Ode to my Love

When I sight your stretched hands in tattered green,
I hail you king of the woods.
The greatest of other marvels seen
Is your oil not one of the trader’s goods?
Is it not your kernels that bless my food?
Without you my world would be no good.

When I see the red nuts from miles,
I hail again, wealth provider.
Are your nuts not oil mines?
Are the kernels not a greater wonder?
Even in death your branch kindles fire.
You are indeed a life saver.

When I feel your trunk in dusty brown,
I hail once again lord of the forest.
Many trees might seek your crown
but none can do better to give me rest.
Is it not your wine I drink during the Akalabó?
Do I not sell it on the market days of Afó?

When I touch your extraordinary roots.
I hail you king of the trees.
Are your leaves not used for roofs?
Which other tree can better this?
Even the Christians need your fronds.
Did the saviour’s donkey not step on fronds?

When I lift my half full gourd,
I hail again master distiller.
You, the greatest made by God
provides wine for even the killer.
Water my heart,water my soul,
make my love’s tendril grow.

14 thoughts on “Ode to my Love” by Ebuka (@murney_okosisi)

  1. Good, good, good!
    Me, myself and I like this!

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Thanks @Chime221

  2. Na so you like palm wine? Nice poem … @murney_okosisi

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Thanks @josephoguche. Na so I lyk

    2. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Thanks @josephoguche. Na so I lyk am o! ;)

      1. Lol … well done … :)


    All this for the palm, all this in appreciation of nature, ooo boy… Your poetry has gone plc

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Thanks @clemency. You’re a boss!das all.

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      thanks @six

  4. simplisilv (@simplisilv)

    this couldn’t have come from a better poet than you..what a nice way of telling us,u love the white-colored wine.

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Thanx @simplisilv. I hope I get better. Thanx for stopping by.

  5. Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

    mmm, nice ode!
    Keep it up!

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      I certainly will @Emmanuelpro. Thanx for takin time to read and comment.

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