Look But Don’t Touch

Look But Don’t Touch

Look but don’t touch He tells me
But my cravings and curiosities drive me
Just this once and no one would know
Never knowing it’s a deep dark hole

A single bite and no one would notice
With a serpent to mentor the practice
Who wouldn’t love a life without walls
I suddenly knew I had the balls

And just after I cross the line
A naked man and a naked wife
Standing in shame, hiding behind leafs
And our good friend asking us to leave

Goodbye so long to paradise
To unknown lands we take our flight
With this single lesson we’ve been taught
To sometimes look but never touch

25 thoughts on “Look But Don’t Touch” by Onoto (@Onoto)

  1. Yeah. Forbidden fruits. No even think am.

    Well done.

    1. Lol @Hymar….thanks!

  2. Lol … A great capture of the post creation events in the Eden garden. Nice poem … Nice message @Onoto.

  3. Ehmn, very instructive. I thought the poem was about a girlfriend telling her boyfriend to look and not touch.Dont mind me. I like this bible inspired poem.Well done.

    1. Hahahaha..very funny @sambrightomo Maybe one day we would have such poem. Thanks anyway

  4. Hmmm,yum yum. Beautifully woven. When I saw the “He”, I knew there’s only one to address as such. I enjoyed your poem. 1f lines,and you told a story whose consequences we are still suffering from. Nice. Thank you.

    1. thank you very much!!

  5. Revisiting that dastardly ‘original sin’.
    Nice weave work.
    For the sake of being tempted, it’s always better not to look at all. Take David and Urrier’s wife as another good example.

    1. Thanks for reading.

  6. Nice poem.
    Look but don’t touch. That instruction is tempting. We are still suffering jare from the touching.
    Stanza 3, line 3… The tense, use ‘stand (ing) in shame, hiding behind leafs(leaves)
    line 4, …and (as) our good friend asking(asks) us to leave.
    Well done, Onoto and welcome to NS. $ß.

    1. thanks so much for the corrections. Really appreciate.

  7. Cut-off comment…

    ‘….line 4, ‘…and (as) our good friend asking(asks) us to leave.
    Well done, Onoto and welcome to NS. $ß.

  8. simplisilv (@simplisilv)

    nice shot man!

  9. …errrr or better still…dont even look if you can help it *giggling *…..nice poem.

  10. Brilliant.
    @sibbylwhyte has pointed out the errors
    Well done

  11. Thanks for your input.

  12. Nice job man.

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