Why Our ‘pastors’ Are Disgracing Us


Pastor and Choir mistress caught doing ‘things’ after night vigil…

Married Pastor caught with another man’s wife…

Pastor caught having sex with woman while pretending to pray for her to conceive…

“Food prepared with Indian hemp gives me inspiration”-Pastor

JTF arrest pastor with bags of Indian hemp…

These are just some of the headlines that greet our faces whenever we surf the web, or when we read newspapers or tabloids. I could go on for days reeling out diverse atrocities perpetrated by these so called men in robe, and even yet I would not be able to exhaust their atrocious acts. These individuals have brought shame not only upon themselves but upon a most noble and holy profession, and in turn upon the Christian faith as a whole. Passed were those days when if you hear someone being addressed as Pastor you would reverence him and behold him with awe, just like you were seeing the face of God Himself. These individuals back then were accorded high respect and enjoyed certain distinguished privilege. You would freely and gladly allow a Pastor take your turn on a queue, or sell a good to them for half the price, but now… Well, I believe you know what happens now. If a man walks to your shop and tells you he is a Pastor, one of the first responses that is likely to come to mind is ‘so what?’

All of these got me wondering and pondering, and asking myself ‘when did it all start going so bad?’ and most importantly, WHY is it going so bad? A profession that was once highly regarded, why is it now being looked upon with cynical eyes? At the end of my mental exercise I arrived at these few but very important conclusions…

  1. The profession has become too lucrative: Gone were the days when Joseph Ayo Babalola, the founder of C.A.C and an extra ordinary man of God, when into a thick dreaded bush together with his acolytes, and with cutlass in hand started to clear an area where the church was to be built. They heard the sound of running footsteps but saw no body, yet with faith and fervent prayers they persisted, and a church was planted in that prior evil forest. How many of our ‘pastors’ can venture out of city centers, talk more of planting churches in dreaded evil forest? You may accuse him now of being stupendously rich, but Bishop David Oyedepo during his early years as a preacher had only one jalopy beetle which he drove, a car which probably needed some little dose of prayer and anointing to work, he didn’t have much yet he did the work for which he was called with much vigor. Corrie Ten Boom, a woman of unequalled courage and devotion, even after suffering two massive strokes that left her handicapped from neck down, still insisted that she be carried around so she could preach; as long as she could talk she kept preaching. Two great books you can read that would reveal to you how men suffered lack and endured persecution, yet kept preaching the Word; God’s General and Foxes book of Martyr.

We now live in an age where things have been made easy, therefore men who are not fit spiritually to withstand one tenth of what those great people endured ordain themselves pastors and start messing themselves up around the place. Bring out just a fraction of those trials and you would watch them crumble like wet biscuits.

Do you recall those times when ladies never want to get married to Pastors? I can recollect those times quiet vividly, even Bishop Margret Idahosa, the wife of the great Benson Idahosa, confessed to opposing her husband when he claimed to have been called by God, she even left him for awhile. But do you now observe the posters, banners, and flyers that fill up our environment? There is always a woman smiling beautifully beside her husband, reassuring him of her full support.  We all know that women by nature gravitate only towards where the grass is green and lush. The profession has become a profitable family business. It has become too lucrative hence allowing the admission of just anybody who seeks to make quick wealth with little stress.


2. It is meant to happen

Matt 7:15 Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravening wolf…

Matt 24:11 And many false prophets shall arise and deceive many.

Mark 13:22 For false Christ and false prophets shall rise, and shall show signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible even the elect.

2Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they would no longer endure sound doctrine; but after their own lust shall they heap to themselves teachers , having itching ears.

Need I say more? Everything that will see happening has been predicted hundreds of years before now, and it is a pointer to only but one thing, the end is getting near.


3. This third reason may sound funny, but it is every bit as true as those above it, which is the High unemployment rate in the country. Nigerians are by default intelligent fighters and survivors, if a Nigerian can’t survive a situation or an environment then no man can survive it. The high employment rate in the country has caused many to improvise ways of survival, and since the robe profession offer great lucrative promises, many have decided to give it a go, regardless of the fact that they had not been called for this holy duty.  Do you expect anything different from these sorts of people?

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  1. You’ve really hit the nail on the target……. Lucrative business…. Unemployment Nigerians like to be deceived, most of us( Muslim n Christian alike) are merely religious not spiritual……….. *KG*

  2. It is sad to note that your words are true. In the end, the biggest reason why this is so, is due to Unemployment reason and the gullibility of nigerians.
    Well done. $ß.

  3. I disagree on the unemployment thing. And hey. You forgot to mention that most of these so called *pastors* were never ordained. They commissioned themselves. Seems u go to Winners so y u no go defend yo bishop wella. You no know wetin d likes of Pastor Chris, Adeboye, etc etc see before the increase started rolling in. That said I no blame d pastors wey dey face EFCC Probe. The world doesn’t just understand the ‘exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think’. The world doesn’t understand the ‘ good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over….’

  4. @Hymar, you said i forgot to add that some of those ‘pastors’ are not ordained, well that is equally true, i can’t possibly write all the issues that cause this menace. And for your info i don’t attend Winners, i have been to the chapel only once, so i am not defending Bishop out of prejudice. I believe by now we should be looking beyond ‘belonging to one denomination or another’, this is a problem that affect us all regardless of denomination or doctrine. You said i didn’t mention Pastor Chris and Adeboye, well, once again i can’t possibly write everything. Thanks for dropping by all the same.


  5. Desperation (and death of reason).

  6. Jo (@josephoguche)

    The Nigerian ‘faithful’ still remain highly gullible; this has remained the greatest tool of this self-acclaimed men of God. It is time to look right into their faces and reproach them.

  7. God help us all, Not all who are called Pastors are really pastors…

  8. Good observations you made here, but you didn’t proffer any solution. We all know how steeply morality is getting eroded by the second in this part of the world, the highlight of your write up ought to be a glamorization of the principles of morality: corruption is prettified already. Thank you

    1. @supremo, an interesting comment you have also made, but if you read the title of the article properly it says ‘WHY our pastors are disgracing us’, further more i believe the second paragraph of the article clearly started out what i set out to do, and that was exactly what i did. Someone else (probably you) can write an article solely on the way forward and the solution to the menace. Thanks for dropping by.


  9. True words…the robe is now a cover for thieves and robbers…want fame and dame? then proclaim yourself a man of God…

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