The Grey Area On The Spectrum Of Right And Wrong

Henrietta Adams is a young lady, a Christian. The time was a quarter past one in the morning when she started to hear screams from her neighbor’s apartment. She listened more carefully, and then discovered thieves had broken into her neighbor’s apartment and they were being robbed. Fear gripped her tightly like a bad vice; all of a sudden she was bathed in nervous perspiration. She ran from one end of her room to the next, completely lost as to what she would do, she picked up her phone but lacked the knowledge of who to call-this was Nigeria does 911 emergency work? Probably not. She was lost in the four corners of her little bedroom. Her fright stemmed not exactly from the situation of her neighbors but from hers! What if the robbers decided to come into her apartment? She had not finished that line of thought when she heard her flimsy door flying off its hinges. She screamed in fear as five huge scary men rushed into her room. The one closest to her hit her with a slap across her face sending her down to the ground in pain.

She stayed sprawled on the floor, still in terrible pain, as the men ravaged her home and took her valuables. When they were done they made to leave, but one of them suddenly stopped. He looked down at the helpless Henrietta; all she had on was her transparent silk night gown. Ideas came into the man’s head and something rose in between his legs. He wasn’t going to let this great opportunity pass him by so he started to unbuckle his belt. Henrietta, knowing what the man was up to started to scream, but her mouth was immediately covered by one the criminals and two of the others held her down giving the initiator all the room that he wanted. One after the other all five of them took their turns. She passed out before the last man was done.

Two months after the terrible event, when she was trying to get her life back together, she discovered she wasn’t feeling too well. She went for a test and when the result came back it was confirmed that she was pregnant. She was devastated. What was she to do; to carry the baby to term and bring forth the child of a criminal, who will be a constant and continuous reminder of the dreadful event that she passed through? Or was she to terminate the pregnancy, an act that goes against the teachings of her religion?

In the end she could not bear the thought and stigma of bringing forth such child so she opted for an abortion. The question is; could she judge wrong?


It was a civil war, Kennedy and his squad was facing intense gun fire from opposition fighters. They were pinned to a particular position as bullets whistled pass all around them, and then suddenly Dave, his best friend got hit; three shots to his knees and lower leg and a shot to his clavicle, very close to his neck.

Dave was in extreme pain, and was screaming. There was no morphine to give to him to ease his pain, there were no medical personnel close by to help him…he just kept screaming from the intense pain. Unable to watch his friend continue to suffer this manner, Kennedy shot him, once, to put an end to his misery and at the same time, an end to his life.

Five years after the war had ended Kennedy still couldn’t sleep well; the thought of what he did kept gnawing at him. Every single day he tries to justify his action.

The question is; could he be judged wrong?

10 thoughts on “The Grey Area On The Spectrum Of Right And Wrong” by segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

  1. Hmmmm.I see what you’re trying to do with this piece, so maybe that’s why you did a lot of telling.
    It’s a grey area indeed.
    But,maybe before taking such actions, we should find out what God thinks about it.
    (I know how impossible that sounds )
    This work could do with better editing. There were typos here and there.
    Keep writing Segun.

  2. A very nice illustration,sometimes,its difficult to draw a definite line between good or bad.In some cases,a pregnant woman may have an ectopic pregnancy which puts her life at risk and abortion becomes an option.Still i believe it all depends on the individual…Once again,you did a nice job-thumbs up

  3. segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

    @Mimiadebayo, nice of you to have dropped by, i have always wanted to meet you, i like your work. I will take note of the typos you talked about, and hopefully try to make latter posts cleaner.

  4. segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

    @E-prime, thanks, i totally appreciate. I agree with you that it is sometimes difficult to draw that line in a number of cases. It may be because we are limited in our wisdom and probably have to turn to a wiser being for guidance… Thanks again for dropping by.

  5. Most things in life comes in shades of Grey and navigating through them requires wisdom. This wisdom allows us weigh things in the balance, and separate our emotions and sentiments from facts…then the ability to seek help and advice from qualified people…and lastly what does our spirit tell us…that silent voice that has been put there by God to lead us through life

    Nice piece, thought provoking

  6. Shades of grey. Life is not as clear-cut as we wish, neither is it just black or white. For those who believe in a greater Being, they may resort to answers. For those who do not, looking inwards would influence the decisions.
    Well done, Segun.

  7. segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

    @topazo, Mmm, I must confess that i love the way you shed light on the different areas of bail out in such sticky situation. Thanks bro.

  8. segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

    @sibbylwhyte, thanks once again for dropping by, your comment always bears wisdom. But i would love to believe that there is a definite right and a definite wrong. I believe (i stand corrected) that certain things are not in shades of grey but are either wrong or right regardless of how anyone defines them. That is just my thought. Thanks.

  9. @SegunEgbeyinka, interesting ethical dilemmas there. I think this would have been better categorised as an article rather than as fiction, and it would have been interesting to hear your take as well.

    The dilemmas that you pose show why it is important not just to be like a robot in following rules, but to consider all aspects of an issue before deciding what to do. So If someone face with such a dilemma deliberates long and hard before making a choice, considering all possible options, and tries as much as possible to see if they can make a choice to conforms with their beliefs, then it’s OK if in the end they make a choice that goes against those beliefs, because it is not a decision they have taken lightly, nor are they likely to casually repeat such a choice.

  10. segunEGBEYINKA (@segunEGBEYINKA)

    @TolaO, Thanks for your comment. I actually categorized the piece in ‘articles’ i don’t know how it moved to fiction. I believe the moderators in their wisdom thought it should be so.
    You have made very wise and practical input to the discuss.
    About my own take on the matter…I believe that not everything can be easily categorized as either good or bad, i do believe that certain situations can arise and all that would be left for anyone to do is that thing that is generally perceived as ‘wrong’. And that was my aim of writing the piece in the first place, to draw our attention to those grey areas that we can’t easily define as either good or bad.

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