This Is Your Life

This Is Your Life

It is familiar phrase. You may have watched such a celebrated program on BBC. Then I owe you an apology.
You have been unintentionally misled to believe that you can see your life by reading your life story. Nothing could be farther from the truth. And considering that not so many of us may qualify to have our life stories attract the attention of the big media, if you watched the show and came off feeling so little or not quite so important, my apologies too.
Of course, I have to tell you that your life story is not your life. It’s at best one account of those activities you engaged in a visible way that someone else considers symbolic and uplifting. Certainly, it often misses the most if not all of those times when you failed yourself in courage, compassion, creativity and even unconditional love. These are the four qualities of purity or who you are as Spirit, the image and likeness of God or what your life is made of, that essence which will eventually depart your body mass at some future time when your life story is eclipsed from one episode to the next because your body mass fails to carry-on. I beg your pardon, I had not properly introduced your own accounts of previous life stories in so many different climes and circumstances and times past.
Yes, if there was really a true life story to share it would have to be that one closest to your heart. It would be the very story of what you gained and lost in accounting terms of body mass from the crib to the grave. Every pound of flesh is the debris you willingly heaped upon your true self, your life, to carry across each lifetime for better or for worse, until you discarded it at what is crudely called ‘death’, as if you are not spirit.
As a unit of the Life Force, your life has run just as many courses through lifetimes of learning those four qualities of purity or consciousness for a purpose, as a child in a school. Yes, school has this unspoken purpose and each lifetime is a school session bringing you to seek, knock and ask about your life. If you have really not seen your life, how could you ever speak about being yourself the way every one means to talk about it so often? It makes sense that you can only be yourself when you have seen and known yourself.
If BBC, CNN, CCTV, NTA, NBC, and every other media are so wrong about such a simple matter of fact, you can imagine that the world might be in grave danger of promoting this misleading mistake of juxtaposing your life as your life story, the life you lead.
So where is your life? You are always in eternity, always in the heart of God and always in each present moment, without a past or future as God is. But let’s take a moment to clear the final stable of errors by telling another popular mistake of what your life is not before leading you on how to see and be yourself every now.
Has anyone ever asked ‘Where are you now?’
And what was your response? The common expectation is to describe what livelihood you are engaged in doing and where; right? Wrong, because your life is always in this present moment, here, now. This awareness of where you are now is a major difference between man and animals. And the way to see and hear your life all the time, every day is to use what unites you and your creator.

This name is the only universal product which every individual is daily manifesting through all of our words and deeds. It is what every successful company is mimicking to make a success through its own products or services. And yet it is the ultimate creative force of life, the greatest product that makes purity, another name for unshakeable millionaire of God. Most of all, it is the heart of your future in life, what you will need to see and know your life. It is what everyone needs to do all they have agreed to do and more besides!
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2 thoughts on “This Is Your Life” by tonynwadialo (@tonynwadialo)

  1. Pardon, but I don’t really grasp what you are saying here. You seem to be on an introspective course. Well, that’s just me saying.

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Yea .. I agree that a particular aspect of your life, so celebrated, is not you life. The totality of who and what we are ought to be brought into adequate significance .. Good one bro … @tonynwadialo

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