Rat Palava

For our house we dey chop well-well,we dey chop. God don butter our bread, come sugar our tea.He don bless us so much with food sote all the domestic and international animals wey dey our house dey form Mofasa. Make you for take know say I nor dey lie, the rats wey dey our compound … Continue reading Rat Palava

Deuce Book One Episode One – By Bryan Osar

The skies looked pale that evening, he could count the seventeenth rain drop on the windshield. Time to turn on the windshield wiper he thought to himself, he flicked the switch and watched and just one wiper hand moved with high velocity and leaving its usual skid marks. There was no sign that it would rain today, his Weather app on … Continue reading Deuce Book One Episode One – By Bryan Osar

Driller’s Quarters – 5

Driller’s Quarters – 5

I hands the mobile phone back to him and asks him to call his superiors. He dials the keys and it begins to ring on the other ride. I collect it from; the person from the otherside picks it. “Kongah Igoma, on the line. You have one hour left… You must start effecting our demands … Continue reading Driller’s Quarters – 5

Betrayals and Funerals – 22

“I think it’s too early to ask me that, Pastor.” I replied, rising to my feet. “I’m still hurt…the thought of my husband with another woman is revolting and no matter his excuse…it’s not good enough. I have a lot to figure out in my life right now and I think its best I do … Continue reading Betrayals and Funerals – 22