“Happiness doesn’t necessary lie in the things that could be bought with money, but in the things that cannot be bought with money”


The stale air I breathed in
As I walked down the road
I’ve walked a thousand times
From the same Job
I did a thousand times
My phone beeped
As it had done
At the same time
A thousand times.
From my girl
The same girl

Tired of the routine
The man following
I did not notice
He slipped into the house
As I stepped in
Silent as a shadow
Black hat, black coat, black eyes
He smiled, snaky
Then laughed, loud, ugly
The cackle filled the room
Made the air static
Made my skin crawl

I asked who he was
You do not know me, he said
But I know you so well
The same snaky smile
Your dreams, fantasies and desires
I came to make flesh

It all went black

I awoke
In a bed not my own
Wearing clothes not my own
In a house not my own
Yet perfectly sure
I owned them all

I slipped into the new life
not of choice
But I could not complain
An adventure it was at first
Something different
Sweetly so
I had it all
The girls
Power, from a black barrel

Soon I wanted a change
For to maintain the new life
Steal and covet, I had to do
Always looking over my shoulders
The girls
Like marble statues
Beautiful, Cold, Emotionless
Friends and family?
Had none
They were the price
A burden it became
This life borne of my fantasies

The routine I craved
My former home I craved
Though old and smelly
Familiar and warm
My old girl I craved
Who didn’t need the mint to stay
The former Job too
Though boring
Was clean and honest

I sought the old man
He never came
But when I awoke the next morning
Twas in the smelly old parlour
With the same musky damp smell
A dream it all was
My phone beeped
A message from my girl
The same girl
Bliss, hapiness…
The rote was now my fantasy

Inspired by the song “Faust, Midas and Myself” by switchfoot

9 thoughts on “Golden” by Olan (@Olan)

  1. Nice poem. truly worth my while.

    weldone @olan

  2. Wow. She’s back
    Nice poem. Had issues with it though.

    Punctuation, would have made the flow better.

    The man’s speech should have been in inverted coma.

    Some typos, wrong spellings, capital letters in the middle of sentences.

    The overall poem looks like it could have been written better, I don’t know exactly how but I think it has to do with the style.

  3. @topazo I have no clue what happened here. I wasn’t even done editing this stuff. It was something I wrote and was planning to come back to edit and maybe redo. It has been a draft for a while now. And suddenly it’s published. I’ve called @ogaoga attention about it. All my drafts are scheduled for publication and I never submitted them.

  4. Lol@ Olan, shite happens. You did good. Trust me. I find no fault

  5. @olan, this may not be your finished product but it is already near a master piece. Do whatever you have to and it will still be great!
    Good job.

  6. I love the theme of the poem, will get the song that inspired it.
    Won’t fault you for ogaoga’s mistakes.
    ‘Tis a good one you got here.
    Well done, Olan. $ß.

  7. I totally loved the message in this. Well done!

  8. I like the first and last stanza.
    Well done!

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