Our Angels 14

Desola stirred awake. His hand was on her shoulder, reminding her of the bliss the same hand had led her to, all through the night. Sunbeams had filtered in through the window’s magnolia blinds.

“Desola, wake up darling. You need to get dressed and go home. I need to get ready for church. My children are meeting me there.”

The frostiness in his voice snapped her eyes wide open. Sleep left her completely. She turned round to face him slowly, holding on to the sheet covering her body with both hands. She noticed, he had his pyjamas on.

He was sat on the edge of the bed- infront of the bedside table, which had on it, a gold framed picture of him and Eniola. He glanced at his wristwatch twice before Desola managed to force something out of her mouth.

“Do you want me to make you something to eat……Rotimi?” She asked tentatively and immediately, wished she hadn’t. The look he gave her was worse than a slap on the face.

“Don’t call me Rotimi,” he snapped.

She wanted to scream at him. Last night and through the early hours of the morning, as his roving hands touched her, he encouraged her to be intimate with him. To let them belong together. When she called him by his name in the throes of passion, he didn’t seem to mind then.

He turned to face her, his face raw with agony. “Sorry, my wife used to call me Rotimi. That’s all. I will wait downstairs while you get ready.”

He rose from the bed and started to walk towards the door. She planted a smile on her face to stop herself from revealing how wretched his words and actions were making her feel.

“You are walking away as if you regret what happened last night.”

He turned around to face her. “Regret is an understatement.” He continued when he noticed her wounded eyes on him. “Come on Desola, what do you expect me to say? We both know last night meant……something. But still, it should never have happened. I am still grieving for my wife and am definitely not ready to start anything with anyone yet. I doubt I will ever be ready. All I can focus on right now are my children. Besides, you know….. I don’t subscribe to sex outside of marriage. I am sorry….sweetheart, Please don’t hate me.”

Richard’s last statement, he knew, was not because he could remember what her body felt like. The reason he had been unable to stop himself from plunging into her. The reason, when he discovered he was her first- and he realised she loved him more than he wanted- it was simply too late to stop. He couldn’t have anyway. Despite her shyness and inexperience, her hands remained on his body, each touch stirring him until he exploded between her legs. Afterwards, he had apologised for taking her selfishly and expected her to go all cold on him. But to his surprise, her hands started to work on him, rousing him again, so that; they spent the best part of the night awake. Eventually, falling asleep together around three, with their limbs entwined.

He had awoken at daybreak, a contented man. Then, he saw the photo he and his wife took- cosying up to each other- at the church’s fifth anniversary on the bedside table. He could have sworn he saw a hint of sadness in her eyes. The regrets had poured in then. How could he have moved on quickly? Had he not promised never to put himself in a position to fall in love again? Love would complicate things. Marriage on the other hand, he was sure one day he would consider. After all, the girls would need a woman round the house to teach them feminine things. Things he didn’t understand. Hair and girls’ clothe were too complicated for his liking. He would need a partner to help him with the church and the restaurant. It would be almost impossible to keep his reputation as a decent Pastor in the church if he didn’t remarry. Lanre had told him that the church committee were bound to vote for him to be Our Angels’ Pastor if he found a respectable woman in the church and brought the lady to the committee as his intended. Lanre’s comment then he considered ridiculous. It was certainly too early to think of anyone replacing his late wife.

One thing he was certain of- as he focused on her beautiful young face- she had become a constant feature in his children’s life. She had formed a secure attachment with his daughters. He hoped putting his needs before his children’s would not affect their special bond with her.

He walked towards the bed.“We need you. The twins need you. Please don’t hate me.”

Desola begged her eyes not to let her down as she met his gaze. Her throat felt choked but she forced it to voice something.

“How can I hate you? Even the resident mouse at the church loves you.”

“I don’t deserve you.” Richard told her before leaving the room to let her get dressed.


And in the coming months, he found himself repeating that to himself, because she still treated his children with the same amiable hands. She still spent Sunday afternoons plaiting their long curls and Friday afternoons doing the food shopping with the twins after picking them up from school. He watched Desola laugh with his daughters as if nothing had happened between them.

She said yes even when he asked her to start looking after the twins in his house. When he got the full votes of the church committee and got told he was to become the Senior Pastor, she was the first to congratulate him.

