Solitary Road 1

Solitary Road 1

There was the road that joined two roads, where paths from the two villages crossed. This was no ordinary road. It was the road, they had told her time and again, where no solitary being wandered. It was the road on which many had gone and never returned; never been found.
If a traveler wandered the roads into either of the villages, he would end up forgetting the place from which he came. He would never leave from that road again. She had grown up here, believing and living, never daring to take that road. The road that had no end.
Once, under the shade of the mahogany tree that sat in their yard, the old woman she knew as her grandmother had told her and a number of other misguided kids about the man who traveled the lone road for ten years before; out of frustration, he took his own life. He had gone on and on, never arriving, forever returning to paths he had been to; seeing his own footprints, his belongings ahead of him and yet he aged not a single day.
For years since she had known this village, no one came and no one left. It seemed like everyone was bound by some unseeing cord, and yet they seemed content, unperturbed.
These were dangerous thoughts she was thinking; how could she even let them glide into her imaginations. What could really be beyond the road? She had heard of another village on the other side; it was said to be an utter wasteland, now resided in by spirits of the dead ones from this land.
Since she turned sixteen, she hardly slept at night. She would hear voices; audible ones of people calling out to her. They seemed to be spirits and they cried out in pain. Then she would listen again and hear wild cackles, like the voice of a pleasured hyena. These cackles will simmer down to voices so sinister. She never heard what they said, but something within her was confident that these were sinister beings.
Only two nights ago, she had seen these cackling beings; right there in the village square. That night, as usual, she could not sleep, so she went outside into the night, following some guiding voice from the spirits that called out to her. Some kind of force was calling her to go to the square that was just a stone’s throw from where she lived, and slept.
She saw these beings for the first time, reveling in some uncouth humor, dark in their appearance, only six in number, yet when they laughed, they sounded like thousands. She could not see their faces as they had gathered in a semi-circle, but from what she saw of their frame, she could tell that they were ugly creatures, and they were women- old, haggard women. They helped themselves to a boisterous laugh again, irritating her all the more.
Then, for the first time ever, she heard what they said. They all spoke in unison ‘They are beginning to think of crossing the road. We must keep them here, forever.’
Then they laughed, and as if on cue, turned and saw her. She met the full grotesque glare of their features. They were evil. She could feel it seeping out of their inside. With some kind of supernatural speed, they came running after her.
She turned and fled.

8 thoughts on “Solitary Road 1” by adebayo caleb (@lordkel)

  1. Hmmm. We are not done with your Trials and Throes, and you hit us with solitary… which should we like more?
    I like the way Solitary has begun, although it would have been nice to complete one before moving on.
    Well done, Caleb. Keep writing. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte Thanks.
      I dunno, had this sent a while back but admin decides to publish it now.:|
      What do I do?

  2. I guess we’ll just roll with ’em punches. If you don’t want a work to be published, keep it as a draft, because pending review tells them that you want it published.

  3. Nice start. I’m hooked.

    Space the paragraphs, it makes for easier read.

    Well done.

  4. I like this.

    1. Thankyu @praize Look out for the next installment

  5. @lordkel, this story felt sketchy – like it was missing a background. I would have like to hear more about the village that the MC lived in, and the feelings of the villagers imprisoned in it by the solitary road.

    I liked the idea of the road, though. And I liked that the story was well-written.

    Well done.

  6. checking this out ooooooooo

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