Some time ago, I listened to a song written by a certain artiste based on the positive remarks I heard about it. I was instantly enamored of the whole piece just after the first listen. In my opinion, the song typified the essence of ‘surrealistic lyricism’. He produced the track via automation. The song was made without any forethought or initial intent. According to him, the words just spontaneously spewed out from the depths of his mind, so he wrote. They were more or less products of his subconcious . I think that the song appeals to me audibly because the mental landscapes I tend to generate whilst casually daydreaming are akin to the scenes that form in my mind when I listen to this song. The track is a sonic chef d’oeuvre; the purest form of self-expression in my opinion. The song takes me places, and the day that I decided to play it just before I drifted off to sleep, it literally did.
While drifting off to sleep, one is never really aware of the transition that takes place, as the world subtly evanesces and you find yourself gradually becoming numb to reality. Next thing I knew, I was in an alternate state of conciousness. Apparently, it was a manifestation of the thoughts the song had evoked in my mind before I reposed on my bed. It was like total nirvana. I had an airy corporality similar to that of a spirit, but not quite so. I was actually more of an ‘essence’ if you may. It was like I was on another plane of existence. I didn’t make any attempt to parse my surroundings, and I didn’t bother to scout around in search of the treasures my mind hid from me as if I was on a mission of self-discovery. I was having a lucid dream,i.e. a dream in which you are aware that you’re actually dreaming. I knew that I was in control, I knew that this pseudoreality was there for me to take charge of and toy with, but all I could do was behold. The dreamscape had a catatonic effect on me. It was attended with howling spectres, scintillating lights of miscellaneous hues, eerie sounds that pierced wildly through the air, and a penetrating haze that stagnated in the murky ambience which made the scene all the more bizarre. Illusory likenesses of people that I’d seen in the remote past dashed through the air in a similar direction as if they were being chased by something formidable. Floating two-dimensional phantasmagorical scenes seemed to mirror themselves on each of my sides . Light transmuted into sound and sound into light. The laws of physics didn’t apply here, the place was as outrĂ© as outrĂ© gets, but strangely, I was still visually,audibly and tactually gratified by what was before me. As I cautiously navigated my way through the landscape , a tuneful melody effortlessly made its way through the atmosphere and found its way into my ears. It was almost imperceptible , but my sense of sensory perception was heightened, so I was able to pick it up. I groped helplessly through the dense haze in a bid to locate the source of this soothing sound, and at the same time figure out where I must’ve heard it from. It sounded extremely familiar, reminiscent of something I had listened to before. The problem was that it wasn’t audible enough. I wasn’t able to make out each sound in the melody well enough for me to give a precise interpretation of what my ears were being fed with. All I knew was that it sounded good. As I progressed through the haze, it began to grow louder even though it seemed like I wasn’t getting any closer. It was at this point in time that I was able to fully to appreciate the sound ,and then it hit me. It was the song that I’d been listening to before I slept, which was probably still playing; the reason why I was here in the first place. Sometimes the brain tends to process external stimuli while we are asleep, but the resultant interpretations tend to be a bit more unconventional, as they end up getting distorted; this wasn’t the case. I experienced it in all its glory. It was played exactly the way I heard it. The dreamy metaphors, the synaesthetic imagery, the high-pitched vocals, the thick bass lines, the buzzing synthesizers, the hazy reverbed sounds and the idiosyncratic vocal interpolations. It was as lucid as it could be, and then it began to fade as it reverberated through the atmosphere and grew mild.
Suddenly, the inhibitory haze began to fade as it de-materialized before my eyes, and a flavescent ball of sheer lurid brilliance ascended gracefully to the heights of the cesious atmosphere, upstaging every other astral body that tried to compete with it. I was frozen with awe; my mouth was agape, while my eyes lit up with sentimental dreaminess. Its photic voice resonated with brazen authority. It streaked the sky with a deep tinge of saffron, as it produced an ineffable pyrotechnic display of colour that generated a satisfying mental warmth in my mind. An inimitable display of ostentatious luminescence. One of the most beautiful things I had ever perceived with my eyes; my addiction grew stronger.The euphoriant scene literally drowned me in a pool of ecstasy. It then began to overwhelm me as the pitch of its intensity increased. It was like an overload on my sense of vision, too intense a stimulation to be borne. I had to close my eyes despite my excessive desire for more, so I did , but with great reluctance. As I closed my eyes in the dream world, I snapped back to reality, opening them in the real world as my dream sadly came to an end. I tried as hard as I could to put myself back to sleep thinking that the dream would start from where it stopped, but apparently all my attempts were futile. I was really put down, but there was nothing I could possibly do to transport myself back there. All I had left were the memories which still linger till this day, as they’ve been permanently etched on my mind. Even though it wasn’t real and it only lasted for just a couple of minutes, it was the best experience I ever had……really, one heck of a dream.

