June Blue

June Blue


Bou-gain-villea is plainly a vain villain

Her presence your approach eclipses, again and then,

And since you are here now bearing all these lights

They say Bou now sulks somewhere, sulfurously.


Our song, fresh corn just off Iwo farm,

Is multi multilayered, several lasting tastes to relish,

It rarely springs on one lane, many points begging budding:

We better launch now, our state holds the Sun in state.


Let us run beyond these dreary drums

Shackled Bata thundering only erroneous echoes

Noting nothing but nasty decibels that dull even drunken deities

Fools, who keep questioning their own stupor.


We will dance beyond this stage

Abandoned, littered patch, worthy home of flying profanities

The copious commotion cheap wine wrought and ran

Those nylons on ground do not hold water, you see

Something stickier got ladled therein by outcasts.



Let us stay here, Arewa

These pious pines tower guard just for us

Saving us from the blasphemous flame still raging

Burning victims’ skins, just under the killing point

We ve been saved too from the policing eyes

Of the nosy sky and its oozing range.


Our lung now savours the rush of untainted oxygen

If our nostrils jarringly break scent of jasmine

Can that jar of aroma be of our own secretion?

My sight has registered the path of exploded hormones

In your arms the madness beyond this paradise pales away

Yes, the mad world can just zoom to the pit.


With assured mastery, your palms ease away my storied worries

The touch of your breath sets these hairs on their toes

Now they know we have no need for their drunken dance steps,

Our chests rhythm borders vintage poetry, subtle yet profound

I love poetry, and so do you, it is the perfect sync of two souls.


13 thoughts on “June Blue” by layrite (@layrite)

  1. Nice one, layrite. Some lines tripped me. Especially liked the alliterations, they have a way of making a poem read fluid. I hope Olamide read this love letter or heard it?
    Well done. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte: Thank you, sweetie. She loved it!

  2. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Indeed, it is the perfect sync of two souls .. beautiful

    1. Chief, I appreciate that approval. Poetry is beautiful @josephoguche

      1. Jo (@josephoguche)

        sure .. welcome

  3. Nice poem…. You nailed it deep but it was worth it.


    1. @basittjamiu, If you say so, na so im be. Nice seeing you here.

  4. Vivid.

  5. Wonderful piece. Your alliterations man!!! Perfect sync of two souls really.

  6. I can say without fear of contradiction that you have done well@layyrite

  7. I love the cunning allusion to tHe Sunshine state, its Bata drumbeats, I love everything about this poem. If the girl read this and doesn’t feel anything, call me so I can help u give her a pat on the head with a hammer.

    Well done, comrade.

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