Friendship as the priceless and most coated jewel

Friendship as a priceless jewel, not the corresponding

Sequel to a mental picture only breeds naked stricture.

As tough as the mining is, so is the finding.

The richness in quality only found through deep excavations,

The absence of meaning eminent, as lack of depth is evident.


From the moment of ‘Hello’ an aesthete is in form either to be or know.

I jump in head first, as if it is undeniable thirst,

either now or never as I beat my chest and

took a massive plunge into this hole,

as he takes a step back.


He perceives a novice and he knows this, being cognizant

while heaving my quest with Utter affluence.

Innumerable sessions have gone by in months, as I learn

the lack of finance plants the urge not to be sick,

a chance for him not to be weak as he stands as the ‘man’.

My hopeless desire feels like it is burning on fire, wondering what I am.

Fuelled by my acclamation he lives his emancipation as Titanium,

eager to buttress this philosophy without an Iota of doubt.


A moment without it, does not exist, there is no life I proclaim,

while I itch thoroughly. Not long after, I grunt heavily in pain,

as I witnessed fear dancing around in his eyes wide open.

I winced, feeling queasy as he retorted, the dawn of reality.

The grim reaper eventually has his way this time unfortunately.


He ponders why, it is too late, his fate. Filling up space and time,

with more space and time giving birth to vast nothingness.

He is genuflecting with the awe of shame to the deceased folks,

Posing as purgatory. The unfulfilled desire to be patient is overwhelming

to bear. All would be fair and clear, if only we take time to sacrifice

and live without fear of stricture, we would build structures in

no time, to furniture. This jewel of many coats, the most exhilarating double

entendre man can know.

9 thoughts on “Friendship as the priceless and most coated jewel” by Akuha (@MrAk91)

  1. Good job, I love the internal rhyme scheme used in the first verse.

  2. You’ve got a nice theme, some nice lines but the inconsistent tenses detract from the poem.
    Keep writing and getting better.
    Well done, Tor. $ß.

    1. I need to tune up with the tense issues, your right about the detraction lol. Thank you! @sibbylwhyte always appreciate your feedback.

  3. Just do all that have been advised here and you will move smoothly along the journey to master this art. Well done.

    1. Thank you @sambrightomo working on it…

  4. a friend is priceless
    the other half
    making me complete……..

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