A Twist of Fate

A Twist of Fate

I kept on running as Uncle Fijabi pursued me with a cutlass, with blood streaming down a side of his face where I had deliberately stabbed him. I knew he was losing vision so I ran faster into the thick forest until my knees wobbled beneath me and I suddenly collapsed,face on the ground, close to a river bank. My parents died two months ago,after the consumption of their favorite meal,cassava flour with vegetable soup.

Baba Ibeji,my father’s friend had walked in and joined them in the meal. They all died hours later,foaming in the mouth. Tade,my only brother had gone to live with Aunty Kike in the village so I was alone to mourn my parents. Things never remained the same again especially after Uncle Fijabi,my father’s younger brother began to take unusual interest in me. He came into my room one night,locked the door after him and charged at me like a hungry bull. I was terrified.

“You will enjoy this as much as I will,so keep quiet and let’s help each other”, he barked at me. He smiled at me wickedly and made me to touch the bulge in his trouser. Then,he undressed me. I cried afterwards and became more bitter wondering why he took my childhood innocence. He came night after night, at times during the day. I became more angry with each act until yesterday…. I hid a knife under the pillow and stabbed him on his face.

He yelled and I ran outside while he followed in hot pursuit with a cutlass. I walked slowly to the riverbank to wash my face and I suddenly felt like vomiting,yet again. I am two months pregnant for Uncle Fijabi.


Pls vote this story in the etisalat flash fiction entry from now till 30th by clicking this link http/etisalatprize.com/a twist of fate, then click ‘vote me’. thanks in anticipation

27 thoughts on “A Twist of Fate” by olanike olasiyan (@olanike-olasiyan)

  1. What a disgusting pig and beast combined..

    1. Yeah very disgusting pig.

  2. Hope he falls into the river and drowns.

    1. Amen.pls vote this story here o.etisalatprize.com/a twist of fate.thanks

  3. Uncle Fijabi the latest devils advocate!

  4. Very real… This kind of thing happens everyday to somebody somewhere…
    However, your link can’t be clicked on. I suggest you go to your page on the site and copy it directly and broadcast to your friends.
    Well done.

    1. Dear Chime, thank you so much. This is the link again http://etisalatprize.com/a-twist-of-fate/.pls let me know if you vote. Thanks for the comment. You can also help me post this link on your wall too. I need all the votes I can get

  5. Nice flash fiction.

    But watch out. Always keep a space after your punctuation.

    Good Job once more.


    1. Thanks so much,kay. Correction is noted.

  6. @olasike-olaniyan,nice one. Is the competition still on?

    1. Thanks so much. Voting is on till 29th of october but u can’t enter the competition again. Pls vote here http://etisalatprize.com/a-twist-of-fate/

  7. This is a bad. Very bad.

  8. Seconding @Kaycee, not very well presented. The storyline is okay but something just didn’t click with the telling

  9. @hymar, I think it would have made a perfect long story with more details not a flash fiction… But I like it still… Well done

    1. Thanks inkheart

  10. @Inkheart, something like that.

  11. i like this expressing “…made me to touch the bulge in his trouser” but what is “cassava flour” with soup kwa? too many things seem to be miss. too much of presupposition. too much of telling. the story is told scantily like we are to feel in the gaps; like we knew it before. but mind you, we still cant tell what you main character and her uncle did.

    1. It’s a flash fiction, alll the characters would have come alive better if it were a long story. Thanks for dropping by.

  12. In flash fiction, a full story is compressed to megabytes, but leaves something for the imagination of the reader to work out. Giving that this story is one we have heard and read lots of times, it goes without saying that most people understand the head and tail. However, presentation matters.
    Keep reading, learning and writing.
    Goodluck, Nike.

    1. Thanks, noted.

  13. hmmm….I wish I knew the rules of this competition. I’m thinking it accounts for the way it is written.
    It seemed too hurried…kind of.

    1. Really? I see

  14. Nice little flash story friend… keep it up

    1. Thanks Fadehan

  15. I think that the problem is that you did not make us feel the anger,despair and helplessness of the girl. She gave in too many times& acted like her heart was not in her attack on her uncle. For sure you have the talent, so keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much irene carew, but it’s just a flash fiction of 300words.cudnt have captured the whole event

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