My Tales

My Tales

(Sent to Fisayo Olanrewaju of Smooth FM, Lagos, for the “Smooth Sessions’s ‘Tales At Night-time’”)

I sent them
At your bidding
– In your bidding
Lies a promise,
Unspoken, yet made –
And you are made
To read them
And to read them
On air
When velvet is the sky
And crickets call.
‘Zero.One.Double four.Eight…’
And I doubly play not to hear.
For stars
I lack the care
–They are light-years away
And can’t touch me;
For praise,
I pump my own
To herald my
(I have a long way
To go, I know),
Though the road
Beyond my sight,
And I must
Run with the dipping,
Leap with the charming,
Halt with the undulating
Of the landscape.
But enjoy my journey
I must,
Making my quest
A promenade,
And serenade my soul
To the cadence
Of my lines,
The humour of my its,
The colour
Of my metaphors
Upon the canvass
Of my mind,
The ache of my…
The realness of my characters
And of their
The surprise of my plots,
The thump of my footfalls
On the uncertain path
Of my destiny
– A writer’s destiny.
It is not in your
Hands, not in
Your voice,
But, tonight, in
Your elocution,
And in the ears
Of our audience,
And, tomorrow,
In the chink of their
Tributes in my pouch.
It’s in the style of me
– The unique tone my
Pen bleeds
When it scratches
Plain pulp,
Spilling its testament,
It’s dying will:
That its spawn might ride
The Smooth waves
To the place
Where the sea
Lines the sky.
Dear Sessions,
Make not your
A tomb
For the quick,
An unjust prison.
Roll the stone away!
Set my tales free!
Read them,
And not just
Those stories
From Fy’s Franque
And that … that
Expletive dot com.
I’ll give you a
I promise.

13 thoughts on “My Tales” by Admin2 (@admin2)

  1. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Beautiful choice of words. @HemingBird

  2. Hehe. Hope she read it afterall?
    The humour of my w*its, yea?
    She woulda laughed knowing that your poem was just a plea to be read on air.
    Nice one, Stag. Well done.

  3. My best line:
    “Set my tales free”.
    They became free the moment you penned them.
    Nice write.

  4. ‘make not your inbox a tomb’

    Nice one.

  5. @josephoguche, thanks. I can’t help but imagine that as you read through this piece, your ‘encyclopediac’ mind searched through all the words I could have possibly used, and found that the ones I actually used were not so bad. LOL.
    Thanks for always being here for me. I appreciate you.

    1. Jo (@josephoguche)

      Welcome sir and great writer .. @HemingBird

  6. @sibbylwhyte,
    yeah, she did read it.
    And yeah, ‘wits,’ I misse that. You are sharp! Thanks.
    At that time, I had sent here a couple of tales, and she hadn’t read most of them; she kept reading tales from one Frank Mba and from I had to play Moses to this Pharaoh. And when she ‘let my people go’, she – and, I dare say- Lagos were glad she did. Some folks asked for my phone number and all. That was before she and I kinda fell out. But, I’m still wooing, though. I hope I win her heart once again, but naijastories is making it hard for me. I might play Anonymous, and ground the site until Fisayo comes running into the arms of my lines again. Who knows, right?
    Thanks, Bubbllinna, for sticking around.

  7. @Chime221, thanks again.
    But if no one else knew they existed, were they truly free?
    I think not.
    The destiny of the writ is to be read.
    A higher destiny is to invoke emotions.
    A higher destiny, still, is to provoke action – to alter a lifestyle.
    This destiny or destinies would be missed if these tales are not published or publicised.
    What do you think?
    Thank you very much for your thoughts.

    1. You are on point.
      Notwithstanding though, the journey of freedom, nay to achieve ‘the destiny’ and ‘higher destiny’ began the moment you let it out of the enclosure of your thought. Always, the beginning matters a lot.

  8. @sylvia, thank you.
    What was I to say to her? She had refused to acknowledge, let alone read, my tales. I had to cry out to save my word-spawns.
    Thank you very much for these lines.
    Thank you.

  9. Wow! I remember this from Smooth FM. So it was you? Lovely!
    @HemingBird, you are the best poet on this site.
    Don’t take my word for it – I’m a newbie.

    Hush Hush Newbie.

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