Musings Of A Hustler (episode 29)

 To stop a trait, you have to decide not to continue same immediately you notice it’s a habit. If you fail to do so, there’s only one other possible result- addiction.

Lately, I had noticed my desire to have sex even though initially financially motivated had started graduating from a habit to a full blown addiction. Whilst I can’t explain fully the reason for this, I was sure the thrill of going out to parties, clubbing and having fun along with being paid for it played no small part in my new found passion. What had initially started slowly had become regular and as the weeks turned into months was beginning to be my regular way of life and in no time I had become the hottest babe in the ‘runz industry’. I did take extra care not to give pictures out to clients’ else same gets to Tony mistakenly. I also got a new Blackberry phone to ensure I could deny if need be.

The least I had gotten for a sleep over was N10k and on a particular occasion, I had been given 15ok by the Managing director of a microfinance bank who I had accompanied on a trip of the state-cash abounded in excess and I was beginning to talk to real estate agents to assist in securing an apartment of my own.

The problem was that I had started becoming so careless and dead to my conscience that my relationship with Tony was beginning to reveal fault lines.

I had put it down to the distance and Tony’s constant pressure for me to visit him at Abuja was intense. I had refused twice in order to keep some of my client’s appointments. I had lied that I was ill. He had requested a third time and there was no hiding this time around. I knew I had no choice but to go see him in Abuja. I booked my flight for the last Friday in October. The joy in Tony’s voice when I confirmed I was finally coming over was palpable.

He was always telling me of his three new friends, Douglas, Seyi and Jboy and how much he had told his friends about me and how they were all willing to meet with me. Douglas and Seyi were his colleagues in the office and had met Jboy through Douglas. Jboy was the son of an old billionaire based in Abuja and had just recently relocated to Nigeria to run the father’s string of businesses. Tony never got tired of telling me how much Jboy had been instrumental to his settling down and had even helped him financially and even gave him a car he could use till he sorted himself out. The many outings they all had were always bankrolled by Jboy and he never seemed to care.

The trip to Abuja was a week away and I had specifically changed my wardrobe to ensure I ‘represented’ well before Tony’s friends. With the caliber and profile of friends Tony had, I knew I couldn’t afford to ‘fall his hand’. On my vocational job angle, I had to clear my ‘schedule’ for that weekend although I was rather ‘active’ for the few days before I traveled (decipher that!).

I was silently excited when Friday came and I knew I was in for a swell weekend. My flight had been slated for 6 pm and I got to the airport an hour before. Within 30 minutes, I had checked in and our flight took off at exactly six as scheduled. A little after an hour later we touched down at Abuja and I took a cab to Tony’s apartment at Wuse. I resisted the urge to call him for directions and even ignored his calls as I wanted to see the surprise on his face when he opened his door to see me standing there.  Luckily for me, his apartment was quite easy to locate and within 45 minutes I was standing at his door.

I was quite surprised at how ‘tush’ the apartment location was. I pressed the bell and almost jumped out of my skin with excitement when I heard Tony’s voice wanting to know who it was.

Without waiting to hear my response, he opened the door and screamed with excitement whilst enveloping me in a tight and warm embrace. At that point, I realized how much I had missed Tony. We went in and I met Douglas and Seyi playing PlayStation in his sitting room which was quite cozy. Immediately we came in, the game was paused and Seyi was the first to come meet me. His attempt to welcome me with a hug was rebuffed by tony who would have none of it and who blocked off Seyi’s outstretched arms.

“Abeg hold itdia’ Tony said jokingly.

“But me dey allow you hug my girl na’ Seyi protested.

“Anyways, it’s nice to meet you jenny. We‘ve heard a lot about you’ Seyi said in resignation.

“Na you know o. me no trust you at all o. This is Douglas, the more decent one of them” Tony said while I shook Douglas’s warm hands.

‘Welcome to Abuja. How was the trip?” Douglas asked coolly with a cordial smile.

“Thanks. The flight was actually nice. It’s really nice meeting you guys. Tony also told me a lot about you, “The Three Musketeers”. Speaking of which, what about Jboy?” I asked trying to prove I had actually been told a lot about them and I knew them by name.

“Jboy is the big boy. He doesn’t close early. He’s still at work but said he‘ll stop by. The last I spoke with him, he said he would be here within the next 20 minutes” Tony explained.

I then settled down to the nearest sofa I could find whilst Seyi and Douglas went back to resuming their game. I could notice Seyi staring at my curves longer than normal.

Tony was so excited that and kept talking like an excited little boy. On the pretext of showing me around his apartment, Tony led me to his room. Whilst still appreciating the neatness of the room,(Tony was hardly the neatest guy around) I noticed him closing the door and asked;

‘What are you up to? Your friends are in the sitting room you know. Don’t tell me…”

I tailed off as Tony’s lips met mine in a hot kiss. His fervor was matched by mine with equal measure and the kiss seemed to ignite the fire I had missed so much. Then I stopped him, put off my panties jumped on the bed and told him;

“I want your cock inside me, now!”




15 minutes later, we emerged from the room to the telling stares of Douglas and Seyi. I quickly settled into the kitchen to see what I could make for the boys while Tony joined them to play game. They initially talked in low tones and not long after, as is typical for guys, they were challenging each other for bragging rights on the games they were playing. I put some noodles on the fire and had barely sat in the sitting room to watch the boys do their thing when the doorbell rang.

“That must be Jboy, can you please help get the door?’ Tony asked with him eyes still glued to the TV.

“no problem’ I replied as I got up to get the door.

Waiting at the door was the greatest shocker of my life. I opened the door to see Jboy; known to Tony as Jboy and known to me by his real name-Jim, the guy who, along with his boys sordidly raped me.

I screamed!

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