Our Angels 19

Desola walked to the front door with her eyes half-closed. Every time she opened one, the other would force itself shut as if in defiance to her. Sleep deserted her when she saw Richard and his daughters at the door. The girls were in school uniform, their eyes as tired as hers.

“It’s five past seven in the morning.”

“Sorry, I know it is early but I have initial assessments to type up at work. I have a few sessions to prepare for too.” He told her.

His daughters hugged him and walked into the lounge with her. She served them frosties in pink and yellow bowls and switched on the Television for them before joining their dad in the hallway.

His back was on the wall. Her hands went to her dressing gown to double-tie the dangling robes. She didn’t really want to ask him what was wrong with him. Why he was heading for work in jeans and a tee-shirt.

He took out an envelope from his pocket and passed it to her. “Wages madam.”

She looked in the envelope. “This is more than what you pay me.”

“I know it is. I added a bit extra because last week you mentioned you are behind on your rent.”

“I don’t want you to pay me what I haven’t earned.”

He straightened up. “Please take the money. I am doing it for the girls. You can’t take another job because the hours you care for them are all over the place. Eniola would not forgive me if you can’t look after them because you are homeless.”

She walked him to the door. “Thank you. I suppose you don’t want me homeless, so that I don’t end up seeking shelter at the church.”

A frown darkened his face. “I have been suspended by the church committee Desola.”

“What? Why would they do that?”

He saw worry in her eyes. Concern for him that was not evident in Agnes’ voice when he rang to tell her after hearing the news.

His voice reduced to a whisper. “According to them I am having an affair with a church member.”

She raised her head up so she could look into his eyes. Her voice was softer than what she heard in her own head. “Well, are you having an affair?”

“No, of course not,” He brought his head closer to hers. “I think they mean….you. Someone has said something about us.”

“But there is no us. You are with Sister Agnes.”

Bit by bit, he told her about Agnes finding out about Junior’s paternity. He ended with the worst threat of all- Gbenga’s intended visit to the UK. He left for work after she tried to reassure him that Agnes wouldn’t spill her guts about Junior. Richard made it clear he couldn’t risk his son’s wellbeing on a maybe. He would marry a thousand Agnesses if that would guarantee his son’s happiness.


Richard acknowledged the security man’s, “Good morning Doc” when he got to work at Camden’s adult mental health community service. He had a few sips of the coffee he made himself in the service’s kitchen. As soon as he logged on into the borough’s veltrix system -having settled into his office- his phone started to ring. It was a tearful Agnes on the phone.

“I saw your car downstairs when I took the bin downstairs. You were parked downstairs for more than thirty minutes. I am not stupid. You were with Desola, weren’t you?”

“Calm down Agnes. I was dropping off the children. Please stop crying.” He tried to calm her down. However, the more he spoke, the more hysterical she got.

In the end, he put the phone down, telling her he would ring her later because he could hear the clicking sound of the receptionist’s shoes signalling her arrival.


As soon as Richard arrived at the flats car park just before three, he knew something terrible had happened. His mother’s car was parked haphazardly- in the flats’ car park- as if she was in a rush. He checked his phone and saw that Grace had called him twice. His mother, thrice.

He had put his phone on silence and in his bag during a cognitive behavioural therapy session with a client because he was worried that Agnes would ring him. He got out of the car and rushed into the building.

When he walked into the flat and saw his mother and Grace sat together on the sofa, his heart leapt out of his chest.

“Where is Desola? Has something happened to her? Mum?” He barked.

“Please don’t get angry Pastor Richard…..” Grace started.

“Is she ok?…and my children?”

He heard a sound from Desola’s bedroom and went in. He stopped at the door when he saw her with his daughters. They were on the bed. Huddled together like penguins.

Kenny was asleep. One of Desola’s hands was cradling her. Both Taye and Desola had red eyes.

“What happened?” Richard asked, hugging Taye and then Desola.

That was when he saw  it. The large bruise on Kenny’s face. It looked as sore as her swollen lower lip.

“What happened to my daughter Desola?”

Desola’s tears started to run. “I am so sorry. I….took the girls to school this morning to drop them off at school. Sister Agnes came out of her classroom… she went crazy and attacked me. She said I stole you off her.”

“What?” Richard asked, unable to take in what Desola was telling him.

“Kenny was clinging to me. She pushed Kenny out of the way. Kenny fell and….hit her head. The school nurse said she is fine but…..”

“Agnes did this?” He asked, enraged. Desola had a deep scratch on her neck. But it was the bruise on his daughter’s face that ripped him apart. Grace and his mother came into the bedroom. Richard was already on his way towards the door.