His mother started working at the restaurant so that his father’s role was covered. He had hoped that when his mother came back into the country, she would opt to be with her grandchildren instead of taking his father’s old job. He wanted her to move in with them. Her refusal was vehement. When he told his children, it was time they returned to their registered childminder, their refusal too was similar to what he got from his mother.

“No daddy, we don’t want to go back to Carol. We like Aunty Desola.” Kenny moaned.

“But Carol drives and she can pick you up from the school in her car. Don’t tell me you prefer walking with Desola especially with our unpredictable British weather.” Richard tried to play clever.

“She buys us ice cream from the van and sometimes she takes us to McDonalds.” Kenny said.

“If we tell her we are tired, she carries us one at a time…one at a time till we get home.” Taye said flapping her hands like a duckling.

“She is spoiling you.” Richard muttered under his breath. Wondering what was worse, his daughters’ hero worshiping of Desola or his son’s crush on her. He had caught his son’s eyes on Desola’s backside so many times, that he didn’t feel like exploding anymore he came back from work to catch Junior ogling her backside with his eyes instead of studying.


Desola noticed when Richard pulled away from her. It was the morning after she let him take her to his bed. The passing months were doing nothing to thaw her anger with herself. She knew she should have let him chase her a bit, but her heart simply offered her no option. He made her feel worse when he forced two hundred pounds into her palm one evening, as she got ready to leave.

“I am not comfortable that you are looking after my children for free. Here is a token. I will work something out for next month.” Her refusal met with cold stiffness, so that in the end she put the money in her purse and thanked him.

She noticed that he remained standing, in his work clothe every evening- when he returned from work or the restaurant – as if waiting for her to leave. Soon, she started gathering her things as soon as she had given the girls their night time bathe, so that when he returned she could disappear into the night. She also noticed the many evenings, he came home late.

She received a phone call on a cold Monday morning in December. It was a distraught Fausat, her half-sister on the phone. On Sunday night, she had given birth to a stillborn baby.To cap the awful week, on Friday morning, Desola received a fail for one of her essays. It was an essay that she found herself unable to concentrate on when Taye was ill. Twice that week, when she was researching resources for the essay and formatting her argument, she had received a call from the school reception to pick up Taye early from school. And then the day of submission, she arrived after the deadline, because she had needed to drop the children off at school, before heading to the university. The submitted papers had already being collected.

On Friday evening, she left Richard’s house, physically and mentally drained after handing over the twins to a somewhat different Richard.

“Come to the restaurant tomorrow if you can Desola. I need to speak with you. Oro wa.” He told her as she headed out.

She was left wondering on her way home why he hadn’t said whatever it was. Junior was at the bowling alley with his friends. The twins were asleep on the sofa. She found herself looking forward to Saturday, hoping for more than just words. It was to be their first time on their own, without the children, since that awful morning.

At home,  Agnes was with Grace in the flat. Desola went into the kitchen to get some water. That was when she heard Agnes’ childlike voice.

“Please Sister Grace, let me tell her myself. I have told him I can’t keep this to myself.”

Desola turned round, wondering what gossip Agnes had scrambled upon by accident again.

“You look tired my dear. Why don’t you go to bed?” Grace voiced, her face void of her trademark smile.

Agnes leapt up, carrying her scrawny body, quicker than a frog would. A smile stretched the thin skin of her gaudily dark face.

“Sister Desola, you have to thank God for me. Pastor Richard has told me I am God’s choice for him. I am going to be his wife.”

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  1. Owo joona. This richard guy is so annoying o and desola is surprising me with her atittude. I really enjoyed this. Nice job.

    1. @paishat, your comment made me laugh. Owo joona.
      Thanks for the compliment. Please keep checking in.
      Thank you.

  2. Nooooooooooooo! Richard is not this heartless na….

    1. Defending Richie. Thank you @topazo.

  3. This two people i dont know who is pissin( me off more btw them

    1. @schatzilein, hope you forgive them soon, lol. Thank you for checking in.

    2. Spot on @schatzilein! I jus’ tire for these two. :x

  4. This Richard guy is mean o. Let’s see how things unfold anyway.

    1. Good to have one more person on the woman’s side. Thanks @Miskay.

  5. Mtcheeeeeeww.
    @schatzilein u just spoke my mind.

    1. @Mimiadebayo, hope these two didn’t shock you too much.
      Thank you so much for reading.

