Betrayals and Funerals – 20

“I need a job. That’s the only way I’m gonna get back on my feet.” I explained.
“Okay. Why do you think so?” she asked.
“Because I need to feel useful again. I gave up everything for motherhood. I never regretted it because I still felt useful, responsible for someone. Now, my life seems empty. I sat in this house for two weeks mourning my predicament. I considered suicide half the time. I’m afraid that if I spend any more time in this house alone…I will go insane.” My speech was frenzied.
“I understand you, Kems. But what kind of job are you talking about here?” Del asked.
I looked her straight in the eye. “I want to come back in.”
I knew she understood what I was saying, my guess is she didn’t agree.
“You think I’m not good enough to be in the courtroom?” I asked with a rueful smile.
“How would I know? I’ve never seen you in court, Kems!”
I’m good. You know I am. Remember those days in college? I was one of the best.”
“Those days. Ten years ago. It’s a long time, Kems. You never honed your skills. Never spent one day in court. I have no idea what you’re capable of anymore.”

It was a sad truth that I had to accept.
“Get me a job, Del. Please. You just made partner in your firm…you have certain powers. Just employ me please. I’ll do anything. I’ll tag along to court with you…whatever.” I could hear the desperation in my voice and it pained me that I had to ask such a favour from her.
“I don’t know, Kems. This is all so sudden.”
“I know. Do this for me, please.”
“I’ll have to talk to a few people.”
I opened my mouth to reply when the doorbell rang shrilly. I got a shock when I went to answer. It was my mother-in-law.


The phone rang and she snatched it up.
“Mission accomplished honey.” The voice at the other end said.
“Yes. Good job. The rest of the money will be wired to your account later today.”
“I like the sound of that.”
“Nice doing business with you.”
With that the call ended. Ruby smiled. It was a sad smile.
A family had just broken up and she’d just become three hundred thousand dollars richer.
Could life be any better?
Somehow, though…she didn’t feel in a celebratory mood. Her mother had always told her that her body will make her rich someday.
Guess you were right, Mama. You should have seen me seducing a married man.
Then she laughed; a mirthless sound.


“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong between you and my son?” Mrs Angela Pepple demanded.
“Mummy, if he refused to tell you himself, then I will not be the one to tell you.” I replied.
My mother-in-law and I had been at it for forty five minutes now. Delia had excused herself when Mo’s mum had arrived.
She’d come in demanding to know what happened to Mo and I. I could see the ignorance was killing her. She was used to being up in our business. It was frustrating that her son had kept the problem from her. I’d little doubt that she’d come here hoping to bully me into giving her an answer.
However I wasn’t to be bullied. Not today.

“Then why will you kick him out of his own house?” She asked, glaring at me.
“Mummy, you should ask him. If he didn’t deserve it, he would have stayed.”
She frowned. “He cheated?”
I stiffened.
She noticed it and peered into my face. “That’s it, right?”
“It’s more than that ma. I’d really advise you talk to him. This who-wants-to-be-a-millionaire game you’re playing with me, will not get you the full story.”
“Look at your mouth. Don’t I have a right to know about my son’s marriage? I’m his mother!”
“Very true. Which is why you should ask him.” I answered calmly.
We glared at each other; neither wishing to look away before the other. Finally, she turned away, head held high and walked out of the house.



The hotel bed was cold night after night. I tossed restlessly on it every time I lay there. I missed the warmth of my wife’s body against mine. I missed her touch, her scent and even the sound of her laughter.
It occurred to me that she rarely laughed these days. After Shirley’s demise, she hardly found what to laugh about.
When had it all gone sour? I wondered. Once we were a happy couple, a lovely daughter, nice house…the ideal American dream. Hell, everyone’s ideal dream.
When had it gone wrong? When had I stopped being satisfied with my wife and all she had to offer? Once upon a time she’d been the only woman that rocked my world, she made me laugh…she made me…me. With her I felt a sense of completion.
Though our dating period was short-lived and eroded with difficulties, I’d not hesitated to make the decision to marry her when she told me she was pregnant.
My mother had objected.
“She wants money. We’ll pay her off. Don’t be saddled into marrying her, honey.” She’d said.
“You’re not hearing me Mum. I love this girl more than life itself. I wanna be with her. I was going to propose anyway….she just got pregnant before time.”
“You will regret this. I know her type. There’s no pregnancy, she just wants to con you into marrying her. Listen to me son, don’t do it.”

I hadn’t listened. And I’d never regretted walking down the aisle with Kemi.

I would do everything in my power to save my marriage. I owed it to Shirley.



I got a call from Pastor B on Friday. I wasn’t surprised…I’d missed my appointment for two weeks and he must be worried.
I hadn’t told him about Mo and I and I was actually dreading it.
He asked me to come to his office the next day and I accepted.
I was still waiting for Del’s call. She hadn’t given me an answer yet. I was beginning to consider looking for a job elsewhere.
I got dressed the next morning and drove to Pastor B’s office.
The secretary informed me that he was expecting me. I smiled at her and went in.

I didn’t see him at first. I was looking at Pastor B. It was only when Pastor B stood to greet me did I notice the person behind him.


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  1. Pastor B is now the advocate,right? The suspense is killing me,next episode please!Nice work Mimi.

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  3. Mo is a freaking coward. He had to bring someone he knew had some sort of authority over Kemi to help him clean up his own shite. And I was at least expecting him to man up and take it up with her one on one. Abeg gimme a break, he sucks.

    Well done Mimi, you never disappoint.

  4. You @Hymar you never tell me wetin be ur own with Mo sef. Kai!! See insult na for one person ooh!

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    Well done Mimi.

  13. @paishat Yes. intelligent and desperate. Thanks for dropping by.

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