Saying it as is is!

Saying it as is is!

Saying it as it is in Nigeria’s Sunday PUNCH column this past week of August18, speaking of Anambra Obi and Lagos Fashola recent press, I couldn’t stop myself from thanking the comunist for keeping a distance from our bad boy of aviation history being beaten to it by a woman today. When we remember yesterday with his kind of intensity, something has to give. We may lose sense of our responsibility to live in the moment and to do what it takes for the universal good, which is to light the candle rather than condemn the darkness. Otherwise, our collective noise might appear to suggest that change, which some of us even believe to be the only permanent thing, is not such a good thing after all. That might start off a few calls for more light and less sound. Certainly, considering the aviation or telecom and other example, nearly every Nigerian today would not settle for the kind of colonialist postal service you praised a bit. There was such a country but few like our hero Achebe would callout to go back and be born again to relive this life. I thank super-radicals like Achebe and Soyinka who always ‘wole’ Change as only another name for growth and in their own wisdom, the only permanent thing is God that has sent man here on a mission of self-discovery through change. Their radical prayer resounds ‘More Light and much more Sound’.

I met one such person only yesterday when your paper was fresh. He now works as a gateman at a trending auto-plaza in Abuja. I was driving past to the NA-Airport and stopped by to share a moment of where-we-are-now with ordinary folks under kind shade trees. His personal life had seen more than an upheaval yet his heart remains full of gratitude for being alive. He was a big shot in city private life when his microfinance wonder-banker fled with all his savings. Then El-Rufai’s corrective destroyers crashed through his private estate rendering him homeless. In the fallout of wasteland, his baby daughter became fatally sick and died after expensive hospital care. Then his foreign Principal downsized his department away from their running budget. He shipped out of Abuja and sold what was left of personal property to survive till engaging this new job. Happily retelling each page of crashing thunder in family life, at each stage, according to him, he surprised himself with a greater acceptance of tragedy as a gift from God. I thanked him for accepting the perfection, harmony and goodness of the divine power. I left him with a promise to share his love for God that was obviously beyond religion. He assured me that he was now rebuilding a better foundation in the knowledge and wisdom of change as a journey of life.

My dear Columnist, how can I show that when I point a forefinger at every presumed offender, JP Clarke would have me remember that my own four other fingers damn me for being the first true offender. Journalism has a duty but politics and religion has taken the steam off its pens and pages, leaving the ombudsman so helpless. Yet the purpose of life must be a radical’s evolutionary march of man to God. It is not enough to act the god in sport or profession even to wish for return to yesterday’s grandstanding that is gone for good. You probably already know why all five fingers are not equal. And if you have successfully left-behind the small view of this inequality, as our radical worldly-wise gateman in the above story, help me tell his story. It is how our five fingers representing five radical parts of human construction, each is praying for more light of understanding and greater sound of divine purpose and presence. And when I said to him I had been driving from a quite a ways, he wondered: ‘From Heaven?’

The story of change is the tragedy of body, emotion, memory, mind and spirit. Only a few remember true memories of childhood in heaven from where we came here as perfect image and likeness of God.
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  1. I really like the guy’s spirit – still rooted inspite of all life’s thrown at him.
    Thanks for sharing his story, Tony.
    Well done. $ß.

  2. Tragic indeed but life goes on.
    One Word: DEPICTABLE

  3. Touching story. You didn’t do justice to it in your telling jo. Paragraphs a bit too long for comfort. Cmon, readers gotta take a breath as they read. You fit write sha…Lols

    Next time.

  4. You guy, a good one-a good one

  5. Hmmm….Serious.

    The pen is indeed mighty….or in this case the typing characters. Words that make impact!

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