Souls like Mine

Souls like Mine

I am writing a bible for souls like mine.
I am painting a bible with a blunt pen
for souls that sought and found
but cannot keep the light.
Souls like mine
that know the road but cannot tread.
Souls like mine
who should have a world,
a language,
a heaven,
a hell,
a law,
and a bible of their own.
I am writing a bible for souls like mine.
I am carving a bible with a shrunken pen
for souls that knew and had
but threw away the light.
Souls like mine
who tread through the troubled valley
when we built the mountain trails.
Souls like mine
who should die,
who should burn,
whose ash should rise
like a phoenix,
take aim and shoot for the sky.

14 thoughts on “Souls like Mine” by Ebuka (@murney_okosisi)

  1. Well done, murney. I like “souls like yours” *winks* Good job

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Thanks boss.

      1. Boss ke…I humbly bow…

    2. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Na me bow pass @praize
      Thanks for takin tym 2 comment.

  2. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    So, who are the souls gangan, unbelievers?

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Unbelievers?No.Knt say more.They’ll punish me if I do.
      Thanks for readin & commenting.

  3. Writing a bible for souls that lost their way to heaven’s gate.
    Souls for whom hell stokes its flames and demon whips await
    Souls that are neither here nor there, all cos they’ve lost faith.

    I like your poem.
    Well done, Murney. $ß.

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Thanx @sibbylwhyte
      We dey learn frm una.

  4. out of the ashes of such a death,
    you can behold a rising of a brand new day,
    in which the name of Lord alone will be glorified.

    … Nice poem!

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Thanx boss @josephoguche for readin and takin tym 2 comment.

  5. Nur'ayn (new reign) (@newreign)

    I’ve learnt a lot about souls like yours @murney_okosisi, souls like yours never stay down as eventually they rise from the ruins of their pasts. Thumbs up.

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      Thanks @newreign. I greet u.

    1. murney_okosisi (@murney_okosisi)

      I greet u

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