard procedure.

It didn’t seem to understand Kunle or if it did it chose to ignore him as it kept walking frighteningly towards them. Then a shot rang out, and after that came a barrage of shots. They just kept shooting away, the fear within them causing them to squeeze continuously at their triggers without thinking. The bullets went through it but it felt nothing, rather he kept coming, mad with fury. Only when he was about ten steps away did he suddenly slow to a halt, the men however didn’t stop but kept pumping away at their guns. Its mortal body was obviously starting to feel the impact of the continuous assault. But he was as stubborn as he was evil; he took two more steps forward…stopped a bit…then one more step. Then suddenly, with a shrill so loud it sent the officers shielding their ears with their palms, and shattering the windows of their cars, it ran from within their reach into the darkness, with the same lightening speed Kunle had witnessed on the previous encounter.

Then there was silence, all that was left was smoke and the smell of gunpowder. The silence in itself was eerie. Everyone stood fixed at their position, hearts racing wildly like horses on a race track. The picture of what they had just witnessed would remain fresh in their minds for a very long time to come. Right before their very eyes they had watched as a strange-looking boy, or man, withstood dozens of bullets and still could run away with an incomprehensible speed. Barely a week after the encounter two of the policemen involved in the shootings turned in their resignation letters, they just could not continue, not after what they had seen.

For Kunle this was not his first rodeo and he regarded this more as a victory than a loss. They may not have stopped the Forerunner but they never backed away either when it mattered most. He believed they were edging closer and very soon the last of the demonic fiend was going to be heard.

15 thoughts on “The Forerunner (8)” by segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

  1. I knew bullets will not have any impact.

  2. You’re definitely waxing stronger with this tale. I like the part where two officials turned in their resignation–that added a funny tone and made the entire tale more believable. Well done.

  3. Keep bringing it, man. Yhu got it in you. Dig deeper.

    Good penwork

  4. @Nalongo, Hahaha, of course it wouldn’t. Thanks for always stopping by.

  5. @psalmy, thanks for following the story thus far. And thanks for your comment.

  6. @Hymar, thanks man, i appreciate.

  7. @segunEGBEYINKA, ur story is scary, but I tried today at least to read thru. Nice one

  8. Scarier and scarier. Nice.

  9. @Miskay, thanks for finally reading through, i know it is scary and may tend to scare people off… But it is just simple fiction.
    #smilin# Thanks again.

  10. Kunle, don’t be so sure of your last thought o.
    Segun, it’s still going good.
    What next? How would they solve this forerunner ish when officers be resigning in fear. Hmm.
    Well done, Segun.

  11. @sibbylwhyte, aha! I have been expecting you. we would just have to wait and see how they will get rid of it. thanks dear.

  12. Well done @segunEGBEYINKA, I hope this fiend as not transferred his spirit into another body as his present body is bullet ridden and dead?

  13. @segunEGBEYINKA, I meant: I hope this fiend has ( and not the ”as” used above.).

  14. @LEROY, hmm, I love your observation, it means you totally understand the concept. we will just have to wait to find out. Thanks for your comment, and for following this far.

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