  6. Warris this???
    Desola is the stupid one, imagine letting a man like Richard be her first.

    This thing called love and we women sha!
    Jummy, this is getting interesting. Well done.

    1. @Jadesola, thank you for joining us on this ride. Ese pupo.

  7. Richard na wa o. If after doing Des, he thinks Agnes is the One, he has some problems going on.
    Though I think it’s his way of blocking off feelings, he thinks he doesn’t need another real love after Niola.
    Infact all this turn-turn, na for dia pocket. Make we dey read dey go.
    Interesting work, Jumoke. $ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte, I think he needs a counselling session with you.
      Thank you for checking in. Words can’t express my gratitude.
      If I could write poems, I would have done one for you.

      1. Lmao! Please bring him to my shrinking office. By the time I give him some lashes of cane, he will be properly shrinked, and his senses would be in place.
        @olajumoke… Thanks. I smile when I read some of your comments. You sha know how to ‘wash’ head o… And I mean that in a good way. Hehehe.

        1. Lol. Perhaps, Miss Chantel from your ficterview can help him feel better. Atleast, she won’t expect a ring afterwards.

          On a serious note, I feel that it is important to thank you kind writers/readers on NS. I get beneficial critiques for free on here. I can’t take it for granted.
          The work, you do @sibbylwhyte is exceptional. There should be some sort of award for someone like you on NS that rewards your hardwork.
          So, until I can write that poem, thank you.

  8. I dont like dat Rich joor…..frowns…..he sux

    1. @Hymar, lol. Please do forgive him.
      I will try again to leave a comment on your new story tomorrow.

  9. maybe I will forgive him when I see how he acts in the next series *eagerly anticipating*…and as for my new story, oops I wouldn’t blame oga for that comments off glitch. Glad it has been fixed sha. Well done Jummy.

  10. What he Hell, Oh no I wanted sola to e his wife, she is gonna be crushed

    1. She will be crushed. @yinkus101, thank you for commenting.

  11. Okay, so the first thing that came to my mind on reading the last sentence of this episode is “Yeepa” (surprise smiley) , I mean which kain human being be dis Richard sef. Good job ma’am. Am keeping my fingers crossed, waiting for the next episode.

    1. Yeepa ripa. Charisa, I am sure that is the phrase in her head too.
      Thank you @charisa for the comment.

  12. Hmmmm Richard acted really BAD. Am sure he is doing all this crap to look good in church.
    Ha! My Desola, and to think this Richard was ur first. The man na Bad market.
    I pity the poor girl. Sebi its just one paper that she failed, hmm more to come with this silly marriage idea.

    1. Let’s hope she finds the strength to stand tall. Grateful for the comment @aadetoyin.

  13. Daireen (@daireenonline)

    I see what you did there, so no, I ain’t getting sucked into the discussion. Go see the movie ‘hum tum’ same ish happened.

    Nice conflict ma’m. Feels like I’m reading Harlequin romance and since I don’t really like reading romance…

    By the way, he shoulda tried scoring le kan si (once more) thank you for not saying they didn’t do it. I’m cynical about the virginity of the girl though. Virgins are always scared, no matter the love they have… (Don’t quote me)

    Cheers, gotta run.

    1. I enjoyed ‘Hum Tum’.
      This series is not just about romance @daireenonline. Both characters are battling serious issues too.
      Thank you for liking the conflict thrown in.
      Lol, about the way virgins should feel. Don’t worry, I won’t quote you.
      Thanks for the advice.
      I am grateful that you read it, despite it not been a genre you like. Thank you.

  14. Lobatan!!!!! Crikey!!!!!!!!!!!
    You still have the touch after all : Some twister you put in the works there.
    Let’s see how things go from here, I can bring myself to talk/write about our M.C: Richard.
    Desola? She did the serious with a person that is not seriously representing, that used her as a rebound love/stop-gap.
    This is a serious LOBATAN!! scenario.

    1. @LEROY, I am glad you think I have still got it.
      Thanks for the compliment. I won’t let it go to my head.