“You have to warn her to stay away from Desola.” Grace spoke first.

“We don’t think she intended to do it. We took Kenny to A and E and the doctor said she is fine. The headmistress called the police. They arrested Agnes….. I think she is back home now….but Rotimi, we have to leave this to God.”

Richard wasn’t listening to his mum. He headed for the front door. He sped upstairs, so that when he heard the lift opening downstairs, he was already in front of Agnes’ door. Her door was locked. He took her spare key from under the floor mat where he remembered she kept it and unlocked the door. As soon as she saw him, she ran into the kitchen, her face was wet. Her hair was a mass of messy curls that seemed as if someone decided to leave it half-done. She raised her hands in the air.

“I am sorry. Please. I was just angry. You promised to marry me.”

“You need help woman. You attacked my daughter because I refused to marry you. What the hell is wrong with you?” He raged. More tears poured from her eyes, mixing with her sweat droplets.

“It is Desola’s fault. She seduced you.”

He moved towards her, his right hand middle finger pointing at her. He was boiling and struggling to get enough air. He could hear what sounded like Sister Grace’s voice with his mother’s at the door. But he wasn’t done with Agnes.

“The next time you come anywhere near my family, you are dead.” She winced when he moved closer. “Look at the state of you. You should look in the mirror. Do you honestly think any man in their right frame of mind would go anywhere you. I don’t think so woman.”

Snot ran down her face. “You asked me to marry you.”

“I was grieving for my wife,” he yelled. “I wasn’t thinking straight.”

She curled up in a ball.

“Now, listen to this, If the police don’t press charges, I will make sure you lose your job. I am going to push for the school’s Chairman to get the police to charge you so it shows on your crb check. You can kiss goodbye to your teaching career.”

Having said that, he left her flat.


The following day, Richard burnt his fingers on the oven pan as he grilled potato smiley faces and fish fingers for his daughters. He was preoccupied about what to say to Agnes having decided to apologise to her that morning after his mum called him to let him know the school had suspended Agnes without pay. The police were pressing charges too despite Desola and him insisting they didn’t want that to happen. He had decided his actions had triggered Agnes’ mini breakdown. It made him unhappy that his mistakes might wreck her life. He decided if he avoided Kenny’s bruised face as he walked to the door, he might be able to walk to the block of flats to go and see Agnes. After apologising to her for messing her about, he could get on with been a good father to his children.

He phoned his son after serving the girls’ dinner.

“Come home son. I need to go out as soon as I have eaten. You need to look after your sisters.”

“Ok, I will dad.”  Junior told him.

Then, Richard heard a voice that sounded so much like James’ – Agnes’ son. Fear gripped him. He had warned Junior to stay away from Agnes. The whole block, if possible.

“Where are you Junior? I told you to stay away from the flats. Get back home now.” Richard ordered.

He was at the front door when his son arrived. The boy seemed fine and apologised to his dad for taking too long to get back. The twins had already finished their food. Richard retreated into the kitchen to warm up their dinner.

As he scooped jolof rice into two plates, he heard his son come in to get their cutleries. Richard noticed that the girls’ voices were coming from the first floor.

“Have your sisters gone to their bedroom to play?” He asked without turning.

“Yeah.” Junior’s voice was different. “Your children are upstairs step dad or is it Uncle Richard you want me to call you?”

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  1. Interesting, but you let your guards down and this piece was riddled with mini errors and slips. If I may correct some :

    ‘Every time she opened one, the other would force itself shut to defy her.’

    ‘Switched on the television’ (also written TV) not a capital T.

    ‘To retie her dangling robe strings’

    ‘wages, nadam.’

    ‘Eniola will not forgive me if you can’t…’

    Camden’s Adult Mental Health Community Service. It s a prop noun of some sorts. Like Abuja, Christ Embassy, et al…

    Thrice? Nope, it is three times.

    Lemme stop joor.

    Keep improving yo craft dear.

    1. I logged on this morning to edit this and found that it had been published @Hymar.
      Defiance is right by the way. And so is thrice (which is ancient English but still widely used).

      1. Defiant is right of cos, but I picked something that I believe works better in the context used.

        As for thrice, you could be right, u know. But if you try picking it in JAMB’s english paper, na GOBE be that o.

        1. @hymar, I realised last night that apart from failing to go back to this before it got published that I hadn’t uploaded the edited version. I think most of the above got edited apart from the defiance and thrice.

          I have since called myself a few name for failing to notice. I have to be extra vigilant next time.
          Thanks Hymar.

