The sun would shine just to dot her eyes with its light

With a smile that resplendent, there’s little wonder why GOD gave us sight

I was drawn by her appearance, so artistic in its nature

So femininely built, a product of divine architecture

I’m falling in love, praying for a soft landing

Cupid probably sent one of his arrows from above, his own way of branding

On a gloomy day, she would give the wind her scent

Which would bless my nose, uplift my soul, and make my heart content

Educate my eyes with the brilliance of your smile

The wait is heavy on my patience, the suspense has been killing me all this while

All I ask, is that you make a subtle pass that I’ll be able to catch with my eyes

And give me a chance to win your heart, and go home with the ultimate prize

If I ever come across a wishing well,

I’d only wish that one day with you I’d dwell

That you may lift the curse that loneliness has brought me, and break the spell

All your love, my sorrow and pain to quell

And this same story, to you I’d tell

A match made in Heaven, set the fires in Hell

19 thoughts on “Feelings…” by six (@six)

    1. Thanks for the comment @uzywhyte

  1. Hmm! what heights of love. Nice one.

    1. Glad you liked it.

    1. Thanks to all of you guys…..thanks.

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    You got a nice poem here …

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joe.

  3. Hmmm what heights of love. Retweeting @bunmiril

    This is good man, better to come I suppose. Thumbs up, I’m a fan now.

      1. My pleasure always

  4. I like this line: “A match made in Heaven, set the fires in Hell”
    It means that Hell did not just start burning. Someone lit the fire! Lol.

    1. @Chime221, you payed a second visit, thanks again man. The line was a double entendre, what do you think the second meaning is?

  5. hm! I love this@six good job…

    1. Happy to make you happy.

  6. Match made in heaven, set the fires in hell. Cute line.
    Lovely poem, six. Well done. $ß.

    1. Thanks @sibbylwhyte, you’ve got some great work of your own. I read one of your poems and learned a some things from it, very good stuff.

      1. *some things…….my bad.

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