I’m Angry

I’m angry

at my weak body,

now at the mercy

of brain cells gone gaga

and smarting, sleep-deprived eyes,

all hurting with ferocity.


Oh! I’m angry

at a country of inept men,

impotent at conquering darkness,

stuck in the dark ages,

leaving me at the mercy

of machine-armed, unfeeling neighbors.


And now I’m angry

at neighbors who believe

that their noisy little generators

should rule the night with noise,

robbing me of the right to blissful sleep

with their quest for shoddy light.


Yes! I’m angry,

and I know it does no good.

For while my anger rages,

my grey matter dances

in wild erratic movements

to the rhythm of migraine.

7 thoughts on “I’m Angry” by Dona Bona (@ifemmanuel)

  1. I too am angry…..

  2. eiya…you have two options, retaliate or hypnotize yourself with sleeping pills….

    1. Sleeping pills did no good
      and amateur hypnotism is not exactly easy
      at last, the rising sun was my deliverer

  3. Hahaha! You dey vex, your eye don dey red!
    Third option, sneak out and damage your neigbour’s generator.

    1. I seriously considered that option, I seriously did…

  4. Lolz…I’m agrily angry…so so angry…dat I have to re-read dis I’m angry! Well done! Imagery nice!
    Pen Up!

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