The Four Elements (Haiku)

The Four Elements (Haiku)

Caressing our cheeks,
bares our tales on unseen back,
a tie for all times.


Earth is red like blood
It’s dust;to it we return
We march infinite.


Here, there, everywhere
Cleansing, sensing, life-giving,
it begins and ends.


A friend and a foe,
We warm each other always,
In a dance of peers.

12 thoughts on “The Four Elements (Haiku)” by Writeman (@writeman)

  1. nice try…but I think it is more of definition of the four elements…I was expecting some poetic paint or possibly an inter pose of the elements…once again nice try, it can only get better…writeman

    1. @simplisilv

      Thank you for your comments! ‘An inter pose of the elements’- I’ll have to get back to you on that on(LOL). thanks again as we all continue to work on our craft.

  2. 575. Here we go… Nice Haikus.
    Well done, Man. $ß.

    1. @ Bubbllinna

      Thank you for your comments, which are always appreciated. More power to your elbows.Cheers.

  3. Jo (@josephoguche)

    Reminds me of the ancient philosophical premordial essences/foundattions of the cosmos

    1. @Joseph Oguche

      Thank you ma bro.You said it all. More power to your elbows.

      P.S. I have accepted your friend request. Cheers

  4. Few words but pregnant with meanings.-The very reason for poetry. Well done

  5. Simple and very agreeable. You only know why it is written as it is. Well done Bro!

  6. Haikus for me have always been about depth. You need to leave the shallow waters of simplicity brotha.

    Next Time.

  7. Yea I agree with Hymar…buh I like this sha

  8. simple.. but i wished you had added more depth to it.

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