They said he could lit a match on his beards.
That he could walk on red coal, with foots bare,
and can even handle fire with palms unshelled.
They say his saliva is fuel.
It seems everything they say of him
describes a dragon.
But look at his picture, you will see a lion.

His beards form about his big head like they are the mane-furs.
His speech sounds more like a roar than words.
His fingers are claws-
I remember he tore a whole country down before.
And when he came back from the war, he was titled our strength- Ikemba one!

He is an Nnewi son.
The elixir of greatness that makes legends immortal, is contained in our water’s salt.
He has truly drank from nwangene-our water source.
He is a true son.

He lives after his funeral, his name was not a tattoo.
He encrusted it in the sun, its shadow on the sands of time is true.
And Nnewi will always be proud too.
She will always be mentioned, whenever they call Ojukwu.

13 thoughts on “Ojukwu” by chudwin godwin (@chudwin)

  1. I lik this, though I didn’t quite understand at first.

  2. A nice and colourful praise poem. Well Done

    1. @Hymar,thanks for taking ur time to read it.I appreciate

  3. Nice one for the Man.
    The poem, esp. first stanza needs a steady tense. Do U want past or present? Edit accordingly, so Ojukwu would be happy with you. Every poem gets better after editing.
    Well done, Chudwin. $ß.

  4. I have always learnt from you@Bubbllinna.thanks for the observation.I wish I know you personally

    1. Daireen (@daireenonline)

      Singing PSquare’s ‘personally’ as I walk past… Cc @sibbylwhyte *sorry, couldn’t resist*

    2. @chudwin. That’s a nice thing to say. I am glad I could help. Thanks.
      @daireenonline. Personally, I go deal with you.

  5. All these people praising dead men… Sigh.

    Write a poem for a living legend, make hin head swell. Nevertheless, I won’t take anything away from this ode. The errors maybe.


    1. @Dairen, thanks all the same.

  6. well…could have been a lot better if u ask me. heed @sibbylwhyte on editing. nice, mate…keep writing

  7. I should be tagged ‘late commenter’ on this site.

    What more can I say? I find the praise poem ravishing.

    I know that by now you would have made necessary corrections based on the initial comments.

    I like.

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