Our Love Is Bruising

Sharp pains from my wounded heart

Now knows my name. This truth stares

Into my eyes in disgust, my peace is lost.


Our love is bruising.

Its wounds are patches on the walls of my heart.

I feel more pains when sweet memories claim

My sight; these fantasies heal no wounds.

Where now is your smile?

My head throbs as I watch your smile wrapped

As a gift to another; it was once mine.

Like analgesics, it eased my pains.

In its absence, I am a castle of distress.


Our love is bruising.

The warmth in your eyes now

Hides its face; I see it no more.

The times I would hold your waist

And draw you close to my bosom

Are now buried in history’s grave;

Its epitaph is dust, blown away by the wind.


Our love is bruising.

Our sugary kisses are now bitter pills,

I hunger not for your lips anymore.

When this wound is healed, I shall kiss again.



Our love is bruising.

The comforts in your words are dead.

The carcasses have no place of rest.

My ears are shut; they shan’t honor your words.

When this wound is healed, I shall listen again.


Our love is bruising.

Today, I shall return the hands of time.

4 thoughts on “Our Love Is Bruising” by Echezonachukwu Nduka (@afropoet)

  1. That’s what love is…. am emotion of immense joy yet great sorrow…. when would humans learns? we keep on repeating the same mistakes…. it’s such a shame we are worlds apart.



  3. Sad, that something capable of brightening your life, can also darken it. Love is a double edged sword.
    Well done. $ß.

  4. kevin (@kevindkind)

    It’s true what they say; “where there is no pain, there can not be a gain.”
    in life, u must get bruises if u wish to experience healing.
    Nice work bro

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