Skin To Skin

Skin To Skin



The dark Friday night held many things in its wake.

It held the travelling sound of music booming through the neighborhood which came from a well-lit and vibrantly active nightclub – the foremost social hub of the environment. Heavy stenches of smoked cigarettes and occasional whiff of cannabis burrowed through from hidden dark corners, finding their own space in the atmosphere. Perfumes, hormones and post-coital essence hung in alleys; solaces for quick sex romps between couples – some of which were paid for and others which were of aphrodisiac-influenced consent.

Buzz hummed and surveyed the area judiciously, searching for a defined interest.

Urban attired men and scandalously dressed women littered the entrance and surroundings of the club – some out to share pre-sinful moments, others, just taking fresh breath of air from the stuffy din inside the club. Vehicles belonging to patrons were parked in places outside the club compound. One of them, a black Jeep with chrome wheels, bounced gently on its absorbers as an obvious act was being consummated within.

A group of five young women strolled leisurely out of the club, chattering and laughing excitedly. One of them brought out something from the back pocket of her tight jeans, wrapped, sealed and smacked at it with her middle finger. She then brought out a plastic lighter and lit it. The flame flickered as embers lit up. She drew strongly on it, let out trails of smoke and passed it to the next girl.

Buzz checked each one of them out until the required person was spotted.

She was a buxom beauty who flaunted a flamboyant generosity of exposing her ‘selling points’; she wore a very short and tight red gown that had limited space for her breasts and offered unlimited exposure of her legs and full thighs. The back end of the outfit clung tightly to her protruding buttocks as the fabric struggled to conceal her derriere.

Buzz was excited.

She had a lot to offer.

She was perfect.

Signaling to the others, Buzz advanced stealthily towards the target.

She stood with her friends sharing gossip and girl talk and she stood out as the most daring of the group. Her sex appeal totally dwarfed that of her friends – thanks to her gown that was gratuitous in showing off the goods. Only one other girl wore a gown but it was not as dastardly short and daring as hers. The other two wore just bum shorts under loose blouses besides the last girl in jeans and T-shirt.

Buzz edged in closer followed closely behind by Spike and Wizzy.

Buxom beauty suddenly burst into laughter over something one of her friends said. The gossip topic had shifted to that of their relationships and was getting more interesting.

She bent over the bonnet of a parked car to support herself. The gown hugged her butt tightly, revealing more upper bum skin.

Buzz moved in for the kill

Spike followed in pursuit.

Wizzy trailed along.

They parted ways with martial precision.

Buzz went for her right thigh

Spike zeroed in on her exposed left breast.

Wizzy dovetailed for exposed part of her bum.

All strategically stationed at different points above slightly perspiring and promising skin, the three mosquitoes each drove in their proboscis and siphoned on human blood.

Tomorrow, buxom beauty would itch in places like a bitch.

70 thoughts on “Skin To Skin” by Afronuts (@Afronuts)

  1. I like the descriptions
    I like the flow

    Too much stories on rape these days

    Good Job


    1. @kodeya

      lol…I’m not sure I get you..Are you referring to this as a story on rape?

      1. me sef confuse whether na the same story wey I read na im he read

      2. @afronuts
        No, I think u hit the nail on the head when you set us up to fall for ‘a guy stalking girl story’. The twist was much more of a relief. And it was very nice.

        That’s probably what Kodeya meant.

        @kodeya, I think I’m right?

        1. @funpen

          Oh…I see. If that be the case then I did good.


          1. LOL!

            Yes, you did very well. I enjoyed laughing.

  2. namdi (@namdi)

    Ah, mosquito!

    Too bad…..guess Buzz and his friends would have a better bite if they had some manly tool.

    Nice one. I thought Buzz was human. Well, that was until the last paragraph.

    1. @namdi

      I actually did a little research on the blood sucking mosquito and discovered that it was females that did the blood sucking. That’s why you’ll notice that I never made reference to Buzz’s sex until the end.

      And the deceit till the end was deliberate..

  3. Good,this one.

    Deceived me from the first. Well written too!!


    1. @Mimiadebayo


      Then mission accomplished!

      Thanks Mimi.

  4. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    I love the flow.
    I love the tone.
    I love the twist!

    Well done!

    1. @Nalongo

      Glad I flowed
      Glad I toned
      Glad I got it twisted


  5. Well crafted Afronuts.
    You had me fooled from the start.
    Good work.

    1. @olajumoke

      *Crafty laughter* Hahahahaha!

