Ode To Chinua Achebe

Africa pays tribute to a man
Whose works gave African Literature a say.
Death visits every man
But there are men, time can’t take away.

He lived a life of great glory
Leaving a legacy of honesty & patriotism
For the unborn children with their untold story
And for Nigeria in her retrograde rhythm.

They say “Things Fall Apart”
For better things to fall together.
Chinua never stopped to impart
A sense of unity for Nigeria to be better.

He made us know in his piece…
That “There Was A Country”
Where things are “No Longer At Ease”
Despite natural resources lay in bounty.

Some say he’s an “Arrow Of God”
Others say he’s “A Man Of His People”
Regardless, wisdom lies in his word’
Whence, weeny words whet a warrior’s wriggle.

Adieu! The “Anthill’ Of The Savannah”
Like a captain, you sailed through this world
And your ripples reached at every corner
As you rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord.

12 thoughts on “Ode To Chinua Achebe” by Emmanuel (@Emmanuelpro)

  1. Nice lines. Nice rhymes.

  2. thanks @namdi

    This poem again caught me by surprise. I was thinking probably next week this poem would be approved and then scheduled. i checked yesterday, it was still pending awaiting review because, you know, the queue is much. And now, all of a sudden, it’s already here…Wow.

    Dont mind me, i was just striking a conversation.

  3. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Absolutely … Great work

  4. Thanks @josephoguche
    I truly appreciate your time in reading my poems & stories.

    1. Jo (@josephoguche)

      Welcome bro …

  5. w├Ânderfully crafted…however,if you don’t mind,i think it would be much better if written in the first person plural…

  6. Thanks @simplisilv for your comment.

    First person plural???!!
    okay, i dont mind. So tell me how a first person plural will look like, which will exclude the speaker/writer because I (the writer) aint dead yet and the ode/elegy/epitaph will still be referred to Chinua Achebe?
    Pls tell me, I’ll love to know.

    1. Never knew ‘first person plural’ in this kind of poetry! And I’d like to know too. You know what they say about knowledge…no one has a monopoly of it.

  7. About the poem, I’d only say kudos!
    Good piece. As good as good could be.
    Well done @Emmanuelpro

  8. Thanks @Chime221 for your comment and your time in reading the poem.

  9. So finally…Emma…my spirit agrees with this…gud job.

  10. Okay oh, @praize thanks for the comment.

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