I arrived home to see poor Nina lying outside, bleeding. A few concerned neighbours were around her trying to help her clean up. One of them, a nurse at a nearby dispensary gave her some sort of solution to drink. Before I could hold back, tears began to flow down my eyes.
Another person who I would never forgive had been added to my list. First it was Uncle Terry, then it was the terrible white folk, now it was this rascal, this hoodlum who had defiled my sister.
For me, it was like killing my mother again.
I went close to Nina and held her up, speaking comforting words to her. I wanted to ask her how it all happened, who had done this to her, but seeing the pain she was going through was enough to discourage my questioning.
Nina lay there, weeping profusely, biting on her lips like they were accomplices in the violent act that had happened. This girl was too young to experience pain. How could they do this to her? I would never forgive this person. Even if I tried, I couldn’t.
My mind seemed to play a number of games with me just then, anxiety distorting every iota of reason I possessed. I imagined the worst of scenarios; in my mind alone, Nina suffered some terrible blood disease and died; in the same mind, she grew to be a young woman who could not satisfy her husband, and eventually could not bear kids.
This was what father had feared; had anticipated everyday of his waking life- that something bad would happen to his jewel, his precious daughter. Given father’s preoccupation with Nina, he might have started a riot, had he been around.
Father had been jailed barely a week ago. Not that it meant much to me though, for I had learned at a very young age to take care of my own matters, and family matters too. I had always known that it would only be a matter of time, before father was stowed away in the county jail. In essence, his drunken behind had found its true home. For me, it was better having him in there than out here. At least, I and Nina didn’t have to sit every night and listen to his woes of the white folk and watch him drink himself to stupor. Soon though, he would be out of jail, and would return to his old habits.
Jo stood there by me, the good friend he was, taking it all in. In his eyes, I could see the pain he felt and yet I could not console him, as I could not console even myself
For a while, bleeding Nina was the fuss of the moment for everyone that lived in the big house. One person suggested they take Nina to a hospital, another countered fiercely, stating how it would stigmatize her. The nurse, however, was more reliable. She asked to take Nina into her room and keep watch over her for a while, as she administered some medications to her. I agreed, being the only of her family member who was around.
‘Nurse Dora, what actually happened?’ I mustered courage to ask the kind nurse after Jo and I had settled in her room along with her and Nina. Nina was now sleeping peacefully.
‘My boy, I can’t tell you what I don’t know. My ol’ behin’ came home from work to find li’l Nina crying inside’ she said as she pointed towards the room where we lived. She continued ‘Li’l Nina never wanted to tell no one, never wanted to come out, then I see her bleeding, and oh, so much, then I have to do something, and lucky enough, young Jo here comes around soon enough and bingo, he rushes to get you’ She shrugged slightly ‘I’m sorry I dunno more than that, but what I know is them hood boys are guilty’
The next time I opened my eyes, it was dark. I had had a bad dream; that Mr Green had sacked me from my work, and that Nina was missing. I woke up panting, with Nina’s name on my lips. Nurse Dora was by my side, as she switched on the light in the room, lighting up the once dark room. In one glance, I saw Nina still sleeping peacefully in a corner of the room. She was now in a pair of hospital clothes, and wrapped in clean white sheets. Nurse Dora had cleaned her up. I also saw Jo, where he lay down on a couch in the middle of the room, snoring off. As if knowing my thoughts, the nurse told me ‘He agreed to stay all night. Says his old folks won’t mind a bit’
Just then, we heard a knock on the door
It was already past nine pm. Who could it be? The astonishment in Nurse Dora’s face was p-roof she was not expecting anyone.
‘Who is it?’ she asked
‘Bernice’ came the calm reply
Surprise gripped me like a jolt of electricity.
‘Bernie?’ I asked as I edged towards the door
‘Yes, Chap. It’s me’ his familiar voice came ‘Open up’ he hadn’t stopped being commanding
I opened the door to see a scruffy-haired and tattered-bearded guy standing shoulder to shoulder with me. It was my only brother, Bernice. I was glad to see him, and I guess he was happy to see me still alive though. He said a greeting, or what I thought was a greeting to Nurse Dora and immediately tried to read the situation of things from my face as he advanced towards where Nina lay. ‘How is she?’
‘Not too well Bernie, but we’re hoping she gets better. Good to see you bro’
He walked past me, fuming ‘They did this.’
His emphasis was on ‘they’. ‘They must pay’ he said and in seconds, a tender look crossed his face as he observed keenly, Nina’s gentle body and the rise and fall of her breath while she slept. It was this girl that had made him come from wherever he was. His only sister. He could die for her to live.
‘How did you know?’ I asked, sitting in a corner of the room
‘I still have eyes and ears down here. I still look after you guys. You’re still my family. I know Father has been locked up for public drunkenness, but frankly, he’s safer in jail.’
I took one long look at him ‘How is life bro?’
‘I’m done with the hood’
He said that and walked out to meet the night. My sister was eleven and she had been raped.

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