Bleak is Rich

Bleak is Rich

To continue is to grow,

the need to exist,

the factors that resist.

The nature is vast to

immense in its nature.

Perception plants seeds

which are divinely flourished

to sprout forth fruits of understanding,

experience and awareness.


The musings still remain,

none – regardless of the

senses which tend to impair.

maybe it is what you taste,

what you see, what you scent, what you feel,

or what you hear. The privileged live the irony

of the reality in its affluence.


Some may overdose on depletion, forgetting

the constitution in the competition which is

underlying a cache which lives to be recycled,

advertently or inadvertently. The only support as

strenuous as the process of growth. Failure to adhere,

blocks perception and lives the musings. Because we only

think to know, not that we really know.

6 thoughts on “Bleak is Rich” by Akuha (@MrAk91)

  1. Hmmmm! I’m gonna read this over again to get the full message

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    “…. The privileged live the irony

    of the reality in its affluence.”

    How lovely written.

    1. Jo (@josephoguche)

      Welcome bro

  3. Deep, deep and deep. Nice allergory.
    One Word: DEEP.

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