The Ancient City

The Ancient City

The ancient city lies on a large expanse of land

The city familiar with ancient landmarks

A land of great cultural heritage

The land of the omo- ajorosun

Where the king is known before he asends the throne

Where the egungun festival holds sway

Where the land is green and the crops are fertile

A great city of great people

Where stability and continuity holds sway;

Ever since I was born

The land of my birth and humble beginning

Home to the rich and poor

The young and old, even the haggard

Where we cherish our local meal of amala and gbegiri

We Ibadan people are not in a hurry

Because nothing seems to be chasing us

And so we go about our duty

With calm diligence and panache

Nature seems to warm our blood

As though with an excess of wine

Come come come

Ibadan beckons on her  sons and daughters

Behold the cool ambience of Ibadan environs

The ancient palace walls

The historical and symbolic Mapo hall situated on

A hill and wearing a beautiful look

Como come come

Ibadan beckons on foreigners

And tap from our vast cocoa resource

Our land is forever evergreen

And the earth yields fruit in its season

Come come come

Ibadan beckons on  allies

And marry our young industrious girls

Who have distinguished themselves

And are well groomed

Come come come

Ibadan beckons on sons far away

This land is over ripe

Healthcare is a major priority

Come and behold the cool ambience

Preached to nature by the early morning sun

Come and behold the tarred roads

Where you seem to fly to your destination as if on air

There is water for you to drink

The cool water of nature

Yes, to quench your thirst

Come and quench your thirst in Ibadan

All you who are hungry

Come and eat and be filled to your heart’s content

I can hear the tingling cymbals

I can hear the sound of the talking drum

I can see the body swaying of the bata dancers

I can hear the sound of a gong

As Ibadan beckons on all


8 thoughts on “The Ancient City” by olanike olasiyan (@olanike-olasiyan)

  1. Hahaha!
    I think I like this. It reminds me of J.P Clarks’s “Ibadan”.
    Nice extol-lation.

    1. Thanks Chime

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    And I remember with nostalgia, great Bodija … my home for several years .. @olanike-olasiyan Nice poem.

    1. Joe, big thanks

  3. well done! The patriotic ancient city girl…this is a clarion call.

    1. Simplis ilv, thanks so much.

    1. Thanks vincent

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