I Took His Virginity

I Took His Virginity

He was green, I was red
He was a virgin, I was not
Dragged to pay for sins not his’
Many to dive, in the same drowning sea
I aim to paint the green with red
Wake the dawn, a training for the morrow
Don’t judge yet, I lost mine too
You don’t know how
The pains you can’t feel

Why is it glory for men to string us on ?
A hero he is classed, a gender to celebrate
Why is it mockery for women to ride the horse ?
A villain she is dubbed, a gender of contempt
Guilty! even is the pulpit
That holy platform they climb
Up the men, down the women
Quoting the scripture, to saddle their course
The book of hope, now a weapon of curse

His virginity, I stripped off him
Again I circumcised him
Purity defiled, his pride denied
Fourteen he was, may the next be worse
Child not groom, you would say
Distasteful for plurality
Who cares ?
A virgin, does anyone deserve ?
But a virgin, they all want
Though they are not one
They forgot the goose and the gander
Oh! bunch of hypocrites

My heart bled, the tears gushed
I cried for help , no hand was lend
I begged the beast but his heart wouldn’t hear
Virginity, a gift so rare
But mine he took with no care
We have only one virginity to loose
Where we lost it, there our heart will be
We have only one opportunity to use
How we use it,can change life’s wish
The opportunity I saw
On him I used it
But my wish the same remained

I took his virginity
More to take, I see foretold
Frivolity? My shoes you can wear
The pain in my heart is meant to heal
The venom, I will distribute
And my pride, I will regain
Not the hymen
But the right to equal the genders
His Virginity then I took

29 thoughts on “I Took His Virginity” by Edward Chinwendu. (@wendy)

  1. Tsk tsk… The MC is as vengeful as they come, and has got a twisted sense of gender equality. Real twisted.
    Child not groom. I laughed at this point.
    An eye for an eye never was right, but this monsters garbed in male attributes may cause some women to turn out this way, and the cycle of hurt goes on.
    Nice poem.
    Well done, wendy. $ß.

  2. Nice poem @wendy really, nice one
    The persona, advocating gender equality bemoans the uncanny nature of men to deprive the woman of her virginity, and turns around to do likewise.
    The message is obvious.
    Good work!

    1. Thank you sir and thanks for your comment.

  3. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

    Life is a beech but payback sure is worse. Nice poem. Really so.

    1. @Hymer, you re somewhat right but some don’t think that way. Payback can also relief the heart sometimes #wink# thanks for Reading!

  4. I would say this is a classic.

    1. Thanks so much for reading.

  5. Wow!

    I like this. The vehemence of the vengeful emotion came to the fore mixed with anger and pain…

    A debate of morality and the desire for revenge. A cry for help veiled in a garb of vengeance.

    This poem is rich and deep.

    Some errors of grammar though.

    We’ll done.

  6. I could feel the venom right here on my bed.
    One Word: DAZZLING

  7. @wendy, this is really classy!
    The best outta all I’ve ever read from you!
    Very wonderful and creative poem this is…mixed with lot of feelings, hard ones tho’…lol
    “Paint the green red”…I love that!
    An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind tho’… If we Men should retaliate too…Retaliate of how some women forcefully deflowered us…E go badden Oooo! *grins!
    Well done, Wendy!
    Keep penning!

    1. Am still learning sir, thanks all the way for your comment.

  8. A feminist I guess. Beautiful piece

    1. Lolz. If you say so. Thanks for reading

  9. Hmm @wendy, you do me I do you? Maybe, but two wrongs?
    And shall we because of another man’s folly turn a fool too?
    While human will continue to express her inner darkness, and standing in the sun to condemn the same, humanity will always rise above the veil and frailty of our moral imperfection.
    I love the passion in this poem, the energy and the witty way the wounded gender here seek for vengeance . . . Let her use this same measure of means to educate other ‘boyz’ out there how to handle the opposite gender like the queen!
    Weldone Wendy.

    1. Hmmm! Ladies deserve to be treated like queen but some men don’t know that! Thanks for reading

    1. Thank you and thanks for reading.

  10. This is really creative,@Wendy. The persona have really turned our attention to a spot we most times neglect, until we are involved directly. The idea here is not revenge pe say, because no matter what, someone is got to be de-flowered by someone, by hook or by crook! The poem is as funny as it’s serious. The persona tries to tell us that the act is an opportunity, and if you don’t take it, someone else will. My best line: “I aim to paint the green with red”; the actual act of de-flowering! What a mild way of saying a serious thing!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate

  11. Hmm….on a vengeful mission she is…

    I picture her as the housemaid that seized the opportunity to deflower her master’s young son.

    I like your flow of words, the flashbacks that reflect the depth of the pain of the past; the scar it created that led her on a mission of vengeance.

    On an abstract or metaphorical level, it could be a representation of the rise of womanhood against the acts of abuse on the feminine gender – thus the imagery of the female taking away the virginity of the naive male; women being empowered to rise to a level that makes men look naive and thus taking the reign of dominance.

    Interesting vengeance.

    1. Thank you sir. I have been expecting your comment. Thanks for reading.

  12. @wendy, this is good. However, she should watch it and mind the length she is willing to go for a retribution that may lead to a vicious tribulation!
    Weldone, keep writing.

    1. Hope she sees your comment so she can take your advise. Thsnks for reading.

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