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  1. Ok. I am ambivalent about this piece.

    Use paragraphs. It makes for easier reading.

    Telling us the song would have helped with making this piece more real.

    Well, maybe the surreal nature of your experiences made you unleash so many words to describe it but I felt this was just a show off of how much words you had in your vocabulary.

    But you pulled it off nicely…though the writing itself could be better…

    Keep writing…

  2. Yeah, Word Press was acting up when I wrote it, I wasn’t able to indent. About the words, dream scenes can be really unconventional , so I just tried to be as descriptive as possible. The name of the song is Kaleidoscope Dream. Thanks for stopping by, you should listen to it some time.

  3. Come to think of it, maybe I did try too hard. Well what can I say…..

  4. Lol… It’s your second reply that cracked me up. I ditto @topazo. Taking us on your dream journey was like walking through a tunnel with lights at vantage points. Brevity works at times.
    It was a good read notwithstanding. Will get that music, maybe I would have my own moment of dissociation.
    Well done, six and welcome to NS.

    1. It was a good read notwithstanding. Will get that music, maybe I would have my own moment of dissociation.
      Well done, six and welcome to NS.

      1. Thank you….what’s with the double letters?

  5. To avoid sounding a foul book, I’ll tell you what I always tell my friends with your kind of ‘big big grammars’ in their head: “Never use sesquipedalian words where short ones would fit in”.
    The essence of communication is always for lucidity or say clarity and understanding.

    However, I must say that personally, I enjoyed the ride. Learnt a whole new word ‘cesious’ or (Brit) caesious (botany) “having a waxy bluish-grey coating”
    . And it’s that bluish-grey atmosphere that I’d like to experience.
    Well done.

  6. To be honest, I don’t have sesquipedalian tendencies, heck I don’t even write neither do I read books. I thought maybe this was the way most authors tried to communicate their thoughts. I joined naijastories out of curiosity; one of my friends was on it, and I figured that since I was here, I might as well do something………..thanks all the same. Maybe I’ll give poetry a try.

  7. Wow! Thoroughly enjoyed this. Absolutey sensuous. Engaging all ‘six’ senses. Kudos man!

    1. Muchas gracias sassystel

    2. Muchas gracias Sassystel.

  8. @six,

    I frequently dread reading writing where someone has used big words, because not many people know how to use them well, but you pulled it off brilliantly, and I felt the MC as he experienced his “a flavescent ball of sheer lurid brilliance”.

    I wish you had used paragraphs. My advice – if you want the paragraphs to show in your next work, hit {Enter}, then type a space, then hit {Enter} again.

    Well done indeed.

    1. Thanks @TolaO, I really really appreciate it…thanks for the advice too.

  9. This was hella horrible.

  10. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

    @six, this slayed. You do know how to express. But whyTF am I surprised? It’s you, nah….

  11. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, how did you find this????? Lol…… Thanks for the comment bro,make we dey try.

  12. @six, your work is not devoid of meaning. It was a nice work though you need to pay heed to the aforementioned pieces of literary counsels offered by your readers just as @Chime221 observes that the lesser use of sesquipedalian words is encouraged. Simple expressions, if well deployed, are the best…. they get your readers flowing to the end of your piece…

  13. @innoalifa, thanks for the review…it was my first story tho’, so it was prone to amateur mistakes…all the corrections have been noted. Thanks again.

    1. @six, if all the corrections are taken, then there’s a potential for great subsequent stories from the tip of your pen…

  14. @Omoniyi-Adeshola, to answer your question, I don’t know her…at all at all.

    1. O-Money (@Omoniyi-Adeshola)

      @six, okay. Just checking; she is one good poet ni.

  15. what was the name of the song?

  16. @kevweodogun, how u tey find this nonsense? The song na kaleidoscope dream, e no actually do anything to me, I be just wan write something and I come just mention the song…and being my first story, it was total crap. Go check out my “Cracks In The Sidewalk” or something better. Leave this story to die a painful death.

  17. @kevweodogun, how u tey find this nonsense? The song na kaleidoscope dream, e no actually do anything to me, I be just wan write something and I come just mention the song…and being my first story, it was total crap. Go check out my “Cracks In The Sidewalk” or something better. Leave this story to die a painful death. Send me ur phone no.

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