Loving You

Open my heart
Like the flower to the sun
Rejoicing in its rays
Basking in its brightness

Open my heart
Like the petals of the hibiscus
Beckoning the butterfly
Seeking the dispersion of its pollen

Open my heart
To receive Your loving kindness
To embrace Your tender mercies
Like a sailor hard pressed at sea
at the sight of shore

Open my heart
to see into Your heart
to know the depth of Your love
Like a child gazing upwards at the
One that gives it suck

Open my heart
To warm to You
Like the child breaking into a smile
At the sound of it’s mother’s voice

Open my heart
To see You
To know You
To love You

51 thoughts on “Loving You” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. That’s my prayer too. Lord, oh Lord, I need to see Thy more clearly…… I know He hear me when my feet get weary…

    Thumbs up

    1. @hymar, so you listen to Kanye too? Wonder how he transited from Jesus walks to Yeezus

  2. It’ll take a surgery to open your heart @topazo.
    Nice read though unnecessarily religious.

    1. @chime221 thanks for reading. It IS a religious piece….

  3. @Chime221, you don come again? Wetin be unnecessarily religious? That’s d same thing u did to ‘A New Kind of Messiah.’

    Please drop yo comment and keep your religion to yourself. Respect his faith.

    1. @hymar thanks for defending me jare, u hv said it all

  4. @topazo it was gud stuff. as for opening ur heart, gudluck on that 1. lol.

    1. @bunmiril thanks for reading and commenting

  5. Nice one.

    For me, they are lines dedicated to one’s love. It could be God, a lover, a friend etc………*referring to the religious stuff*

  6. @topazo na medico naaa, he knows how cardiosurgeries proceed…@hymar @bunmiril @chime221

    Dr. Topazo, I like not only because you’re also a medico/writer too, but I also admire the way you lay bear your feelings and your faith with your art. This is the kinda poem I love to read and write, love and God…

    1. @clemency thanks for your kind words…they mean a lot

      1. @topazo my pleasure, I’m learning too.

    2. I see @clemency, and he seem to know much about the heart too. On a second look, the poem is twisty.
      One good thing about literary poem is that it can dish out endless meaning with each read. And this particular poem have achieved that…
      Well done Doc @topazo

      1. @chime221, that’s poetry for you, it’s like viewing a mountain from different windows…
        I’ve had lots of my work misinterpreted, but I always like it, it shows the depth of your work…

      2. @chime221 I’m glad you are seeing the many faces of the poem

  7. Kudos @topazo Nice one as usual.

    I dunno what’s up with @Chime221 isn’t one free to profess his faith openly? You got a beef with God? Just asking oo. Sort it out soon,cos He’s real-er than the air you breath.

    1. @mimiadebayo thanks for coming up to defend me…just a little modification, He IS the air that we breathe, in Him we live, move and have our being…

      Thanks for always taking time to read my works…

  8. Hehehehe, no wonder.

    Anyway, @Topazo, *whispering* Abeg doc, u get medicine for jedi-jedi? The Shit I don dey Shit since morning eh, e fit make the toiletseat explode.

    1. @Hymar, you and this jedi-jedi. Didn’t you have it a few weeks ago when @chemokopi wrote that review about your poems.
      I am no doctor but I have a theory.
      Eat loads of sweets, sugar, chocolate and drink all the fizzy drinks you can. That normally cures jedi-jedi.
      Get well soon. Sending you hugs.

        1. I am laughing o…@olajumoke has given you the perfect remedy…@hymar

          1. @topazo, you agree that I will make a good nurse for @hymar. When @sibbylwhyte and @Mimiadebayo hear of his progress, they will be impressed.

            1. @Topazo, u be quack o. Olajumoke, thank God you no be nurse. I shudder at the prospects.

    2. @hymar jedi jedi abi? With all these sweets we’re digesting on NS

      1. @olajumoke you are perfect for the job!

  9. Jo (@josephoguche)

    How beautiful, flowing from the depth of a heart. The imagery in the beginning stanzas even more beautiful.


      1. Jo (@josephoguche)

        Welcome bro.

  10. I saw the title and thought this poem was written about a woman….lol.
    Love it @topazo
    Good work.

    1. Ha, the things that go on in your mind @olajumoke…lol

      Thanks for reading…

  11. @hymar, you don turn defender abi? Joseph Yobo.
    @topazo, don’t misunderstand me o. The piece is very nice, the positive comments flowing in could attest to that, but like @mimiadebayo somehow asked below, I rephrase, ‘what is wrong with one airing his/her view’?
    Well done sir

    1. @chime221 your comments are well appreciated…dont stop commenting

  12. Nice one from the boss. I love the lines and the theme was exceptional to me.

    Weldone @topazo

    1. @basittjamiu thanks bro…your comments are highly appreciated

  13. @Chime221, I no get time for your carry-over wahala today o. You just dey mention my name for posts anyhow. Na only me dey NS ba? If dem tell am something, e no go hear, e go insist on the last word.

    1. Well then, since you think you have every right to tell me what to do, and or direct my steps, ₪☺̣̣̥̇ more mentioning you. Guess I’m becoming a nuisance anyway.

  14. This is a lovely poem…simple, yet speaks volumes; a prayer.
    I pray along with you too, that He opens my heart to all that He is.
    Well done, Topazo. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte thanks…such lovely words…

  15. I like what I read here-public declaration of faith-your faith is actually a choice. Jes like a lover chooses who to love and damns any consequences. The important thing is making the right choice. For as many as do not believe in this pure piece, I admonish: open up your heart and let Him in.
    Nice job @topazo, well done.

    1. @psalmy such true words…thanks for reading and commenting

  16. Open the depth of my heart lord I want to see u- na song o..Lolz. Nice poem.

  17. This is indeed a lovely piece @topazo.The very same Spirit divine shall open our eyes to see even as our hearts of understanding receive illumination.
    Religion is a covering, if you’ve got one it cannot be hidden . . .

    1. Amen!
      Thanks @babalolaibisola for your kind words

  18. This is nice, topazo.

    But I wish the poem ended with a stronger punch, though. It seemed like there was more coming. But then, that could be a philosophical aesthetic: God’s blessings are too numerous to mention, too many to end.

    Well done. Keep improving your art.

    1. Master Chemokopi, good to have you back.

      Your assertions are true…the ending was rather abrupt, couldn’t find the words to go on…

      I will keep improving…


  19. @topazo
    I love this……………

      1. @topazo you’re forever welcome man…………

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