Forgiveness simply means
“Without a grudge”
We have forgiven,
When we do not hold a grudge,
Or any form of bitterness
Against someone, for an offense
done against us.

Forgiveness does not necessarily
Mean that we have forgotten.
But God forgives and forgets
So after we have forgiven,
We should try to forget.
But forgiveness is made manifest
If when an offense comes to our memory,
It finds no grudge in our hearts.

Now forgiveness is different from
‘Reconciliation’ (an example is in marriage)
If a woman leaves her husband
And joins to another man,
The former husband MUST forgive
If she repents and returns to him,
He can choose either to reconcile
Or not to reconcile with her,
If he reconciles, fine. If not, fine.
He must forgive, but whether or not
To reconcile with her is his choice.
If he chooses not to reconcile,
It does not mean that he has not forgiven.

As an added note,
Forgiveness is a command from God
And we can only be forgiven by God
When we have forgiven our debtors
So let us be quick to utilise the grace of God
To forgive all our debtors.

This is a little on the matter of forgiveness
So take time to study/meditate
On God’s Word on forgiveness
And as you learn, put into practice
And as you practice, teach others
So that God can be glorified. Amen!

4 thoughts on “Forgiveness” by Israel Eziedo (@eziedo)

  1. Yeah. Forgive and forget is preached. The former is achievable..the latter takes will.

    Well done, Israel. $ß.

  2. A good one, but never forget……

  3. It is easier to forget. I like your submission, if when the memory of the offense comes to mind but finds no grudge in our hearts, that is forgiveness.

    Well done

  4. deeply deep! forgiveness is a commandment from God and one really need the grace to forgive indeed. good work boss

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