Soul Brother

Soul Brother

In the throes of a near-surreal possession
I repose where you have kept me, in the shadow of your heart,
Where my blood boils and my being bruises in its coolness, the tenderness of your affection.

And when my eyes, the open windows to my famished soul, fail to meet yours,
Know how much pain I hide under that familiar cloak of coyness:
The so much that may never be said. The cold,
And how the best things in life have come just before the costliest worsts,
Frighteningly free.

And if you have ever thought of me when I am not with you,
Dawns and days and dusks like I think about you
Imagine the tears you do not know I shed the elixir of our found life’s longevity.
But don’t. For I love you just too much to want you in this searing pain I live in.
Letting it surge through my endurance,
Shielding it from this wedlock of our souls.
It is devouring me, its hold that I feel mightily immense.
Like nothing I have ever resisted before.

And I keep wondering why a reason to live would come only to go,
If it is Eternal Truth, that things like this may possibly end,
And we thrown apart in unimagined ways –
Affection flung back into our faces.

I believe in you Soul Brother.
You have pointed my life where and how to ever go;
And when I go all these places, I want to be by your side.
For my sunken little soul yearns so.