      That was the plan…to fool y’all.


  6. Hehehe. Martial precision was the scent of a twist. Totally cool portrayal.
    Well done, Nutty. $ß.

    P.S: See the manchester wen you use as picture and your title. Shey you sabi say we plenty wey bin open link for ‘the skin 2 skin koko’ ba? No come point nollywood hand again o. Hehe.

    1. @sibbylwhyte

      Lol! I know say you be original naughty girl…I know you go note that side.

      All I did was employ some writing gimmicks and a lil’ bit of advertising gimmick.

      And it worked! Hahahahaha!

      Thanks Sibbyl.

  7. Brilliant descriptions. The flow, the twist….

    This is perfect.

    1. @sylvia

      Thanks! I can only categorically state that I just practiced what I preached in the article titled – ‘SO YOU WANT TO WRITE THAT MIND BLOWING FICTION…das all!

  8. I love this….nice job

    1. @praize

      Appreciate the praise, praize!

  9. Hehehehehehe…
    I did not waste my time reading this.
    Well written and the explanations ain’t badt Oº°˚˚°º!
    Well done and thanks for trying to deceive me in the beginning.

    1. @Chime221


      I just practiced what I preached…and it worked.


      1. Ɣε̲̣̣̣̥s
        And like I said, it was not a waste of my time at all. I enjoyed.

  10. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    Hehehe, if i catch Buzz, Spike and Wizzy; heh, wetin i go do them with Baygon or Raid, they go hear nwiii…lol.

    Well, ’twas easy to figure out that the story is about marauding mosquitoes – Buzz, Wizzy, etc. I hope you do figure out what i meant by Baygon & Raid, mosquitoes’ worst foes.
    Nice story…Keep it up!

    1. @Emmanuelpro


      Who doesn’t know Baygon and Raid? Anybody who doesn’t never lived in Naija proper!

  11. leroyA (@LEROY)

    Written like a true @Afronuts story: descriptive, well written and proper usage of words to paint pictures for the mind. I got a hang of the story after they moved with martial precision for different parts of her body. Well done.

    1. @LEROY


      You seem to have been studying the way I write. I am humbled.

  12. Koollove (@Koollove)

    Hahaha, na wa 4 those mosquitoes o, was even checkn out d gal sef

    1. @Koollove

      lol…Rather, they were checking out dinner.

  13. Tricky one.

    Whoever said he could guess the ending is a better liar than his father, the devil

    1. @Hymar

      LOL! I’ll take it that even you were fooled till the ending, right?

  14. This is like one of the smartest things I’ve read on this site so far. This is seriously tyte, and the descriptions……Great job @Afronuts

    1. Thanks @six!

      That’s rather encouraging. Glad I made an indelible impression.

  15. beautiful twist. Twist in the tale ending is not my turf so I hail pple who do it successfully. gisike

    1. @osakwe

      Thanks bro. But twisted endings can become your stuff…just keep working at it and let your imagination soar.

  16. @Afronuts, yes o. I think u should read my post ‘Snake’ if u haven’t already. Make me sef fool u some joor.

    It is only fair

    1. @Hymar

      What a coincidence. Fisayo of Smooth FM read your story last night on air.
      Were you aware?

      1. What? I didn’t even know o. Whoa.

        1. @hymar @afronuts I’m so confused on that smooth fm ish, what’s it all about. And the featured writer feature, dunno if @ogaoga still does it.

          1. @clemency, I was surprised too o. At least our @ogaoga at the top could have notified us

          2. @clemency


            Every monday and thursday, as from 10.00pm, Fisayo of Smooth FM reads a story from Naija stories. The reason you guys never knew was because you had not joined NS as far back as Dec 30, 2011 when @ogaoga notified us about it. Type ‘SmoothFM’s Tales at Nighttime to feature NaijaStories’ into the search box to locate the forum where it was put up. Its been on since them.

            As for Featured writer – nobody seems to have made enough impact to get featured on there yet. I hope I speak right for @ogaoga.

            1. @afronuts, I joined in 2011, before December, I’m not sure though. I’ve seen the smooth Fm forum, thought it was discontinued, as my Lumia hasn’t got a radio, I’ve gotten one, abeg what’s the frequency?

