Loving You-2

Loving You-2

Loving You
Like an infant’s first breath
Rushing into eager lungs
And the piercing cry that follows
Marking the start of a new life

Loving You
Like the intake of breath
Following a near drowning,
The joy of sucking in air
And gratitude for another shot at life

Loving You with desperation
Like a man choking
And thrashing about
Struggling to get air into
Lungs that are burning

Loving You,through thick and thin
Like a tired swimmer,
Faint and at wit’s end
Yet taking one more stroke
Towards the shore

Loving You deeply
Like an ant burrowing
Deep into the soil
To hide from the scorching sun-
The deeper, the cooler

Loving You with all my soul
Like a mother hen
Braving the wrath of the hawk
As it stoops and gather
her chicks under her wings

Loving You with all I am
It is life
It is the beginning
It is the end
And everything in between.

30 thoughts on “Loving You-2” by topazo (@topazo)

  1. Loving you is what am here for. Nice poem.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting @borry

  2. Doc, you decided to bless us with a second installment of Loving You, how sweet…

    beautifully written…

  3. Enjoy this poem, the flow and the figurative uses aid the imagery.


    1. @basittjamiu you are far too kind. Thanks for reading

  4. Loving against all odds. Nice!

  5. I love this lovely poem about love. Well written. Well done.

    1. @bunmiril thanks for reading and commenting

  6. Simple and picturesque as usual. From NS’s quack doctor.

    Hahahahahahhahaha, yes na, remember your last prescription? I singlehandedly full toilet joor. Hian

    1. @hymar lwkmd!

      I’m glad you like it..thanks for dropping by

  7. Jo (@josephoguche)

    keeping it good and going … Nice

      1. Jo (@josephoguche)


  8. Loving ur work Mr. Cause u remind me where i need to concentrate my love.
    Very not bad! Cause am loving it!!!

    1. @kevindkind thanks for your kind words

  9. Hmmm. This installment makes near death experiences and life to run as parellels. Therefore, loving Him till the very end of life would be the best choice.
    This is good. Well done, Topaz. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte iv been looking forward to your comment…I’m glad you like it…thanks a bunch

  10. You know how I feel about your poems.They always make one appreciate the good in life and the God that makes it happen.
    Kudos topazo.

    1. @mimiadebayo thanks a bunch…your words make my belly sweet…

  11. The way love is supposed to be…..very good poem.

    1. @six thanks for reading and commenting

  12. @topazo interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!

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