Man Of The People

Man Of The People

I hear he’s visiting today,
The gov’nor and his deputy,
To see that be that as it may,
His promise is fulfilled.

The people gather roundabout
Both young and old, they all come out.
They sing, they dance, they even shout,
As they wait for their son.

They sing about his plenteous deeds.
A look around shows proof of these.
He satisfies the people’s needs,
So why then shouldn’t they sing?

The road networks, a dire need,
Electricity, precious gift,
A library with good books to read,
All end a dreadful night.

How much more good water unsold
And mechanized farming bestowed.
Good living from suffering untold
Among the village folk.

A siren whining in the air,
From convoy screeching without fear.
I look but gov’nor, he’s not there,
So where else can he be?

A noise is heard from distance clear,
From people gathered at the rear.
Is it a fight? O please don’t smear
The merry of the day.

They start to sing, they start to hail,
The gov’nor on their shoulders sail.
They pass him hand to hand like mail
Till he gets to the front.

Illustrious gov’nor, humble heart,
With vision, piercing like a dart.
His course is charted on the part
Of success till the end.

9 thoughts on “Man Of The People” by Yimiks (@Yinka-Olawoye)

  1. This will be the portion of a good leader. Amin.
    Well done, Yimiks. $ß.

  2. Thiis poem… My dreams!
    This same poem… My vision!

    Nice one @yimik

    …Pen up!

  3. Nice, very nice; making me imagine a day the whole scene can be brought to life…but of course, one of the ‘beautiful ones’ that are not yet born will have to be.

  4. Nice poem, a vision of a leader who will bring a colossal paradigm shift from the norm…. nice work.

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