I Do

Tolu was running late again. I should be used to this by now after being his girlfriend for over four years but it still gets to me, there was no way I would let him off the hook easy this time. We were supposed to see the premiere of this blockbuster movie together and I had made him promise to be on time this once but he was already fifteen minutes late. Thank God for the foresight that made me tell him the movie would start by 4p.m instead of the stipulated 5:30p.m, I wasn’t ready to allow his lateness ruin the movie for me.

After endless ‘Where are you (s)?’ to his phones and getting only the perfunctory ‘I’m on my way’; I gave up and decided to start the movie without him.

I chose my usual spot right in the middle row, and saved him a seat though I was extremely pissed at him. I checked my time again, it was 5:25pm and he wasn’t here. The lights in the cinema went dim as some movie trailers began, I brought out my phone and sent him a message ‘If you eventually decide to come, I’m in Cinema room two, our usual spot.’ To which I got an almost immediate reply ‘Okay baby.’ He even had the nerve to still call me ‘Baby’, ‘Baby my foot’, this was no way to treat the woman you claim to love more than life itself. I took a long draw from the cold bottle of soft drink I bought before entering the cinema and brought out my glasses as I settled back to hopefully enjoy the movie.

A slight commotion at the edge of our row announced his entrance, thirty minutes into the movie, the movie had taken my mind off him for a while but I quickly assumed the ‘annoyed posture’, arms folded, chin slightly raised with a straight face.
My breath got caught in my throat as I caught a whiff of his cologne, I had no explanation for that feeling but anytime I was away from him for a while, as soon as I perceived that odor, my knees always betray me. He wasn’t getting off easy this time, I reminded myself as he planted a kiss on my cheek, sending shivers down my spine.

‘Hauwa baby, I’m so sorry, something extremely important came up that I had to attend to’ He whispered into my ear as he playfully tugged at my earring with his teeth. My steel countenance melted as I burst into a giggling fit. I smacked his cheek and silenced him with a kiss, ‘Let’s try to enjoy the movie okay, and this doesn’t mean I’m still not pissed at you.’ I warned and he took a playful snap at my stretched finger with his teeth which I quickly withdrew. I settled into the warm confines of his chest as he wrapped his arms around me.

Few minutes to the end of the movie, it was paused and all the lights in the cinema came on,
‘We’re sorry for the interruption; the movie will continue shortly please bear with us.’ A voice announced over the speakers. We were all too surprised to say anything; we just kept our eyes glued to the screen.
The movie on the screen was removed and we were all staring at a blank screen, soft music started filtering through the speakers, it took me a few seconds to recognize the instrumentals of my favorite Nigerian Artiste, 2face’s Rainbow. I looked at Tolu beside me and he smiled, I was still pissed at him but I smiled back at him, rested my head on his shoulders and closed my eyes to be serenaded by the music. I was hearing murmurs from the crowd which was quite unusual, on opening my eyes, I saw a picture of myself on the screen, and then a smaller picture of Tolu faded into the screen. I sat upright and looked at Tolu but his face gave nothing away, he was as surprised as I was.

The volume of 2face’s Rainbow was increased and suddenly his voice came through the speakers loud and clear, singing over the instrumental being played. I looked at Tolu again, this time he couldn’t hide the smile that was on his face, he pointed at the screen and stood up just as 2face walked into the cinema with a microphone in his hand still singing.
Everyone in the cinema was too surprised to say a word; I looked at the screen and saw the words:
‘Hauwa my heartbeat, will you do me the honor of being the mother of my yet unborn children?’ Tolu was on one knee, hands outstretched holding a beautiful ring.

30 thoughts on “I Do” by tolu oke (@teekellz)

  1. Is this for real,Tolu?

    Oh heck… it’s beautifully romantic!

    Nice one.Kudos!

    1. Lol…… No it isn’t o, thanks though

  2. Oh dear… I can imagine her expression “speechless”!!!
    Hubby, take NOTE!

    1. Lmao @ Hubby, take note. He sure must take note

  3. Abegiiii…..dont we just wish ….romantic sha oh..am jealous lool…

    1. Jealous huh? Lolzzz

  4. Hmmm, I feel like being single again*sigh* Lol.
    Well done!

    1. Aaaaawwwww heyya

  5. Good, good, very good.

  6. Good, very good, very, very good and I guess the feeling of saying ‘I do’, is always ineffable.
    Well done.

  7. Hmmmh…the world love lovers. But as a cinema ‘buff’ i ve a mind of suing the mgt of that cinema for interrupting the enjoyment of a movie I paid for. Interesting tale.

    1. Lmao…… Hehehehe imagine, look at your own P.O.V smh

  8. Wow….romantic!

    Nice one.

  9. I was waiting for the part where it would say “and she woke up….” Hehe. Really nice piece.

    1. No waking up ooooo, reality

  10. Tolu you are brave oh! What if she said no?

    1. I know she won’t say No now……. Ahn Ahn

  11. Romantic piece, well written.

  12. @Ibagere, nice point u made.

    Wow, this one no be cheap proposal o. But something still tugs me. She mentioned his frequent lateness. So …..

  13. *coughs* E go do the guy for eye when she go leave am, follow 2face, shey the baba na babe magnet fa?

    Anyway, the story is so cool, hopefully the guys can plagiarize’ the idea when they want to go on bended knee.
    Well done, Tolu.

    1. loolzzzz na to ‘arrange’ death for 2baba be that…….
      Thanks dear

  14. nice one… you shouldn’t have said I DO now…. i thought you were pissed at him….

  15. Great read @teekellz. Well done.
    You got the ladies wishing and imagining.

    1. Thats the whole idea…… Loolz, Thanks @leroyA

  16. @Teekellz, brilliant one, very romantic

  17. Hmm…so romantic
    This is good writing…flawless, fluid

    1. Thanks sire, we aim to please

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