Make Me Like You

Make Me Like You

Life makes children like their parents inwardly and leaves the rest in their hands.
The other day I stumbled upon the photo of my cousin’s dad when he was the age of this cousin of mine. I was amazed at the resemblance. You see, he is the first son and I should not have been surprised at all. But I was and it must be that I knew his dad as an old man with so many kids, living in rural village set by the river and without basic necessities for a good life. At sixty, the living conditions had taken away so much of the resemblance by the time I met his dad. In my eyes, the dad did not look like his son at all, or better, his son did not look like him. When I met my cousin again at the burial of his mum a few months ago, he was now at the age that I had known his dad. But he lived and worked in a city as a self-employed expert at something, with a much smaller family size. I saw how circumstances determine life’s direction for our lives if we let it.
A question here could be how much am I still willing to look and be like my creator?
We crawl out of the cradle armed like one-man cavalry with our willingness to walk, run and climb onto the pinnacle of our unfolding talents and tastes. But we measure the truth of our creator, our goal, by the products of our efforts at conquering our terrains. In the world of our true home there is nothing to conquer, only living out life’s smartest command of the three freedoms: ‘Learn to use what you have and grow what you are in other to know who you are’.
It’s the same old: seek and you’ll find; knock and it shall be opened, ask and you shall receive. It’s true in technology business as in church.
Fortunately, unless we can go to the source daily to celebrate Holy Spirit we ignore this command by choosing instead to battle for self-made victories. The impact takes its toll on basic resemblances with our creator and goal of growth. We may grow thick and thorough, even sleek and sexy in body. We may grow rich and famous, even powerful and full of property. They are many faces of what you have that may add little or nothing to what you are as image and likeness of the creator.
I recall one moonlight night when I was out playing with an older brother. We did not know that our father was having his own rough times and watching us play into the night upset him so much. He summoned us and spoke directly to his heirs, warning, literally swearing that if we did not get more serious with studies to avoid the kind of professional challenge that he was facing, we would end up unable to care for ourselves and would sell off father’s properties after he was gone. To be sure, it happened just as he predicted and in the same city but his motive then must have been to help his sons to be better able than him to use the opportunities life will direct his sons’ ways.
Speaking of life’s direction, a past Attorney-General was on Channels Television interview in commemoration of October 1, 2013 and shared his view on three foremost goals of today’s emerging young adult. Money, money, money! What he probably forgot to say must be the proverbial forefinger pointing an accusation while the rest four fingers are pointing back at one self. It is a failure of parents to fulfill their golden contract when newly borns call them to parenting, ‘make me like you’.
Is it any wonder why life also makes role models, near and far, who do for our inspiration what parenting may become unable to offer? But did you ever imagine what and where the greatest universal role model must be? You got it right, the Holy Spirit called HU! And did you remember why this is so? You are a perfect atom of Holy Spirit yourself. So when you are weak, afraid, uncertain, much as when you are ready to go for excellence and perfection in profession and pastime, Spirit is your best friend and ally provided. But until you have learned how to go to this source through HU, It is the stuff that miracles are made because miracles are for menial occasions when you are in a position you cannot help yourself. As the heir in a world where all can be champions simultaneously, Holy Spirit has the singular purpose to bless you like It is and Its simplicity is amazing.
Make me like you. A leading television minister often confesses onstage how his car was driven home by Spirit on the day he got his greatest blessings of Spirit. In time it may be your own kind of admission too about our best role model. But like the few other good pastors, he would not share how to go to the source with the congregations.
The Holy Spirit is the universal guardian angel. All saviors attest to this. Everyone can make direct contact and start receiving the blessings here, now. Holy Spirit is the most holy name or image and likeness of God. The name is recognized as HU in every religion. What is more, every single thing you are doing everyday is like the earth’s rotation and revolution to give the needed energy to all its parts. For me and you, it corresponds to discovering and celebrating Holy Spirit. Singing HU is the most direct way to go to the Holy Spirit anywhere, everywhere, now.
I will never forget how It first came to me as a parent and as other persons that I truly loved, until I was ready to accept more direction from God in my life. But I earned the visit and budding partnership to begin making me like Itself through my own diligent song of HU, even Hallelujah and Allah HU sometimes all day. But HU is only a matter of minutes to no more than half an hour daily, very suited to our one-the-go lifestyle today especially as busy executives as well as restless youth in pursuit of money. The first blessing is that you’ll never again do anything without this asking God.
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  1. Inspiring and truth filled, really. In most cases though, the child struggles to break out of that path towed by the parents.
    What is HU?
    Well done, Tony.

  2. Somewhere, I guess you intended to say, ‘it’s the same old saying: seek and you shall’ bla bla bla, but you ended up saying; ‘it’s the same: ….
    Good read.
    Well done.

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