  15. Well, good 4 desola,and am on dis wit Ric. Desola was stupid,she could have wait…idiot.d way women backstab eachother is alarming.from her action,eniola calling her a husband snatcher is but d truth. D story keeps getting better.weldone

    1. She should have waited? lol are you serious? waited? do u have any idea how much emotion and passion or whatyumacallit was going on in there?

      and Eniola was in love with Gbenga so she really isn’t a saint. I think the ONLY person who has truly loved Richard is Desola and Richard is being a big big Jerk, HE should have waited! he even woke up a contented man! mschew!!!!!!!!! sigh

      1. @smiliee, you are really fighting Desola’s corner.
        I am sure she wouldn’t want you to blame Richard too much.
        Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

  16. Well, good 4 desola,and am on dis wit Ric. Desola was stupid,she could have wait…!or rather used d guest room 4 their ordeal..from her action,eniola calling her a husband snatcher is but d truth. D story keeps getting better.weldone

    1. I am glad you got the reference to the bedroom.
      Thank you for following us this far @NIRA-SLYVES

  17. Na wetin be this na!!?

    I go mara for person oh? whaaarrisssthissS??? Richard, Amadioha will scatter your belle.. monkey mssccheeeewwwwwwwww

    1. @smiliee, if his stomach gets scattered, that would be painful. I guess this is why matters of the heart are rarely easy to solve. All the same, your comment made me laugh.
      Thanks Nailah.

  18. Hilarious! I find it really funny! I know they’ll work it out. Book character almost often do. I can’t say the same for real people. Pastor Richard sha, kai. Nice writ.

    1. @Olan, art has to mimic real life at times.
      I have not seen you on NS for a while.
      Hope you are fine. Thank you for checking in.

  19. I want 2 so smack Richard rite now dat’s so callous of him.My heart goes out 2 Desola wit all d hurt n pain she must b going tru,family n self.Pls Jummy dont make her suffer ooo.

    1. Could anything else go wrong for her @jade69? I can’t really say. Sorry.
      I know what you mean, she has had it tough.
      Thank you for checking in Joy.

  20. Whaaaaaat? It has come this far, under my nose/eyes without even noticing,? that’s too bad of me…. anyways, nice work though. keep going, you are good.

    1. Yeah @elovepoetry, episode 14. I can’t blv it myself. The original plan was to do ten episodes -maximum. It won’t be long now, perhaps a few more episodes because I need to start writing my dissertation.

  21. Dis Richie be big mumu…nice job jare

    1. @praize, glad to have you following the series. I am grateful, thank you.

  22. Richard proposed to Agnes!?

    #someone pls wake me up

  23. Unending twists. Hmmmmm

  24. @menoveg, thanks for the lovely comments.

  25. I don’t even know where to start, walahi. Is Richard a con man? He should not make me start suspecting he killed Eniola o!

    I think you rushed the story at some point. This part stuck out:

    “She received a phone call on a cold Monday morning in December. It was a distraught Fausat, her half-sister on the phone. On Sunday night, she had given birth to a stillborn baby.To cap the awful week, on Friday morning, Desola received a fail for one of her essays. It was an essay that she found herself unable to concentrate on when Taye was ill. Twice that week, when she was researching resources for the essay and formatting her argument, she had received a call from the school reception to pick up Taye early from school. And then the day of submission, she arrived after the deadline, because she had needed to drop the children off at school, before heading to the university. The submitted papers had already being collected.”

  26. short of words……….. this is becoming more and more interesting

  27. I will just read on.

  28. You found Our Angels @ameenaedrees. I don’t know how. It is funny to think the series was written only last year, yet I’m a different kind of writer these days.
    Thank you for this Amina.

    The series wasn’t perfectly written.
    Hope you look past my shortcomings. I’m still honing my craft.

  29. Not perfectly written? I don’t know but I sure liked it, though it was long I didn’t want it to finish.
    A different kind of writer? Hmmmmm I saw a touch of your writing like this similarity in 3 of your work I have read and I will call that uniqueness.
    Very nice you might consider turning it a novel with more polishings it will do well.
    You might consider giving me lessons, I’m really impressed by your work.

  30. Thanks @ameenaedrees.
    I thought I’d lost any style I had through honing and crafting. Glad it is there somewhere.
    About turning this into a novel, I was approached by an ebook publisher but like you said, it needs polishing. Probably six months of me sitting at the laptop and pulling my hair as I attempt a rewrite. You never know…

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