I Go Go – It’s Payback Time

Omawunmi’s voice filters out of the small radio on my dressing table and I burst into a fit of laughter which finally gives way to tears.

“I go pack my load and go… if your love stops to show…” I get up from where I’m sitting on the bed, walk up to the dressing table  and smash the radio on the floor in anger. I’m angry because I feel like she’s talking to me and I know she’s saying the truth; I should leave my husband.

He is mean and wicked, he doesn’t care about me and he still beats me even though he knows I’m carrying his child but I can’t leave him. I love him so much and I don’t want to leave because I’m afraid he might not come looking for me. I don’t think he loves me that much.

The thought of me not wanting to leave makes me laugh again but this time, I’m laughing at what a pathetic person I am. This man that beats me everyday doesn’t even have a good job; he’s only a mechanic and my boss still tells me someone as pretty as I am deserves someone better.

I’m examining the bruises on my neck and face in front of the mirror when I get a text from my boss reminding me of the important business proposal we need to write together at the office in about two hours. I had already made up my mind I was going to make up an excuse not to go because I know exactly what my boss wants from me but looking at the damage my husband has done to my neck and face, I quickly change my mind.

I’m going to see my boss this evening and I’m going to accept his proposal to have an affair with me. At least he’ll treat me like a Queen, give me all the money and attention I crave for so badly and make me happy. It’s not like my husband cares anyway.

I clean up the room and pick out a casual gown to wear to the office to meet up with my boss. It’s a Saturday so I don’t have to be formally dressed. I take my time dressing up and applying my make up, making sure I cover every bruise on my face with my foundation and I tie a fancy scarf to cover the bruises on my neck. My husband is sitting in the living room watching football with his usual bottle of beer on a stool in front of him when I step out of the room all dressed and ready to go.

“Where do you think you are going?” he asks angrily, there is a look of disgust on his face and irritation in his voice.

“My boss just called me. There’s work to do at the office.” I reply confidently. I know he can’t stop me from going to work, his earnings are barely enough to pay the rent and we are basically surviving on my salary.

“Fine but make sure you come back home in time, I’ll lock you out if you are not in here by 8pm.” He says sternly and I nod with a smile before walking out of the house. He might be wondering why I’m smiling but I know he won’t be locking me out anytime soon because I won’t be coming home anytime after 8pm, I’ll be coming back the following day.

It’s definitely payback time…






27 thoughts on “I Go Go – It’s Payback Time” by Bibbie (@Bibbie)

  1. Nice read. short precise and to the point.

    But what’s the use of payback if the person being paid back has no idea?

    Also, she’s pregnant,right?
    Wrong timing for payback, methinks.


    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      @Mimiadebayo Tnx for the observations but it’s a series. The story’s not finished yet.

  2. @MC, Ha! Ok o! Hope you are not preparing yourself for another round of bruising.
    Welldone, Bibbie

  3. ronaldbellaz (@RonaldBellaz)

    Short, precise, engaging sentences.

    With this kind of writing style you would cause problems in homes, when people keep their eyes lock on your words and out of the contemporary.

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      @RonaldBellaz Oh well I do hope people realize this is just a fiction, tnx.

  4. What a choice of payback. Only one thing will follow- more beating. And as @mimiadebayo pointed out this is a bad timing for payback of that type-she is pregnant.
    Anyway waiting to see how far with her payback.
    well done.

    1. Bibbie (@Bibbie)

      @Osakwe What can I say? Thank you.

  5. Hands crossed!

    Nice read, well articulated and good diction.

  6. Nalongo (@Nalongo)

    Waiting for part two. Lovely write up. Keep it up.

  7. Good piece, you may just be the next @mimiadebayo

  8. Hmm let’s see what happens next.

    Your MC husband is a mechanic, and he is seeing a football match while drinking a beer. Doesn’t look like a roadside mechanic to me.

    Good Job anyway.


  9. Looking forward to the next one @Bibbie.
    Poor woman. She really is in trouble.
    Something tells me she is a strong woman.

  10. A pregnant woman having an affair? Huh huh.

    Well written though.

    And P.S- It just doesn’t click to me. What better payback could she get than leaving him to a broken and miserable life? Why does she have to come back to face d inevitable beating unless in d next part yhu are gonna write that she came with a gun or a huge Bodyguard?

    Let us see how it goes.

  11. nice one, though short. aunty payback wants her boss to top up the pregnancy abi? hmmmm. can’t wait to read what comes next.

  12. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    Nicely written… Short and precise

  13. leroyA (@LEROY)

    Well written, some gaps in the plot though. Well done @Bibbie.

  14. I like the fact that this is short and loaded…enjoyed it…lemme now read the others

    well done Bibbie.

  15. Ajenifuja Adetokunbo (@Ajenifuja-Adetokunbo)

    wow! Nice starting too. Well done.@Bibbie

  16. Nice writing, fluid too

  17. kingowen (@kingowen)

    @Bibbie Finally got time to see the beginning of the stripped story. Please make a resolution in 2014 not to cut your stories into strips, before posting them.

  18. wow! lovely. I am familiar with it am sure a lot of women are. thats why this story is special.

  19. @BIBBIE, simply interesting……….

  20. Omena (@menoveg)


  21. mendel martha (@ihenyengladysusile)

    many wahala for her body! married to a drunk,don’t want a divorce,on top of that having an affair………I pity her……….

  22. Another typical story, nothing new however, nicely written. It flowed so easily.

    About the preggers MC…..I have a feeling she’s a pun in her boss’s scheme. Hope I’m wrong tho. And of course hormones are raging because she’s preggers. If her husband is ‘loving’ #wink instead of beating her then, she may not consider her boss’s offer. Y’all know preggers women are horny as hell. Well, maybe not all of them.

    @Bibbie……. keep writing.

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