Love And Other Related Disasters – 3

MONDAY 1:26 am

” i am also a slave to the night, it is our master, we are its essence”
“say it again”
” i am also a slave to the night, it is our master, we are its essence”
“drink this” she heard before opening her mouth, victoria was now aware of herself, she swallowed without looking at what she was drinking, she didnt want to know, nothing made sense anymore, up till her now her body acted of its own accord, her mind was still numb, still blank from shock, she was just returning to her senses, even though for about a minute her mouth had been repeating the words of a chant, she was just becoming aware of herself.
“what the fuck?” she let out, she just noticed she was naked, she looked left, then right,
“what the fuck?!!” she screamed and shook her body violently, she was in chains, naked, upright against the wall, her arms were stretched out, her legs were stretched apart, around her privates were drawings, strange otherworldly drawings, victoria cursed and cursed, struggling with the chains, fear uprooting the aboriginal nature of man, her nakedness was of little importance at this time, her mind hadnt recovered fully, her brain was processing things in bits, first the liquid she was asked to drink, then her nakedness, then the chains, then the drawings, her body acted in response to the few things her brain processed first, so she screamed and struggled desperately to break free from the chains.
the struggling stopped when she noticed tomas lying dead on the floor infront of her, then she noticed the man sitting on a chair, the man had his arms folded, he was looking at her, she remembered she was naked and felt shame, the man looked like he had been waiting for her to notice him,
“what the fuck?!!!!!!” she screamed now,
“calm down” the man said, “this is not the time for irrational behaviour, plus your screaming upsets ceberus” she heard an ufortunately familiar growl,
“ceberus?” victoria asked, looking in the direction of the growl, remembering don antonini,
“yes, ceberus, im not going to delve in folklore, if you dont know what ceberus is then too bad, besides…. you must have seen them-”
“yes i have seen them” she interrupted him, “where am i, who are you? what the hell is going on?” she struggled a bit before hearing the growl, it had a way of shutting her up. The man got up and headed her way,
“think of me as a fixer, or moderator, or better still, a regulator” he stood at roughly 6ft, dark skinned, dirty eyes and a moustache that looked straight out of a sixties western,
“what do you want? why am i here? whats wrong with him?” she was looking down at her lover, her eyes were watering up, this time the growl couldnt and wouldnt stop the tears, the regulator unlocked the chains and she slumped to the ground, he walked to the corner, picked what appeared to be cloth and flung it at her,
“put this on” he said, she held the cloth infront of her, examining it before she put it on. it was a black dress, it was made of silk and she still felt naked with it on,
“you my friend, had an encounter with death” the regulator sat back on his chair before lighting a cigarette, he threw the pack at her,
“you might need that” he said, she ignored the pack,
“death?” she asked,
“well, okay maybe not death entirely.” he paused and seemed to be collecting his thoughts, thinking of the best way to explain,
“like i said, im a fixer. ive been assigned to your case.”
“my case?” he gave her a look of disgust,
“whats with repeating everything i say? yes! your case.” he got up, walked towards a table, looked through a book and spoke without looking at her,
“victoria robert, is it?”
“and the fellow on the floor, tomas, is it?”
“yes” he shut the book walked to his chair and sat again,
“sometimes, things that shouldnt, happen. sometimes you dress up faster than you should have and get hit by a car on your way out, sometimes you wake up too early and walk in on your mum and dad doing the nasty” he chuckled, victoria wondered how he knew that but didnt say anything,
“what does that have to do with anything?” she touched tomas feet, letting her hand rest on her cold, lifeless lover, “do you know what happened to him?” she asked, with a bit more life in her voice, she was beginning to accept her predicament,
“yes, i know what happened to him, its cute how hes what youre most concerned about” he gestured for her to throw him the cigarettes, she did, “you should be asking about what happened to you, miss robert, you ….” he shook his head, “you are the cause of his predicament. its not your fault though” he held both hands up, “you just went to pee”
“yes, i just went to pee” she did that to spite him, he could tell, she wanted him to get to the point, “what the fuck are you on about, i had an encounter with death?”
“yes! about that, not death per say, more like his essence, a wandering spirit, a small part of the being, nasty fella that death.” she paused and seemed to be recollecting her encounter, it seemed like anything but death,
“that doesnt make any sense” she said under her breath,
“i know, but youd be shocked at the amount of things that wouldnt make sense to a rational being. let me try and explain, look at it like this, death is a complex yet very powerful being, so powerful is this being that parts of him escape every now and then without his consent or knowledge, at least not before soething goes wrong” he pointed to tomas, “not till something goes wrong and we” he pointed to himself, “have to intervene”
“it didnt feel like death” victoria said, the regulator laughed
“i know, it felt like sex, i know.” victoria felt goosebumps, “it, the wandering essence that is, needed a host or a wielder, and it found you, the only way to let itself in was to, let itself in” he was tilting his head, demonstrating so shed get the pun,
“now, you have a part of death in you”
i am also a slave to the night, it is our master, we are its essence.
“shit!” she let out, “why me?”
“that, i dont know, shit happens i guess.”
“so what are you here to fix? me?”
“well, there can be no fixing you, you are now a slave to the night remember, we are its essence, it is our master”
“what does that mean?” the fear in victorias voice made it sound high pitched, ceberus growled again,
“it means that your place is no longer on earth, your life as a normal human is over, your place is now with death, in death”
“i dont understand, what does that mean?” she felt herself, she still felt pretty alive,
“what it means darling, is that the world as you know it is about to change, or end, depending on how you want to look at it. you are now a part of death and all that is darkness, the rest of your eternity will be spent with death…” he paused for emphasis, “in .. death.” he paused again, to be sure she understood, she looked like she did. “good, i see you understand me”, she didnt respond, he took it as cue to continue,
“as for romeo here” he pointed to tomas, “hes not completely dead…..” everyone heard the increase in victorias heart rate, ceberus growled, victoria shot the beast a look and it shut up,
“ooh, fiesty about our lover arent we?” he clapped,

are you there baby?

