I Beg of You

I Beg of You

I beg of you……. do not pray for those who are already gone

Theirs is a journey already done

For they hover above where we stand

And others below our moving feet


I beg of you……. do not cry prolonged tears for those who are gone

If you do let them be incessant tears of joy

Or a praise,

Or a tear,

Just for their fondness sake.

Pray instead for those who still walk the earth…. the living and unfulfilled

We still have so much to give

From me to you,

And you to me,

If there be words of gladness, deeds of goodness

We owe to mankind…..

We owe it to ourselves

To give these goodness

For those who we “Rest in peace”

May never really be at peace

And when they breathed the very air and lived the challenging life

We did not give to them, the soothing hopes

Like God would have wanted us to.

So I beg of you……do give brighter hope to those

Still living, they are our real hope

And we need to continue the good deeds

For those who lie six feet have fate already sealed

And it’s for theirs and our very own misdeeds.

4 thoughts on “I Beg of You” by femimicky (@femimicky)

  1. Lovely and the theme is just great. Reminds me of what Jesus said to the crying women of Jerusalem; Weep not for me, but for you and your children…
    I do not see the need for the dots, but if you must use them, make them three so they could be thought of as ellipses.
    Well done, Fem. $ß.

  2. Very thoughtful.Indeed we need to shed tears not for those who are gone, but for those who walk this earth and are yet to find their purpose.And for the ellipsis,it is not performing any function,artistic or otherwise.Yet, Well done.

  3. the presentation could be better but the message was deep….thought provoking

  4. The poem’s brave, but we let go of the dead. We live them and we really miss them, though we can’t let the living perish. Good poetry

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