Sept 5,2003



The day began smoothly, I had just returned from a journey, and notified my concerned friend about my return. well, to be honest I was expecting his call any moment from mid-day times, and as usual he calls and comes around, that we may hang-out as we usually do. We call it, “CHILLING” or zoning out, I think bruv we should be zoning in at-times. My friend is an artiste, and has much of that intellectual persona and ‘good- to- go’ attitude.


From mid-day to fall of dusk we chilled, suddenly I began to become quiet, then I began to feel cold, I got up and turned off the air-conditioner, and went outside to sit down a little. ‘oh boy na lie o’, I had never felt a cold as this before, I was freezing. I announced to my friend that this ‘CHILLING thing’ has taking control over my body. my friend tried to help me out with ‘auto-suggestions’, I should suggest to myself that I was alright, I tried doing that, I have a library of books and he had just read a thing or two about that. Whether the ‘ mumbo-jumbo’ worked or not, I knew I had to wrap myself with double clothing that night. ‘Auto-suggestion’ does work if you know exactly how to play with it, you don’t have to be serious, just let go, say it, laugh it, imagine it, use it. That’s how it worked for me the following day.


After he had left, fully in his Zone, I am sure. I have fire breeds for friends; no dull minds please. I headed back to the house, I had managed to see him off, and even declined his nice invitation to a sharwama joint that was close by. I just had to head for home. I put on my pyjamas, and on top of that wore one of my casual outing blazers plus socks on my feet and wrapped myself in a warm blanket, damn this cold, “I am ready for you” I said to myself, and “I will not die tonight” . ‘Yeah’, I remember I had some hot noodles before bedtime, praying it would help, well it just filled my belly. Thanks Mr. noodles you were hot. I fell fast asleep, and had many a feverish dream, one I remember was that one of canine tooth broke off and I had to remove and put it under my pillow, waiting for the fairy goddess to come and take it and give me money or whatever goodies she gave out. ‘For where?’ I awoke in the morning; my tooth was the strongest of them all. Thanks be to God, dawn will always break forth, I headed straight for my family doctor hospital.


Ok, hold up, before you think I am exaggerating, imagine being kept in a freezer, like what is likely to be kept there, I felt those cold shivers all through the night, even as I awoke in the morning. Normally if I ail, I do not suffer it in the morning periods until the evening approaches, so this felt different and scary. I thought of and imagined a million and one things, such as: ‘ I hope I have not been poisoned, I hope I have not contacted  HIV as they call it, I hope my enemies had not succeeded in wishing me bad, oh God has my time come to die? , oh God I’m sorry, I now remember I am a sinner, please forgive, I have to quit all the wrong and bad things I do… and plenty thinking for this ‘ ye- ye’ cold men!


I arrived the hospital at about 9 am, while my doctor had been waiting since 6 am, I forgot I had placed an earlier call. I knocked at his office door, proceeded  to greet him and apologized for arriving late; though still CHILLING. He asked me to wait because he was attending to my predecessor, another patient. A  lady in her early or mid 20’s. She was stunning, She was modestly pretty, yea, she was just cute and I took in a lot about her presence. and even if she was more than that, all that did not send my cold away, I guess she was not as hot as that, literally. My time came and I was called in by the doctor, we exchanged pleasant greetings, I still apologized for arriving late, and told him how the ailment began, basically it was just a cold. He decided to extract some blood from my body ‘ to run some tests’. When I saw the syringe, I was like “oh my gosh”, pins and needles to pierce my skin. He drew some blood out from my middle arm, I really appreciated seeing my blood, it is dark red in colour, I have got good blood. He went into his lab and proceeded as required. When he came out the next time: it was time for the intravenous injections, the long awaited for, it cures me fast. Funny enough my veins were cold and did not show often, but he managed to plug in.


I sat as he fixed me on that dripping thingy, ‘yeah’, that cute girl was still around and she was consistently saying sorry to me, it felt good, ‘ yeah’, it sure did. I did not know what was wrong with her, and when I tried asking, she did not want to really tell me. Perhaps it was confidential, so I did not pester her much, ‘ of course that’s how I am, if you want me to run for you; I will, if you do not want me to run for you; I won’t, just make it plain, I’m not those daft men, My love is divine and not a disease, except you are as cute as she is, I might just give it a try’. I probably would have got her number and added her to my list of harems. I love beauty. When she was done she left.


While shivering and freezing, and plugged in, I was having fun, I played with the doctors stethoscope, I checked my heartbeat, I checked my intestinal beat, I even checked my neck beat, ‘which kind beat I no check abeg?’. Forgive my slangs, I am carried. I would have even done a pressure check if I had not been ushered into my room to rest a bit.


Well, well, well, I am good now, two drips for a day 10am to 8pm . A nice nurse came to check on me always, now and then, She kind of felt shy I noticed, so I had to have a conversation with her, ‘ casual mini talks’ that made us laugh, nice nurse, I hope she thinks me attractive, she left at about 8 pm with a loud and considerable good night, good bye to me. I waited for my pick up it came at about 9 pm.

Yes I am not forgetting my friends and lovers and brothers and sisters, who sent me get well soon messages, more grace to you all; Jenny who wanted to come see me, she is my miss scarlet, another Jeneey who just cares, Ahuronye, I can’t forget Lee Hephzibah, because she is such an Angel, Mama P, my sis thanks for you call, Becca, my sis too, thanks for your pings, Jonathan my brother from another country, And my CHILLING friend, who was most surprised about my ailment, Efosa my neighbour who can go through unconditional, lengths for me, and Kadia my French friend who thought I was lying. Thanks for your regards, I feel good now , and ‘ back to the matter ,open and close’. Wait, wait, wait! NO! OPEN SESAME!


Oji Chisom Emmanuel


6 thoughts on “Chilling” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. I think the chill also chilled your writing.

  2. Hahahaha! @nalongo. Couldn’t have typed it any chillier myself.

    Ojh, The names at the end made me feel you got chilly for realz. If it ain’t fiction, sorry about that.
    Heat up your writing o.

  3. Chilled writer, yeah you had a good tale to tell if only it was clearer. Read through severally next time.

  4. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Keep chilling and zoning in/out .. Nice .. :)

  5. Chilling tinz… Nice tale and quite funny.

    PS: your take was read on smoothfm

  6. This felt very much like a stream-of-consciousness narrative because of the punctuation and digressions, @chisom.

    If this was real, I hope you are feeling better now.

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