              So no featured writer until someone impresses? Word pushers Una hear? Strive Haaaaarder!!!

              1. @clemency

                Smooth FM is on 98.1 frequency.
                And remember its on Mondays and thursdays From

              2. @Afronuts, I get yo take on the smooth fm thing. But as for the featured writer, u r spitting nonsense. There are good writers here. Good as in very good.

                If you backtrack, you will notice one thing about most featured writers is their work garnered the highest views. So if that pattern is followed, most of the serials, esp Our Angels and BNF woulda gotten their authors the Featured writers tag. I believe @Ogaoga is looking for a way to Feature writers irrespective on how many views or comments their posts got but how consistently they churn great works in a given period.

                Stop assuming, man.

                1. @Hymar

                  Spitting nonsense? There’s no need for the insult man.

                  I simply spoke what I thought Admin was probably up to and you aired yours. Nobody is disputing the fact that there are no good writers here. And to be candid…a lot of them have also stopped posting and a lot of new ones have appeared.

                  You could have just explained your understanding and not say I’m spitting nonsense – do you know the import of that statement?

                  1. @Afronuts, nobody insulted nobody, dude.

                    Granted it looked like I was outspoken, I am. But what yhu said irked. Like a slap in the faces of dem good writers here who work hard on their shit and post.

                    At least you coulda said, ”I speak my opinion” and not ” I speak for our oga at the top”

                    *offers hand.

                    1. @Hymar

                      Well if you’re outspoken it would be nice if you watched your choice of words.

                      And if you truly understood what I wrote, you’ll take cognisance of the word ‘seems’ and the use of ‘I hope’ – there’s a reason its used in that sentence.

                      My statement was clearly put out there for admin to come defend itself.

                      I think you misinterpreted it.

  17. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

    I totally thought she was about to be raped by three ‘razzites’, didn’t know it was a mosquitoes’ affair. I’m thrilled…

    1. @Bibbie


      I got you! That was the point and I led you on well.

  18. Correct story, Afro. I enjoyed it very much. I guessed, though. When Buzz signalled to “the others” I thought hey, wait a minute. And then I read their names and the game was up! Still loved the twist though.

    Only one small (tiny) thing spoiled it for me: the word gown. Gown makes me think of a long, loose-fitting dress. And the one you (very aptly) described is anything but long or loose-fitting…

    1. @obinwanne

      lol…bros…you may need to update your knowledge on today’s fashion trend to get a grasp of the kind of gown I was reffing there.

      Thanks…I also thought I should have given them a name that revealed less.

  19. I like the way this ended. Well done

  20. This is good
    Nice twist
    Excellent descriptions

    1. @clemency

      lol…No die yet oh…I still want post other stories

  21. Lol @Afronuts. Initially, i was confused. i had to re-read the story from the point where ‘Buzz went tfor the kill’ i began to ask myself how they’d get buzz’s target without the other girls in sight… Awesome diversion! Mosquito Attack other than an actual rape that i had in my head from the on-set.

    1. @Edwina-Neofloetry

      Thanks Edwina.
      lol…Maybe you rushed over the story when you first read it.
      Sorry I lost touch with you in the chatroom yesterday. Someone called my attention away.

  22. Ehi Abah (@ehiabah)

    Ok, wow!!! You got me right till the last couple of lines. Your description was bam. I could totally picture everything including the guys…well until I realised they weren’t guys. Lol. Great work.

    1. @ehiabah

      lol! Thanks….I can imagine the look on your face…haha

  23. What? I didn’t know it was just mosquitoes until the end! *sighs* nice job!

    1. @wendy

      aaww…did I kind of dash your hopes? This one wey u dey sigh…thanks!

  24. You got me there, @ Afronuts!
    …An everyday story that twisted so suddenly it wasn’t an everyday story any longer. Well done.

    1. @myself

      Haa…I like the way you described it. Reads like a quote to be listed on the story.


  25. Oga Afro na d pishure carry me come here one here. I laughed when I discovered who buzz really was.

    1. @uzomaumekwe

      Hahahaha! Of course you are either drawn by the title, the story or the picture. Yours was clear…I knew that would work for some!

  26. Distinguished (@DistinguishedAnoke)

    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
    Great work @ Afronut. Had to read it twice to grasp the twist. You really got me heading in another direction till d last few lines.

    Your writing effort wasn’t wasted @ all!!!

  27. I’m loving this……….

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