she turned to the regulator, wondering what he meant,
“since it was only a part or part of death that ….. entered you, you cant exactly kill anyone, at least not completely.”
“i dont understand”
“you dont understand a lot of things, thats what im here for” he paused and took a deep breath, “you now carry death, you passed it to romeo here, simple.”
“but hes not completely dead?”
“bingo! no hes not, since you arent completely death, he cant completely die, you get the logic?”
“so whats wrong with him?”
“hes currently…..” he stopped at bent to feel tomas’s pulse, “hes stuck in rigor mortis”
“rigor what?”
“mortis, the third stage. or one of the signs of death, youve got pallor mortis, algor mortis, then rigor mortis, then livor mortis and so on and so forth. romeo here, is stuck in rigor mortis, hes not completely dead but hes not alive either, his soul therefore, is stuck.”
“his soul? stuck where?”
“i dont know, somewhere, around, thats not whats important anyway-”
“its not?” her voice was raised now,
“hayy, calm down juliet, let me explain”
“no need, i get it, hes not completely dead, his soul is stuck. what i want to know is what the fuck happens now!!!”
“i dont like ur tone missy!!!” he snapped back, before adjusting his suit, “i am getting to that!!”
“well get to it”
“i will” for about 10 seconds there was silence, he continued “your lovers soul is stuck, it hasnt gone up or down, you dig? now, your soul is destined for eternal damnation” he spoke in a “matter of fact” manner, unfortunately she understood what he meant,
“him? his soul?”
“his soul is stuck. now it could go up, and you both will be seperated for eternity which in case you dont know is a pretty fucking long time, or it could come down, with you and you and romeo can live forever in eternal damnation.” he sounded like a game show host with the way he was gesticulating, using his arms a lot, he irritated victoria profoundly,
“if i wanted his soul to come down with me, lets say i wanted to spend eternity with tomas, no matter where. what would i have to do?” victoria spoke with conviction, the regulator was taken aback, he adjusted his suit then crossed his legs, his shoes glistened,
“wow” he said first, ” what is this, romeo and juliet go to hell?” his sarcasm was obvious and extremely condescending, “do you know what youre talking ab-”
“i do”she cut him off,
“no, no no no. im not sure you do, im not sure you completely understand what youre sayi-”
“i do, i understand completely, you wanted me to make a choice didnt you? dont feel obliged to drill me with details of something i already understand and accept, i in turn will not bore you with the corny details of the basis for my decision. tell me what i have to do.”
“okay juliet, ill tell you” he cracked his knuckles, “you have to be death, completely.” victoria didnt respond, she was digesting the information slowly,
“o….kay, i knew that would be the bombshell.” the regulator laughed in that condescending tone again, “yes ma dear, now you are only a part of the terror in the night, you have to become all of it. that way, you can complete the number on romeo here, bring him down below, soul isnt lost again, he doesnt end up upstairs, you get to be with mr here forever, win – win, everybodys happy ….. except you two that is, eternal gnashing of teeth and other unpleasant things await you two.”
“happiness is what you make of it”
“sure it is” sarcasm again, she got up to her feet, struggling a bit, having to use the floor as support,
“how do i get to death?, all of it, or him”
“you dont, he comes to you, which again is why im here.” he got up, picked up what appeared to be chalk and headed towards victoria,
“first we must summon him, are you ready victoria?” , she nodded, the symbols around her vagina burned, she flinched, he noticed, he laughed, she looked at him with disgust,
“oh i didnt tell you? thats where the .. entering starts” he chuckled, she had a straight, emotionless face.
The regulator took off his jacket first, placing it on the chair, moving with precision, every step he made seemed like a part of the ritual, he unbuttoned his shirt slightly, then undid his cuffs, rolling up his sleeves, revealing tattoos of equally strange drawings, he drew a single line on the floor then began to chant.
the drawings burned again, victoria couldnt help flinching, the words of the regulators chant were relegated to the background, she couldnt move anymore,
she just stared at her lover,

im coming baby, im going to fix

i love you

even to hell?

yes love, to hell and back

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  1. You write dark and interesting stuff. But you still need an editor.

    Edit. Edit. Edit.

  2. No improvement from †ђξ previous. Same old mistakes…punctuations? Nil!
    Capitalization of proper nouns? Nil!

    Nice storyline anyway, but besmeared with plenty typos, poverty of punctuation, and what have you.
    You should seriously proof-read and get a good editor.
    Well done.

  3. It is dark and interesting, a combo that I like, but you gotta make this a neater read, Tomas.
    Paragraph: hit your enter key twice after each dialogue from a different speaker.
    Capitalization: always capitalize your I’s. It wouldn’t hurt for the first letter of your dialogue and names to always be in caps.
    Punctuation: you totally overuse the commas. Know when to use commas or periods, it’s important.
    Really interesting story, and I love the sass going on btw regulator and Vic.
    Well done, T*h*omas. Hopefully, the undead Tomas isn’t you. Hehe.

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