Boko Haram is Winning O!

Why would you worry to fight and die. Look at uncommon births and deaths that our God-loving country has sacrificed in the cause of contending this Sect. The sudden birth of barricades at every important church and entrance gate is on one hand, how the nation really resisted and continues to resist learning the lessons of a terror group home grown. On the small side of militants themselves, their disingenuous drawing of the dagger too soon, long and hard without realizing that the merit of their case would soon earn the meats without the massacre of millions.

In case anyone is still uncertain about it, let us remind you the meaning of the Sect’s name. Say-No to western education is simplistic definition of it. But the means to a modern-day goal does not always have to be the old and better forgotten, bloody ways of Jihad or Catholic Knights campaign. The divine challenge of creating our place of honor in life requires that we each recognize Thy will be done not mine, as a most potent celebration of Holy Spirit.

This was exactly why Senate started it, acting like Boko Haram.

University teachers followed into it without the powers of Senate to defeat its curse from its pained public.

Now the national body of all teachers threatens to be ‘renamed’ after the same Sect that destroyed Nigerians with the deadliest suicide bombers the nation has ever seen.

Soon enough every group might become Boko Haram ambassadors of sorts without meaning to be, by simply justifying the mandate of the sect’s mission. Doctors going on strike would eventually mean stopping the education of baby doctors. NUPENG going on strike would soon translate into an end to further training of new entrants into the business to ensure continuity of the art of lifting and transporting fuel across hundreds of local governments daily. What about other sector-by-sector strikes, do you see how everyone is turning into sympathy blocks of the sinister sect without meaning to. And still no declaration of emergency by secretary to government to alarm everyone to the subterranean trend.

By no surprise, he has not done it because not everyone seems to understand why the senate started it all. Why a marksman of that calibre allowed his house to be turned into a den of common thieves, stealing from public treasury with such impunity simply because the public cannot make the police into a corruption-free institution. Two past presidents were never accused of collecting the windfall from national oil revenue during gulf war crisis. Unlike senate, they did not have to dip into the national treasury because it was a one-off sin committed on standalone foreign account. However, much like senate, they justified it as due compensation, for example leading ECOMOG to teach new disarmament strategy in embattled ECOWAS. One became famous for rewriting laws of economics, the other formed his name and his name into a global oil giant so both have remained brothers in arms. Each scoop cost our education purse mighty collapse.

If you are posturing how to dress the congress in my coat of the Sect colors, you might well forget its failed shutdown of government for merely 25-thousand dollars bribe. Their leader’s sin of building himself a four-billion home quickly after sneaking through party security to assume office was just for a mere sake of rivaling his upper chamber colleague in his village home. This is something the regular Sect would never do for fear of a Bin-Ladin Capture on our soil.

A University of Abuja professor who is a public affairs commentator captured the origins of this uncommon transformation of Boko Haram arena of influence into all facets of our polity. Denouncing the popular wisdom that when you want change in society you first put it into education, he showed how the opposite is also true according to the mission of the Sect.

If you ever wonder at the sacrilege to speak of God and Boko Haram in the same breath, you may have missed the point that they are doing the destruction in the name of their idea of God. What is more, fortunately, no one is wrong and no one is absolutely right about his own idea of God or the greatest goodness principle. This self-serving principle made senate dip fingers deeper than anyone before into national purse to pay itself what amounts to total education budget of several African countries put together. You can look no further why Nigerian children are fleeing outside our shores to get good education. Anything done to degrade our educational capital is Boko Haram!

You might say the problem is that Boko Haram has destroyed the confidence of churches and mosques in the potency of their ideas of God to defend the state against greed in any senate. And Youth are turning to music to sing back memories of the good old days of Nigeria and western education. The music marks every anti-government voice, ambassador for Boko Haram, winning its war without its bullets bought to parade its strength. Waves of accomplices to its power turn it to murdering sleeping school children even as teachers in frustration are ganging up to say: If God cannot protect mosques and churches filled with God’s children let us give Boko Haram all it wants. Close all Schools?

What do we have to re-invent our national education capital formation strategy?

Dialogue a new Constitution, or, Discover a new way to celebrate Holy Spirit?

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7 thoughts on “Boko Haram is Winning O!” by tonynwadialo (@tonynwadialo)

  1. Bola (@basittjamiu)

    Nice article. Which way to go? is the big question.(?)

    God help Nigeria.

  2. Got me thinking.

    Well done.

  3. Jo (@josephoguche)

    How unfortunate these things … when are we going to have a Nigeria that is worth living in? Good work @tonynwadialo

  4. Oh Lord. When you put it this way, we are sitting on a time bomb and it’s not going to be detonated by one, but by all…and all that is nigeria would be blown to smithereens…
    How do we get them to read this, Tony? Can you send it to a newspaper?
    Well done, Tony for this. $ß.

  5. How do we get them to read this, Tony? Can you send it to a newspaper?
    Well done, Tony for this. $ß.

  6. Hmm. Aren’t we just a set of confused people, not knowing exactly which way to turn?

  7. I am sorry. I can not applaud this. It does have several possibly interesting elements but the overall result does not seem to blend well and does not convince me. No offence intended.

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