Belov’d One

Belov’d One

I’m love struck

Struck by your love
Like the strings of the harp

On which this tune is played
Struck, by a thousand fists
Of love venting it’s vehemence

Struck, like the bow
From which Cupid shot this arrow
This arrow, beloved
Never before have I felt so loved

But this arrow beloved
Has pierced me
And stung the captive
Caged in my ribs
Now he bleeds

Beloved, I’m drunk
With the wine of your love
I’ve drunk from the cup
Of your beauty to a stupor

I’m staggering stary eyed
In love I’ve never felt before
Beloved, I’m falling,

Deeper, in this abyss call love
Lost my feet and stumbled in

Catch me beloved, catch me.



30 thoughts on “Belov’d One” by igbor clemency (@clemency)

  1. simplisilv (@simplisilv)

    i will catch you,only if you want to be caught belov’d…nice!

  2. @simplisilv lol. You can catch me, if no homo…

    thanks for commenting…

  3. @kleavajimcy, Vic, check out this poem, it parallates with your beautiful piece Beloved

    1. Kleavajimcy (@Kleavajimcy)

      Wow! Glad I read dis my frnd! This is a nice one! I tried to post the final part of beloved, but got issues with the site then! Maybe I’ll just retry!
      Keep writing, Beloved @Clemency!

      1. Thanks much @kleavajimcy … Can’t wait to read more from you… Your beloved piece was so beautiful it inspired this…

  4. Are you ready to get ‘catched’? How passionate …

    1. I’m ready @Josephoguche to get *catched, if it’s a pretty girl with strong qrms…

      Thanks for commenting,

        1. @Josephoguche gracias. About the beautiful lady with strong arms to catch me…

          1. enjoy the catch bro … but dont call me if you break your leg

            1. @josephoguche breaking a leg ain’t the problem, breaking the heart is

              1. @clemency .. from the much I know, the heart is a bundle of tissues, muscles and cells … so it cant break, it can only compress, enlarge and contrast. :) …

                1. @josephoguche you’re very correct, but figuratively speaking, the fear of broken hearts is the beginning of singledom

  5. At first I thought you are not going to punctuate at all at end of lines, but you did at a place that is redundant…
    “I’m falling,
    Deeper, in this ….”
    Nice read sir, though I concede to the idea that love is just an illusion that plays on people’s mind. A truly sickening thing.
    Keep writing.

    1. @chime221 Thanks for always stopping by…

      The comma at the end of that line was an oversight, it shouldn’t be… Hope it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the poem for you.

      Love sometimes could be an illusion, sickening too.

      love is a beautiful thing anyway…

  6. Mmmmmhhh, good stuff.

    1. @hymar thanks for the compliment

  7. Nice, well done.

  8. namdi (@namdi)

    Love is beautiful…..still, look well before you fall oh! Broken bones heal faster than a broken heart.

    Nice poem.

    1. @Namdi ikr. Learned that in medicine and from experience, still nursing the latest osteocardiac fracture…

    2. Thanks for your kind comment, love really is beautiful.

  9. Last line reminded me of one my fave songs.
    It’s nice to read mushy poems like these every now and then. Hehe.

    Check: It’s – its, stary eyed – starry-eyed, in this abyss call *called* love.
    Go over the piece and punctuate properly.
    Nice one, Ceaser. Well done.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and corrections… @sibbylwhyte

      Your favorite song, is it Beneath you’re beautiful?

  10. namdi (@namdi)

    Ouch! It sure hurts.

    Well, it’ll heal, soon.

    1. @namdi hopefully… Before the next fall

  11. Inviting @Topazo to come read this piece and share his take.

  12. The last part was ill, good poem baba…good poem.

    1. @six ill??? O’ boy that one pass me ooo. *prostrates for your comment.

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