Be an Heir of God

Be an Heir of God

I am grateful for your kind responses to: A New Kind of Messiah. By comment and cross contribution you renew my belief that Nigeria is the country with the most love for God by the things we do individually and collectively to discover or celebrate Holy Spirit. How do I know, you might ask? They already say we are the most religious but the best answer is in Holy Spirit, called HU. If you have not read that article, I welcome you to take the place of my elder sister in the story following. And the rest of you who have will find a handle on how to tee off now.

Few years ago, I was on a private traditional hospital bed for a broken femur. My sister came to visit with a heart of sympathy. Soon it would be clear even to her that Life is always like this when it wants to reassure us that if you will only learn to give love under any condition, you will get love back sometimes manifold. As we spoke I assured her that once you accept the Lord’s promise by dedicating to discovering or celebrating Holy Spirit as a daily love song to God, heaven becomes a local phone call away and your dreams will show whatever is coming. Then she told me about a dream. In it our uncle who recently passed on came to her looking very young and told her he would be coming back to life. My sister’s church did not understand life after life, so she was at a loss about the dream visitor. That was why Life brought her to me here.

I told my sister a few stories in our traditional society about the reality of reincarnation. What was more exciting for her to hear was about Life’s statement of accounting returns of all our credits and debits from one past life to the present, resulting in changing features and privileges we are born with. She was able to understand that my uncle’s dream was actually saying that she knows someone who would soon be pregnant or close to delivery and the new baby would be a resurrection of him.

Indeed, you and you and you are part of a continuing principle of human resurrections through reincarnation but how few know this fact.

The same week that I put out A New kind of Messiah, my sister’s many missed calls showed up on my phone and just before I could call her back, she got me. She had had another dream with the same uncle and this time he was standing so much closer to her that she felt he was confirming nearness of his resurrection. Unfortunately, the uncle asked her about someone but she did not hear the name and woke up before she had a chance to confirm the question. She wanted me to give her a clue and I immediately came up against a familiar wall.
This wall is my first reason for inviting you to take her place in this story.

I started telling her how to sing Holy Spirit as HU in a song of love to God, so as to get instant re-connection to that uncle. She snapped: I have already asked God to take control by saying Thy Will Be Done and I do not have to do anything we do not do in my church.
This sister took me by hand to my secondary school long years ago and sometimes human nature is a little obstacle you have to turnaround as a stepping stone with help of Holy Spirit or HU.

I assured her that I had a choice to just listen to her dream and sympathize with her, thank her for telling me and end the discussion. But I was choosing to follow the lead from our past confidence shared, which was bringing her to make those many calls even though she had already given the dream to God in her own way. I showed my trust in Thy will be done too.

The other end of the line became so silent. I had no need for apology. Service is a joy of finding the Holy Spirit or HU and bringing another man to fully know why to whom much is given so much more will be expected until one becomes prince or princess of God who knows the duty of the Lord is to make you godlike too.

Patiently, I explained to my sister how life is a celebration of Holy Spirit whether you sing or dance It as Hallelujah, Allah HU, even as AUM if you are Hindu etc. And there are quite a number of Its domain sounds. Someday, religions would come together to join collective love for God in one grand melody of HU as It resounds inside everyone’s ears. But she could get the primordial power to bring our uncle to re-ask his missing question by going straight to the source. Journalists know how to say it about truth; go to the source, to the bottom of all things.
To make me understand her joy at this depth of clarity, she tasked me to take the call and replace her lost credit I already used talking. She wanted to hear more from where I was coming. It was a delight and my second reason for inviting you to take her position in this story. Love is another name for God and for you and you too but I could never understand this until I discovered and began to celebrate Holy Spirit in every song and dance of HU. If every single thing is not for love, it amounts for nothing in the balance sheet of your life from the past to the present and the future.
My final reason of tasking you here, Holy Spirit or HU is the love of God in full expression and our destination as image and likeness of God.

You are the heir of God because of Holy Spirit or HU and every savior comes to prepare you for the promise. Architects are among those who celebrate The Golden Mean. In its best case it says: You are to the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit is to God and that must put your destiny entirely in your hands now. Each savior does his part, leaves the rest.
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