The Quake

It had started out as one of those annoying Saturdays.

The ones were regardless of how hard you prayed or tried to bribe God, it just wouldn’t stop raining. The sun had handed off its day shift to the oppressive clouds then beamed away to shine on some distant part of the planet.

Four teenagers, friends since babyhood, gathered in a basement and tried to drown their depression in cans of soda as well as their various past-times. An 11 year old boy, who was well aware that he bore the status of an outsider ventured into the depressingly somber room. He was determined not to give up in his silent battle against boredom without a fight.

“Let’s have an adventure!” he sang with his tiny voice.

“Let’s not,” Dan drawled, readjusting his lanky frame which he’d spread over the entire length of the peach colored couch.

The 11 year old maneuvered his lips into a pout, gearing up to kick up a fuss.

“Maro, we’re not sneaking into Mrs. Margaret’s backyard,” Bex said, “I’ve told you a thousand times, she’s not a witch. Even if she was, this weather’s insane!”

“Fine, whatever,” Maro said, sticking his chubby brown nose in the air.

“Whatever,” Bex muttered, watching Maro move away to examine a ceramic vase with drawings of cavemen for the thousandth time.

After a few seconds he redirected his attention back to his algebra assignment, the bane of his existence and soon forgot his brother. On the couch, Dan fell asleep with his most prized possession, an autographed football lying beside him.

Leslie and Remy, the fraternal twins,  lay on their stomach next to each other on the rugged floor. Leslie was in her ‘addicted chatter’ phase. Her hazel brown eyes stayed glued to the screen of her smartphone while her nimble fingers remained in ceaseless motion. Remy however, preferred to get lost in a good book.

“Oh. Shit.”

Every head in the room snapped to attention.

“I swear it wasn’t me,” Maro said, backing away from the heap of ceramic lying on the floor with his hands raised in front of him.

Everyone just stared. Remy folded a page and put her book away. Leslie spared Zack a glance then returned to her cellphone.

“Bro,” Maro said, his eyes flicking over to the sofa where his brother was seated. “You believe me right?”

“Well,” Bex said.  He scratched his head while he searched for something to say other than ‘you are so dead’.

Maro looked to the others for help but soon realized he would find none who would champion him. At least the twins and his older brother felt sorry for him, Dan just yawned.

“I’m so out of here,” he said then took off up the stairs.

“Your mum’s gonna kill him, isn’t she?” Leslie said, primly adjusting the pleats of her red skirt over her folded legs.

“He didn’t touch it,” Dan said though his eyes were closed.

“And how would you know?” Remy shot back, “All you’ve done today is either sleep or worship that filthy foot ba-”

“Hey, cut it out,” Bex said straightening up from the sofa, “Do you guys feel that?”

The ground was vibrating, the intensity increasing by the second. For the first time the whole day, Leslie put down her phone. Her mouth opened in silent protest as she watched it fly across the room and scatter to pieces upon impact with the wall. Then the lights went out.


“Guys, calm down-”

Dan tasted blood in his mouth as he was knocked against the floor then flung across the room were he collided with another body. Though his body had only made contact for a few seconds, he could tell it was Bex. Even as he succumbed to the darkness, he whispered for Remy.

Leslie heard the glass from the windows shatter when the room tilted. She couldn’t hold in the scream that bubbled to the surface the second her sister left her side. The ground beneath her was suddenly nonexistent. When she screamed again, she screamed for Bex.

Bex felt like his body was being dragged in ten different directions and someone had dropped an anvil on his head. The world had finally stopped spinning but the lights were still out. Picking himself up from the ground, he sent up a silent prayer for his little brother. Squinting into the darkness, he tried to feel his way around.

“Dan? Remy? Lez?” he called out, but there was only silence.

In a flash, light poured into the room. The sudden brightness made him shut his eyes on reflex. When he opened them again, he found the room empty but everything else was just the way it had been before the earthquake. If it had been an earthquake.

“What the hell is going on?” he whispered to the empty room.

It had started out as one of those annoying Saturdays…

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    1. lol thanks for that very descriptive comment

  3. aadetoyin (@aadetoyin)

    Eh!!! Where did everyone go?

    1. yikes, not rapture lol thanks for reading

  4. I like it…Bravo!
    Just feel you wrote it in fast forward mode. Everything happened suddenly.
    So, is it a series or…?

    1. well… it was originally meant to be the prologue of a book, now its just a piece I revised. Yup everything was ‘suddenly suddenly’ lol, thanks for reading

  5. I like the descriptions… feels incomplete…

  6. Fadehan Adeoshun (@Fadehan)

    Well written…
    Keep it up!!!

  7. Your profile has said it all– “hmm I’ve tried to Naija-lize my fiction pieces here”. Otherwise, I would have said where did you see basement, and your character names….. But you try sha

    Good Job by the way


    1. lol, haba I no try for the names? Maro is Urhobo and Remy sounds/is Yoruba, thanks for reading

  8. I loved what I saw on your blog, love this more… I even like the fact that it’s quite contemporary… I could relate to the convos as if…

    okay… Enuff said… Good work

    1. thanks for stopping by C2 ;)

  9. seems good….very different…..looking forward to the next installment

  10. I love this. Nice.

  11. Lordjosh (@Lordjosh)

    Maybe I’ve not been around long enough but this is like top 2, if it’s not the best post I have read here. Nice work.@feiO
    What’s your blog by the way?

    1. bite yo tongue lol, saying stuff like that might get you in trouble but thanks a lot, totally made the remainder of my day ;) My blog is at

  12. Hope they didnt kick bucket oh…..

    1. nah, they’re alive, the question is, where? thanks for stopping by

  13. Very very good.I’m getting a transatlantic vibe.

    1. @six thanks for stopping by. If I recall correctly, you read the first part of retribution? The second part is out here also, retribution:1 just in case you’re interested.

  14. I loved it! The characters were a little bit confusing though but aside that it’s a good piece.

    1. @omykay how so? thanks for reading and loving it

  15. I know some people prefer stories that end with a resolution but I quite like the way this ends.
    It will be on your reader’s mind for a while. That to me is fab work.
    @feiO, I like your style.

  16. Ladyzizi (@Ngozi-Ebubedike)

    A good piece leave the reading yearning for more, that’s exactly how i fell about reading your write up.

  17. Ladyzizi (@Ngozi-Ebubedike)

    A good piece leave the reading yearning for more, that’s exactly how i feel after reading your write up.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, welcome to Naija stories

  18. Nice read and it feels complete. Well done!

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