We’re on the rocks
Scaling stony walls together
She’s pretty in her hairlocks
I bet no one’s better.

She holds my hand longingly
Her gaze fixed on my face
Our gaze locks permanently
“I love you,” she says.

We’re a crazy pair
I know we’re unseperable
I whisper “Oh my dear,
You are so amiable.”

She smiles understandingly
And buries her head in my chest
I embrace her gladly
And say,”you’re the best”.

She laughs, telling me to stop
Her hands shaking mildly
She doesn’t mind if I grow crops
She says very gently.

It doesn’t matter if we’re farmers
Once we have ourselves
We would be such crazy lovers
Not caring for scary elves.

We’ll just be us
Me and my angel only
We might not possess an horse
But we’ll surely be happy.

I hold her face in my hands
And kiss her for so long
We’re in our own fairy land
Singing our own love song.

Oh what peace is this!
I feel so comfortable
Yes, I’m so much at ease
Like horses in a stable.

Why; There is a loud rumble
It seems it’s a rain
It’s like I’m tumbling
But I’m on my bed again.

7 thoughts on “Soñar” by praize (@praize)

  1. Wake up o you sleeper
    School time is now
    Dream no more
    Of horses, fairy land and Sonia.

    Good piece, well done!

    Re-write ‘our gaze locks’

  2. This has been posted before @praize. Did you repost or admin made a mistake?
    Nice poem. He should better get money or live in his dreams.

  3. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Perfect love .. conjured from a dream land .. sounded too good to be true … :)

  4. Reposted for some reason. Still good to read tho.

  5. Dreams do come true, right?
    Nice read.
    However, it could do with a little editing. E.g:
    ‘Inseparable’ for ‘unseperable’
    ‘A horse’ for ‘an horse’

  6. Hey thanks Chima. @sibbylwhyte …i didnt repost, it’s a mistake on d admin’s part. Thanks 4 reading anyway. Merci…

  7. oh only if dis dream could come true, it would be too gud to be true. nice one praise. keep on d gud work.

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