A Different Kind Of Jail


It’s a different kind of jail
Where I am imprisoned by the mind of the man
Bound by the desires of his heart
A constant battle to find my feet

I live in a world where I must be silent
I should be seen, and not heard.
My opinion does not and will not count
I am not allowed to defend myself
If I fight, I am too troublesome
If he fights, he is brave.
He is after all, the head
And I am his helper.

I live in a society where I constantly have to watch my back
My muscles tighten as he approaches
I am an easy prey
I must never let my guard down
When there is danger,
I am the first to be hurt.
Literally, I have to watch my back
For my behind brings good and evil
With my behind, I can make them swoon
But the same rear can cause my downfall

No one else is here
He grabs me
I have no power
I am helpless
I must wrench free from his grip
I scream and bite
But it is nothing more than mere scratches on him
No one can hear me
His heavy hand forces my mouth shut
I lose the fight
I am no match for his might
The little muscles on my weak arms cannot save me
I am thrown to the ground
All I can do is cry
As I am robbed of my dignity
I cannot talk about it
I am told to forget it
That I brought it upon myself

When my belly swells, I am a whore
But the man,
The man who fathers my child
Oh the poor soul
He was misled by my evil ways

I am the weaker sex, they say.
I fight for everything
I fight to be seen
I fight to be heard
I fight to be recognized

In a world where I am written off as the weaker sex
I refine myself
I celebrate myself
I am the future
And I am Legend

I am a girl

And I live in a man’s world




Hi guys! I decided to veer in a different direction this time around by trying my hands on poetry. Well, I would not consider it poetry per se because it might lack the poetic feeling, but I feel that poetry is all about self-expression and that is just what I have done. Therefore, I consider it a poem. I have not followed any particular structure or literary rules. I have just poured some emotion down on my blank screen so please pardon any errors. I hope I do not come across as merely ranting or as anti-male. I love being female and at the same time I think guys rock also. I just wish to bring to perspective how it feels being a girl. It came about the other night when I had to attend to some men outside my house who had come to supply drinking water. I was alone with them, about 3 or 4 men and it was dark. Naturally, I started to feel uneasy knowing that if a nut went loose in their heads, it could mean disaster for me. I also felt very bare, vulnerable and unprotected-I hated that feeling. As the driver of the van got down from the van, my muscles became very taut, ready for action. My heart started to beat faster and I had already begun to think of escape routes. Eventually I discovered that the gentleman was only attempting to assist his colleague in carrying the bottles. As I realized this, I began to recall several other incidents having the same feeling walking down the streets feeling very uncomfortable because of the fact that I am female with scary looking men staring and occasionally yelling or passing rude remarks. I find it ridiculous and oppressive that I cannot walk safely on the streets of Lagos at night without any fear of harassment. Here goes:

10 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Jail” by Tobi Tayo (@MissTayo)

  1. I don’t know why I take fancy with feminism. This poem is not as bad as you think. The message is clear.
    However, ‘living in a man’s world’ as you said above truly does not matter anymore, especially now that the world is becoming more advanced. Is it not said that men are the head while women are the neck that directs the head’s movements?

    I feel sorry though for those scary experiences and I’d advice that you don’t walk alone, especially in neighbourhoods prone to violence and women harassment.
    Well done

    1. Lol yeah I agree it’s not that bad anymore but it’s still scary, especially for someone like me who isn’t used to being out. I’m what you might consider an ‘omo-get-inside’. I only recently started to force myself to experience the real world outside.
      Thanks for your comment :)

  2. The poem is easy to understand. I feel sorry for u. Have trustworthy relatives with you when you have to walk in the dark. Well done.

    1. Yes, I definitely will. Thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Yeah, it’s all good, since it’ll also help to expunge the phobia you have for the outside world.

  4. Nice poem.

    I’m sure ladies will relate to it better.

    I liked the line “I’m a girl and I live in a man’s world”…..things are changing sha.

  5. This is cool. Your poem is prosaic.
    As for your phobia, you would have to try – it’s hard, to get rid of that feeling, but you gotta try babe.
    Well done, MT.

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