Dizzy Dazzle

DIZZY DAZZLE (written sleepily)

Fiercely, ferociously,

you’re pulling me

Vehemently, voraciously,

you’re hauling me

Softly, subtly,

I’m falling in

Into this abyss,

Losing to a kiss

You say

“Come to me

You’ll find

Home in me”

Your love-drops drizzle

You dazzle

Me dizzy

Lazily, laxily,

I succumb

Happily, heartily,

You welcome


33 thoughts on “Dizzy Dazzle” by igbor clemency (@clemency)

    1. @onoto gracias. I appreciate your comment, please check my other posts too if you’ll find them “Nice!!!”

  1. Nice start, but the ending is not really that captivating.
    You may consider reworking it and adding a little life to it.

    When you thank me later, I’d not say, “you welcome”(sic) instead I’d say, ‘You are welcome’.
    You dig? Lol

    1. @chime221 I appreciate your comment. I’ll try to captivate you better next time. I just wrote this down as it poured out, sleepily…

  2. Voraciously just seems an odd choice for hauling.
    Nice poem. Liked it.
    @chime221/ You welcome (me happily, heartily)
    Well done, Ceasar. Poems written sleepily are usually an outpouring of dreams. Shey you were dreaming of kiss ba?

    1. I see! It’s all good.

    2. @sibbylwhyte voraciously here connotes the magnitude of the craving hauling me not necessarily the esurience it denotes. Thanks for liking my work, God knows you’re one of the people I have in mind when submitting a post. Thanks for pointing out my drift to @chime221 too

      About dreams of kissing… Who knows whose lips? It could be yours… It could be hers…

  3. You wrote this sleepily? Nice!

    1. @olan I did ooo. No wonder it sounds like sleep itself. Thanks for your compliment

  4. This guuuuy, when you want to sleep again? Hehehe, nice job @clemency.

    1. @six no mind me, my oga. I’m that addicted to writing. Thanks for stopping by…

  5. namdi (@namdi)

    Come to me,
    You’ll find,
    Home IN me.


    Nice poem

    1. @namdi keep them clean bro, lemme not defile the physiology of your brain.

      Thanks for the compliment good man.

  6. Blackgold (@Blackgold)

    @Clemency i need to be asleep to really grasp this,well done bro.

  7. @blackgold not necessarily, but it’ll help to be drowsy…

    Your comments are much appreciated, thank you.

  8. this is good…
    well done
    if you dare dream about kissing @sibbylwhyte, some people are going to massacre you o…i refuse to mention names..

    1. @topazo yeeeeeee!!! Abeg ooo!!! I still have my career(s) ahead of me, wanna be like you naaa. I retreat and surrender from any dream that warrants a massacre.

    1. Yea bro .. I searched for you everywhere and found you not .. :) I guess you went hiding to produce a classical writing … @clemency

      1. @josephoguche classical writing keh? I pray ooo.

        What’s your take on this post?

        1. Who is seducing you this passionately? @clemency

          1. Hehehe, it is Beloved One ooo

              1. Ok oo … enjoy the seduction …. :) @clemency.

  9. Thelma (@Thelma0385)

    Really nice.

    1. @thelma0385 thanks for commenting, welcome to naijastories. Please check out my other posts too

  10. @clemency, the friendship request you sent, it didn’t show up in the right place, and I can’t accept it. Maybe it’s something to do with the site, I don’t know. I can’t even send you one.

    1. @six I’ll go to your profile and see what’s up… Maybe @ogaoga will have to look at it.

      1. @six, try deleting the request, and notify @clemency of this so that he can send you another one.

        If this does not fix your problem, get in touch with me at admin@naijastories.com.

        1. @ogaoga thanks for quick response. I think it has been resolved, was able to accept a request from @six, six check your profile, we should be friends (officially) now.

  11. Yes we are @clemency, yes we are. Thanks @ogaoga.

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