  2. Lols, see me o, I typed nadam instead of Madam. Haste is indeed waste.

  3. Can a car be parked haphazardly? I don’t think so.
    Heed to Hymar’s words…I ditto
    As for Richard… I can only laugh.

    Kudos Jummy

  4. Agnes don kolo well well…

    Nice one Jummy

    1. @schatzilein, yeah Agnes has lost it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

  5. den den den… I guess its because I’m a girl… would’ve landed Agnes a back hand slap, what’s next? The truth? Lies just create problems and drama which is what we’re here for anyway :) drama I mean…

    1. @feiO, you are so right. Lies create problems. Thanks for checking in.

  6. Nice one.

    Even in comments we read, we find errors.

    Kudos. Edit better.

  7. Truth always set free,but now pastor Richard or uncle Richard in junior voice,you are in a complicated mess. U said u didn’t edit cos it took me much time to read this.kudos jummy Onto d next

  8. Oh my word! Agnes!!!!!!!

  9. Agnes!!!! Its good she showed her insane side b4 Richard marries her.
    As for Junior, I was expecting something like that to happen, saying the truth is always best even wen it hurts. So while Richard was busy protecting Junior asiri ti tu.

  10. Typos are there, but the story overrides them.

    1. Apologies @elovepoetry. They shouldn’t be there.
      I found the edited version on my usb last night. I have no idea how I managed to upload the wrong version.
      And then it wasn’t scheduled, it just got published, which didn’t give me time to rectify the error. Not impressed with myself right now.
      Thank you elove, thank you.

  11. Uncle Richard will be fine junior…
    Now it has happened.

    Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned…poor Agnes. it sucks to be caught in a love triangle…

    Desola dear, the journey of love is filled with thorns…take heart.

    I foresee Richard having to forfeit the pastorate and just focusing on his family…

    Well done…(I’m not going to comment on the typos)

    1. The journey of love is filled with thorns…and a few nails.
      Thanks @topazo.

  12. typically of teenagers to draw conclusion…
    Nice one jummy

  13. @Olajumoke jummy jummy!
    MY dear, youd’d get better, never loose focus.

    Ghen ghen! It has happened. Richards worst fears are coming real. I hope they all get past this.

    Poor Agnes, she really needs to be checked.

    1. @onyi_m, your words came at the best time.
      Thanks for your kind words. I won’t forget. Thank you.

  14. Hell hath no fury than an insane woman scorned; ’tis thrice the trouble. Richard is in deep shit and he knows.
    Well done, Jumoke. $ß.

    1. Thanks @sibbylwhyte for your time and feedback.

  15. Truth heals more that it hurts.
    Nice work there, but you can still revisit for typos

  16. Oh Shoot, I didnt even like this Agnes and y would she tell Junior, that not fair at all

    1. @yinkus101, long time. Hope you are fine. Thanks for checking in.

  17. Crikey! Richard’s become a fireman; putting out one fire after another; ”The road to hell is full of good intentions”,
    that is the only plausible reason that i can posit for him not telling Junior. And the issue thing has landed him in his very own personal hell. He will come through a better man: Redemption is in the horizon, Amen to that @olajumoke. Story wise ; you did well again. ”I be liking this beat!!!”

    1. @LEROY, what will I do without your comments?
      Thanks for following this far. I appreciate it.

  18. This your Agnes is a pain in the ass o. So sad Junior found out from someone else. I enjoyed the insane Agnes part. Well done.

    1. Lol @paishat. Yeah, Agnes needs help.
      Poor Junior is the real victim here.
      Thank you so much for your time Paishat.

  19. Sweety i see u’ve been busy creating a worthy piece but 4 haste.Anyways,i’ll always appreciate reading ur works.Now onto d main story of Crazy Agnes n Junior n Richard n Desola,hmmm,all i can say is well done n cant wait 4 d next installment.:*

    1. @jade69, I am learning, a bit too slowly for my liking but I think I will get there.
      Thanks for calling this a worthy piece despite the submission and editing hiccups.
      I hope you find the next few parts even better.
      I appreciate your comments.

  20. I see where this is going! Well done Oº°˚˚°º! Still salivating for the next part.

  21. @olajumoke,

    Were there any errors in this piece? Maybe. I don’t know. But I don’t care.

    What I do know is that you have turned the drama knob all the way up to eleven on this installment, so I’m blinded to any mistakes.

    Well done!

    1. @TolaO, thank you for saying that.
      Very kind of you.
      And many thanks for reading three in one night.

  22. Agnes spilled the beans. Didn’t she?

    Now that Junior knows what next?

    Still enjoying the story.


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