Once upon a dream

Once upon a dream

To feel the touch of your hands in mine was all i ever dreamed of…


To feel the warmth of your arms was all i ever longed for…


To have your lips gently pressed on mine was all I imagine..


To have your voice whisper sweet nothings in my ears was all i ever wanted…


To have you look at me and say ” you’re the one for me and I’m here to stay”…


To have you keep me within your arms,till you and I fall asleep…


And to wake up knowing we’ll have each other until the end of time…


To share my world,your dreams and our hope and love was all that seemed beautiful and true…


To have you keep all your promises and words would have meant the world to me…


It would have all been a dream come true…


But a fantasy it would remain.


Yeah, a fading fantasy is what it would all remain.



P.S…it was nice having you once upon a dream.


…written with tears, but engraved with a halfway smile…


18 thoughts on “Once upon a dream” by Balak Team (@Queen-bee)

  1. nice and beautiful!…please accept my empathy, and maybe she is not for you…Anyway manage this five million@queen be

    1. Thanks nd i’m gla u find it beautiful Simplisive :)…..:LOL: @5millz

  2. Poor girl… Someone else has got this dude na…
    Nice one. The P.S was my best part.
    Well done, Q.bee. $ß.

    1. errrr, didn’t write this to get him back :)….thanks for taking time to read & d lovely comment :)

  3. Awwww…sorry.
    Someone better will come along

    1. I’m not sad or anything, just engraving my thoughts in writing….thanks for dropping by tho :)

  4. I know someone who is at that point right now. I know the lover, the loved and the @love’s victims. Love can be so unfair sometimes. For me, methinks I am leaving that zone of being a love’s victim. My object of strong affection and passion is looking in my direction, methinks….
    @ Queen-bee: Great one here. A typo in line 3 though @imagine. should read “imagined”.

    1. awww, it’s a good thing that they shared a wonderful time together…best wishes to them both

    2. …LOL @ “love’s victim”….do have a fabulous time with the object of ur affection

    3. thanks for spotting the typo and for the compliment…i’m humbled :)

  5. Nice lines.


  6. Nice lines


  7. Sowee dear. Keep it in mind to write another one when you finally find the true one.

    1. No hard feelings, i actually wrote this in 2011 :)

  8. Hehehe, no o, ain’t being cynical, I am just welcoming you to the club.

    1. LOL iHave no idea what club ure on about, so ure on your own :D

  9. A very sweet poem for a start. Nice read of a dream.

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